Best golf rangefinders under $300


Cheap golf rangefinders for sale


Golf, one of the most famous sports in the modern era isn’t that of a simple game. To be a good golfer you need to understand your course. Thanks to technologies, now you can use devices named Rangefinders which can help you to locate obstacles and pinpoints in a golf course. These devices are expensive and delicate. To help you find you an affordable, decent rangefinder, we bring you the best golf rangefinders under $300 list.


Bushnell Tour V2 golf rangefinder


Best golf rangefinders under $300

This product that can be found in many best Bushnell golf rangefinders reviews provides with a decent range of 300 yards. The size is ultra compact. This rangefinder can find flags without catching background targets with its pin seeker target mode. The SCAN mode constantly updates LCD display as you travel around the landscape. The product contains an excellent 5x magnification, 24mm objective lens legal for tournament play. The rangefinder is powered by 9 volt battery. Being one of the cheapest in the list, this product does live up to its mark.

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“The Bushnell Tour V2 golf rangefinder is a great investment to all golf lovers out there. The product is very durable so you can use it for a very long time. I am very happy owning this because I can easily detect and know the gold status. The product is very reliable to use compared to others.”  Tomas Norris


Bushnell Tour V3 golf rangefinder


This tiny rangefinder is a beast. It contains the range finding capacity of 10 to 1,000 yards. It can flag 300 +/- 1 yard pinpoints easily. The Pin Seeker Technology with Jolt vibration provides top notch flagging when Pin Seeker is triggered and SCAN mode updates the LCD display as you pan across the course. It has a top class single hand vertical operation with 5x magnification and 24 mm objective. The compact device is easy to hold and uses 3 volt battery. It is also legal for tournament play. Using this product you can easily get why they say SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.

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“ I am very much impressed with the Bushnell Tour V3 golf rangefinder because it is very useful in terms of gold playing. The product can be brought if there are gold tournaments so you can have the ease watching the game. The product is very professional and is easy to handle.”  Louie Hardin


Bushnell Medalist golf rangefinder


The most accurate product of the list, Medalist is one of the best you can find. With 4x magnification and 20mm objective diameter, it offers an exquisite range of 5 to 1,000 meters. This product contains laser rangefinder with a built-in Pin Seeker technology to assist determining ranges. This rangefinder can easily measure distance to pin or object on the course with an accuracy of plus-or-minus 1 meter. The easy to view LCD shows range in your desired unit, yards or meters. This device is highly recommended for accuracy and so it prevailed in our best golf rangefinders under $300 list.

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“ The accuracy of the Bushnell Medalist golf rangefinder is what I like the most about the gold rangefinder. It is easy to me to handle the product because it is small and have the handles that are ergonomic in nature. You can have this product in a very affordable price without any issues.”  Don Gail Landry


Bushnell Pro 1600 golf rangefinder


This is the only rangefinder of the list which not only determines the distance but also the angle between the starting point and the flag. It ranges 5 to 1,600 yards for reflective surfaces, 1,000 yards for trees and 400 yards for flags. The pin seeker mode zeros in on the flag providing you top notch accuracy. This device calculates the distance based on the degree of elevation change. It comes with multi-coated optics, twisted up metal eyepiece with oversized ocular.

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“ If you will notice the Bushnell Pro 1600 golf rangefinder, you can say that it very steady and durable. The product is very light in weight so you will never feel any fatigue after using this golf ranger in a long time. The LCD screen is very clear so you can easily detect the distance of the ball.”  Jayson Mcclain


Callaway LR550 golf rangefinder


This device has got the highest pin range in the series and the lowest price. It can accurately measure the pin or hazard from up to 550 yards very swiftly. There is a first target mode which helps to display range of the nearest one in between multiple targets. The device consists of a built-in reticule and LCD display. It also comes with 6x monocular with long eye relief. Basing on these features and price, this rangefinder easily found its way in to the best golf rangefinders under $300 list.

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“ The fashionable Callaway LR550 golf rangefinder is what I am looking for a long time ago. The product is very in the top notch because it is high in quality and performance. The product performs well so you will not experience any problem using this gold rangefinders during gold games.”  Marquis Jeffery Curry