Best Golf Irons under $50


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For golfers, to make sure that you will have the better ability to propel the ball on the direction that is desired, it will be significantly useful if you will have one of the best golf irons under $50. If you find it hard to decide which among the options will prove to be right, the rest of this article can prove to be helpful.


Pinemeadow Wedge


Best Golf Irons under $50

This model is an upgraded version of the most popular wedge from Pinemeadow, which simply shows that it is a better version of what many golfers have already believed as the best in the past. This is the ideal choice if you are just beginning to discover your passion for golf. It is equipped with an intelligent design, including having large space and oversized sweet spot, both of which are able to improve your skills in playing golf.

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“A reliable iron can help me have a great game so this is precisely the reason why I went ahead and got the Pinemeadow Wedge. I believe its best feature is its improved sweetspot, very important for an amateur golfer like me.”  Chris Soulman


Intech EZ Roll Men’s Chipper


This chipper is made specifically for men who are looking forwards to having better handicap. It can be seen that this gold iron has a good design, which is a primary reason on why it is considered as one of the best golf irons under $50. Among other things, one feature that makes it a cut above others is the backweighted design. The main benefit that is being delivered by such is helping people to have better strokes for better performance during the times they are playing golf.

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“I loved the innovative design and the special feeling it had when I held it in my hand and took a swing. It doesn’t have those great reviews for nothing, I guess. I consider it to be a reliable iron which comes at an very affordable price, advatageous for people who are just playing golf for fun.” Paul Turner


Intech Approach Chipper


Among other things, it is the simplicity of this chipper that can be considered as one of the best reasons for its popularity. Nonetheless, even if it is simple and appears to be basic, you will have the assurance that it is effective, just like the experiences that have been shared by other people who have used such in the past. It has a 2-wway design that makes it versatile. In addition, whether you play and swing with the use of your left or right hand, it will prove to be just as effective.

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“I make the best approaches with this chipper, because I feel it is exactly balanced for my swing. The quality metal from which it is made from is very light and has a large sweetspot. I recommed it to other golf enthusiasts out there.” Rick Hunter


Callaway RAZR X HL 4 Iron


The RAZR technology is the most significant reason on why it is asserted by many people as worthy of being included in the best golf irons under $75. This is primarily responsible for being able to shift the center of gravity, which results into more power. Accuracy and distance are also improved with the use of this model, and such can be attributed to the incorporation of the solid impact sole in its design. Lastly, the materials that are used should also be credited for its superior quality.

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“The Callaway RAZR HL 4 iron is something special, I can tell you, because for me at least it is perfect, helping me a lot on the golf course, being so well balanced as it is. I am very accurate with it, more than any other iron, even others much more expensive than it.” Sam Jordan


Momentus Men’s Swing Trainer Iron


One of the things that make this golf iron worth being taken into account is the integration of an innovative technology that allows the right distribution of weight in such a way that it will result into the right swings. This will make you feel the centrifugal force of every swing. Whether you have just started playing golf or you have been playing for years, this will be worth being taken into account.

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“I just started playing golf for about 3 weeks now and I manage to hit my best long shots with this iron. Everyone recommended it to me, for  a beginner and I can say that I feel quite confident while I have it in my hand. My advice to other beginners is to get this iron.” George Ford