Top rated golf tees in 2019


Even though it may sound strange, golf tees can influence the way you play. Depending on the quality of the materials used to build them, they can also save you money as some top end products tend to last more than your average tees. In order to help you make the proper investment, our experts have gone through several of the best golf tees reviews currently available both on and offline. After thorough analysis, they’ve managed to come up with a list of five recommendations destined to help you with your game but also lower the costs of your hobby which is already pretty expensive.


Orlimar Inch Golf Tees


Best golf tees reviewsOlimar have invested a lot in creating the best golf tees in 2019. They key to their great product lies in the extra attention to detail which goes into each item which comes out of the assembly line. Each and every one of the tees included in this 100 piece pack, is made by respecting the highest standards possible. They are all perfect which will help with your game. They are biodegradable so in case you lose some you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. These tees are also very durable which will allow you to reuse them as long as you don’t lose them.

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Intech Golf Tee


You will not find better value for money anywhere else. This 100 piece golf tees set is all you need to get your game on. They are durable, nicely manufactured and can hold their own against the oversized drivers most golf club sets incorporate. These tees are just high enough to provide the needed clearance for a nice, long shot. According to some of the best golf tees reviews, these high quality products will help you improve your game while at the same times, save money. Because of the materials used to build these tees, you will be able to use the same ones over and over as long as you don’t lose them.

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Green Keepers 4 Yards More Tees


These are currently considered as being the best golf tees in 2019. Developed after long hours of intense research, these innovative products are guaranteed to improve the distance you get on your shots. The secret is in the design. Unlike regular tees, these use a patented six-prong tip which holds the ball in such a way it will help maximize contact. Durability is also what makes these tees so popular. You will be able to use them over and over again which will save you money and will also save you the extra weight which comes with the larger tee sets.

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Pride Golf Tee Deluxe Tee


If you prefer the more classical approach you should go with some of the top rated golf tees in 2019. The 100 tee set from Pride Golf includes only 100% solid hardwood tees which are destined to increase performance but also last longer than any other. Made in the US, these tees are meant to last for as long as 10 rounds without deteriorating. You will save money because they are so tough and also because they come in sets of 100.  As far as price goes, things could not get better than this. Paying less than $10 for such a consistent set is truly a bargain.

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Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees


If you are looking for the absolute best in terms of golf tees, our experts recommend the Tour 3-prong golf tees by Zero Friction. With their innovative spirit and top end assembly line, they’ve managed to create the perfect tee. The modern design is destined to improve your game and also to push you closer to becoming a pro. This product has been, even since 2005, a world leader when it comes to the PGA tour. All important players use it to increase their score and also to improve accuracy. Even though more expensive than the average, they are totally worth the effort.

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