Expert Buying Advice on Golf Irons under 300


The priciest single piece of golf kit you’ll ever buy is most likely a set of irons. This makes it vital that you get nothing less than the best golf iron set. Although there are a few ways to switch up what’s in your golf bag, you still need to make sure your irons will be able to replace other golf clubs like your woods when needed. These are the elements that make a good golf iron.


Good Iron Design

The best golf irons under 300 may either be blade irons or cavity back irons.

More experienced players tend to go for blade irons, which are built with a thin top line, a thin face and a compact hitting area. These irons typically distribute weight throughout the entire head evenly, creating a small “sweet spot” on the center. With greater weight focused behind that sweet spot, the golfer gets the opportunity to better shape a shot compared to using a cavity back iron, giving blade irons the nickname ‘muscle backs’.

Cavity back irons position a cavity in the back of the head, laying more weight on the perimeter of the club. This results to greater moment of inertia (MOI) or forgiveness from the club. Generally, thin clubfaces are paired with larger club heads, making off-center shots fly longer and straighter compared to what a blade iron can deliver. Thanks to the increased forgiveness and reduced feel, cavity back irons are ideal for medium to high handicap golfers who can take advantage of the larger sweet spot.


Quality Shaft

The best golf irons under 300 are commonly built with steel shafts, which are stronger and heavier compared to graphite. Steel shafts have less flex while being more accurate and consistent. The stainless or carbon steel is thick and provides consistent flexibility plus torque.

Although not as common as steel shafts, graphite shafts offer flexibility and light weight, which allows greater swing speed while being able to open more distance during your game.

Multi-material shafts combine graphite and steel but are mostly made up of steel. The solid steel shaft provides control over the ball flight and the graphite tip gives the iron a controlled amount of extra speed to propel the ball to get more distance.


Ideal Iron Manufacture

Forged Irons are made by sinking metal into a rough shape. The resulting configuration is then hammered or forged into the desired shape. The raw forged iron or carbon steel club head undergoes milling, grinding and polishing for finish.

Cats Irons are made by pouring liquid metal into a mould, allowing creation of more intricate head designs.


What Are the Best Golf Irons under 300?


If you would like to enjoy every game of golf, you need to arm yourself with the proper tools and equipment. True, you may not become as good or as talented as the golf star who endorses your golf irons, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping you could up the ante of your game a bit. These products could very well serve to do that.


Cleveland Golf 588 MT


1.Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron SetCombining easy-to-hit long irons with more conventional short ones, the Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set offers high performance in a playable design. Throughout the set, the irons are engineered with mid-trajectory constant blade length, with the blade height progressively increased in the higher-lofted clubs. The full hollow construction of the clubs ensures high-flying results to your ball. The face forged technology employed in making the irons enhances ball feel and speed. These irons can be interchanged with 588 Tour Trajectory Irons to make a perfect set. The irons are available for both right- and left-handed players.

The irons are distinguished by their advanced internal weighting that adds forgiveness while promoting a deeper and lower center of gravity to ensure optimal launch coupled with effortless distance to drive your ball further. The irons also feature a multi-material insert of aluminum and polymer in their plaques, which dampens the vibration and impact to provide a more consistent feel. Made with graphite and steel shafts, the irons are also available in Senior, Stiff and Regular flex.

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TaylorMade RocketBallz HL


2.TaylorMade RocketBallz HL 4-PW,AWThe TaylorMade RocketBallz HL 4-PW, AW Iron Set is comprised of clubs with steel shafts. The shafts are stronger and heavier than graphite, and have less flex without compromising on accuracy and consistency. The shafts are also thick and provide consistent speed and flexibility. The clubs in the TaylorMade RocketBallz HL 4-PW, AW Iron Set are high-launching irons that ensure ball delivery with awesome pinpoint accuracy thanks to the help of great technology. The irons are engineered with large club faces from heel to toe. They have a high moment of inertia that ensures straighter flights of mishits.

The RocketBallz HL Irons offer a bigger sweet spot since they will be more forgiving when the ball gets hit away from the center toward the heel or toe. A cavity medallion absorbs shock at impact, giving the ball a nice, high trajectory. Made from an exceptionally durable synthetic rubber compound, the Lamkin Crossline Grip is perfectly designed for players who prefer a firm, high-traction grip that offers outstanding torsion control and wet weather performance.

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Adams Golf Mens Xtd Cc


3.Adams Golf Mens Xtd Cc Irons #4The Adams Golf Mens Xtd Cc Irons #4 clubs are characterized by a unique Cross-Cavity Design that works really well with the Cut-Thru Slot Technology to create distance through technology instead of using strengthened lofts. The clubs are distinguished by their Pressure Piston element that dampens vibration and softens sound. The clubs have a contrasting face design geared to deliver better alignment. They are all constructed to provide distance without compromising on launching power. Constructed for players of all skill levels, the Adams Golf Mens Xtd Cc Irons #4 clubs carry the center of gravity off the face to produce a gear effect similar to that of a hybrid.

Even off-center hits get a corrective spin from these amazing clubs. The face impact damper drastically reduces vibration after ball contact. The crisp sound of a forged iron is produced due to direct pressure on the back of the face. This promotes driving through the shot. The Cut-Thru sole slot design transfers material behind the clubface, resulting in increased deflection and trampoline effect. Mishits are sent on their proper path due to the unique cross-cavity technology.

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