What to Consider When Buying the Best Golf Iron under 200


Having a good set of golf irons does not need to break your budget. You can get an effective set of irons that will help to greatly improve your game and lower your scores substantially for less than $200. Let us look at the three most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best golf irons under 200.

Best Golf Irons Under 200


The bigger the clubhead, the more forgiveness you get. Forgiveness refers to the way the clubhead is designed that allows it to “forgive” bad shots. Clubhead sizes range from oversized ones with enhanced forgiveness to smaller blade-style heads for more skilled players.



There are two types of shaft – steel and graphite. Steel shafts are used in shots where accuracy is more important than the distance you can drive the ball. On the other hand, graphite shafts allow you to make more powerful shots because they are lighter but since they generate more flex, you have less control when you swing the club.



This quality is rated from XS (Extra-Stiff) to R (Regular), as well as special ratings for ladies (L) and older golfers (Seniors or S). Players with lower swing speeds should get more flexible shafts while those who can swing faster should get stiffer shafts.


What Are the Best Rated Golf Irons under 200?


Now that you know what the features to look for when shopping for the best golf irons, you can start buying with confidence. If you need more help in choosing, however, here are our recommendations for the best golf irons under 200. We hope you’ll find a set that suits your budget.


Swift Speed Big & Tall


1.Swift Speed Big & Tall Iron SetThis is a set of six (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) irons as well as a free sand wedge that are specially designed for right-handed tall golfers who are six feet and up since they are an inch longer than the standard club length. The steel shafts have regular flex, which provides golfers with a stronger and faster swing a greater amount of control.

The five to seven irons are designed with a medium-sole in the club head to generate maximum forgiveness for golfers who still need to improve their game. Using these clubs can help greatly improve accuracy, ensure the ball flies higher and lands softer. For golfers with more skill and experience, the eight iron to the sand wedge feature muscleback clubheads which have less forgiveness and have a lower center of gravity that results in balls being driven at a lower trajectory. Overall, this mix of clubs results in a balanced set that is appropriate for golfers of different skill levels and delivers improved performance.

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Callaway Women’s XR


2.Callaway Women’s XR Five-IronThis outstanding five-iron is designed with maximum forgiveness in mind, helping mitigate the effects of improper play while you’re still improving your technique. The club was designed with the meticulous craftsmanship Callaway is known for and features a 2-piece construction process that also includes dual heat treatment as part of the design process.

The iron features Callaway’s exclusive Cup 360 technology in the club head. Originally designed for Callaway’s fairway woods and now brought over to the irons, Cup 360 which increases ball speeds whether the golfer hits it head on, or off-center, and helps drive the fall farther. You get to enjoy these superior results no matter which part of the face hits the ball.

The Internal Standing Wave technology works with Cup 360 to further increase forgiveness of the club. The resulting design increases the moment of inertia as well as lowering the clubhead’s center of gravity. The end result is a women’s iron that helps drive the ball farther without needing to have a strong swing.

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Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Progressive


3.Pinemeadow Golf PRE Irons SetThis is the ideal set for right-handed golfers who are starting out as well as those with intermediate skill levels. The set includes 3 and 4 hybrids as well as a 5 to 9 iron and a pitching wedge. Hybrid clubs are designed to provide golfers with greater distance when they swing, since they are designed to increase the distance the ball flies by some five to eight yards.

The 5-PW irons are game improvement clubs that are designed to improve forgiveness as well as increase distance. Design features include perimeter weighing of the club head, which minimizes the effects of off-center shots and a large sweet spot that compensates for errors in your swing. The result is irons that help improve your performance on the course while you’re still working on improving your technique.

All clubs come with graphite shafts, which are lighter than steel and boost the power of your swing by increasing its speed as well as tour-style grips, which help prevent slippage during swings to improve accuracy.

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