If you’re looking for some good GoPro accessories but don’t have the time to do a lot of research, then the following short paragraph should provide a quick suggestion for a product that might fit most needs. After looking through scores of GoPro accessories reviews and customer reports we’ve concluded that if there’s one thing to buy, that would be the Black Pro BP-6 Basic Kit. This is mainly because it already contains most of the items you’ll need for mounting a GoPro cam in a high value, high-quality package. It has head, chest and wrist straps, clips for attaching the camera to most surfaces and a clamp for cylindrical bars, such as the roll cage of a vehicle or the tubes on a bike. If this product isn’t available, we might settle for the Lifetime Accessories Starter Kit as an equally viable pick.



Buying guide


Finding the best GoPro accessories for traveling might not be the easiest thing in the world, as the large number of available products, all of them with highly specific uses that you didn’t even know existed could prove daunting.

But like with any other category of products, there are a series of rules we all could follow to ensure that we make the most satisfactory purchase.

Go for versatility

It is already a common fixture of online buying guides that they encourage the reader to buy for his or her needs, which must be seriously considered before deciding on the “right product.”

This might be good advice when it comes to GoPro accessories for those that are adamant about using their cameras in only one or two highly specific situations. If the item will only have to stay on the handlebar of a bike, for example, then a headset or body harness won’t really be required.

However, what we’ve noticed looking through comments on review sites is that people who buy these type of products rarely have their mind so clearly set on their use, and most often will discover newer and newer possible applications for an action cam that the piece of equipment they’ve just purchased won’t really be suited for.

That’s why we believe that buying a whole kit of accessories which are intended to provide good service for a whole range of common uses might be the best approach. This will encourage both beginners and veterans to experiment with new possibilities for mounting the camera and might even help you find some approaches that give better results than what you were doing so far.



Items that come in a bundle are often considered to be of an inherently lower quality to ones which are purchased separately. It’s true that the best GoPro mounts available for sale you’ll most often find as a one piece, probably in a neat little hardbox with some German written on it, but there still are a few kits out there made up entirely of well-built items.

These will almost necessarily provide you with better value for your money, since you’re buying in bulk, and will hardly make you regret a couple or so items which might not prove immediately useful since GoPro accessories are for the most part too cheap to make that much of a difference.



But even the best travel GoPro accessories will be a waste of money if they can’t be made to fit the equipment you are using. Needless to say, before deciding on a product, make sure that its connector screw is actually the same diameter as the hole in the camera.

Some other things that might go wrong are the photo equipment’s chassis being either too wide or too tall to mount on certain types of holders that employ a base plate, usually at a right angle to the mounting bracket.

Generally, the manufacturer will make a whole list of GoPros that are compatible with their accessories, and this regularly gets updated on their official site, as new models enter the market.



Top GoPro Accessories For Traveling in 2021


Speaking of new models, we’ve compiled a short list of accessory kits we found to be the most popular with customers and reviewers from what’s currently available on the market. Check them out if you have the time.



Black Pro BP-6 Basic Kit


Despite coming in a bundle, the items contained in the Black Pro BP-6 Basic Kit received good reviews for their quality, which is comparable to what you will find with GoPro brand accessories.

Furthermore, the set is relatively inexpensive, since for a negligible sum you’ll get around a dozen or so pieces of equipment in a soft carry bag that will weigh only 1.6 pounds when filled, so it’s easy to carry around to your destination.

It contains three harnesses, one for your body, one for your head, and a wristband, all of them fully adjustable to accommodate thick clothing and provide a tight fit over T-shirts. You’ll also find three different holders that mount on various surfaces with either spring clamps, a screw clamp for bikes, and a suction cup for car hoods, all allowing for 360-degree pivoting and some azimuth adjustment.

For handholding, there’s a floating baton that will make the camera rise to the surface if you happen to lose grip while underwater, and a telescopic arm which can basically act as a selfie stick.

Something that you don’t generally find in one of these kits is a screw tightening tool, which should prove highly useful in freezing temperature, where your hands won’t be able to get a tight grip for proper fastening.

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Lifetime Accessories Starter Kit


This kit contains pretty much what you’ll find in the Black Pro one we’ve talked about already, meaning a body harness, a headset, a wristband, three types of mounts for straps or your backpack, a car hood via a suction cup and bike, together with an assortment of hand holders and adapters.

The bike clamp follows a different design, with two screws instead of one plus a joint, which makes it somewhat more difficult to install.

The set lacks the screw fastening tool, but it has a number of mounting plates with adhesive pads and, judging by what many reviewers have found, an octopus mounting device. This basically consists of 3 highly flexible arms that can be used to wrap around almost any surface. These won’t give you the same grip as more traditional solutions but will make up for it in versatility.

Another piece that will probably see a lot of use is a tripod mount adapter, which will allow you to use the GoPro camera with most accessories intended for a regular one.

Otherwise, it offers a good level of build quality, with many of the people who’ve used it commenting that its pieces are sturdy and hold up well under duress. However, it bears remarking that some of these users have found that it feels somewhat “cheaper” than the GoPro brand accessories.

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Soft Digits Accessories Kit


This accessory kit from Soft Digits is one of the best selling items of its type on retail sites, and it’s fairly easy to understand why, considering that it offers nearly 2.5 lb worth of items (in a hard case, no less) for just under thirty or twenty, depending on how lucky you are.

You’ll get anything from reusable anti-fog inserts and stickers to a 360-degree-capable suction cup mount, which will cover the full spectrum of applications an action vlogger might put it through.

For use in scuba diving and surfing there’s the floating handle grip, which provides buoyancy for the camera in case it’s dropped. Another handle, this time telescopic, acts like a selfie stick for the narcissistically inclined.

There’s a bike clamp that follows the 2-screws layout and can be placed on either the handlebar or any of the tubes. Like all the items of this type we’ve featured, this one also allows for 3-way pivoting of the camera.

There’s also a complete set of straps to allow you to place the camera either on your head for high-speed winter sports, on your body for better stability, or on the wrists for mountain climbing. The wrist mount allows for the GoPro to turn to a full 360 degrees, so viewers might better appreciate the view when looking down.

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