If you have no time to do your own research on the best golf iron, we can supply the information you need. In just a few lines, we can provide you the necessary facts for a suitable selection. The data we’ve gathered comes from expert review sites and customer feedback and it shows that the Pinemeadow Men’s GPX Golf Set is definitely right for you. The set includes what all golfers use frequently, a driver built for both accuracy and distance, 3 wood as well as a 4 hybrid and 5PW iron. With oversized sole irons for launch and spin, the clubs can offer enhanced forgiveness and their great centered strikes. If you can’t get your hands on the Pinemeadow Men’s GPX Golf Set, then maybe it would be a good idea to purchase the Pinemeadow Wedge, as that is the second option we had in mind.



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Golf enthusiasts take great care when they are choosing a golf iron. These clubs can greatly impact the way you play the game, and if you choose the wrong club, you will see the difference almost instantly.

If you are looking to find a new club or set, we cannot tell you who makes the best golf irons, but we can offer you some information that may help you with your decision making process.

golf irons


The most reliable irons are usually available in two designs: cast model or forged model. Irons that are cast are usually made with 431 stainless steel or 17-4 stainless steel. The 431 stainless models are popular with customized clubs because the steel has no memory, which allows it to be easier to bend and adjust to create the perfectly customized club.

Forged clubs are usually created from carbon steel billets and they are formed into shape by being tightly compressed. The forged clubs are usually preferred by experienced golfers because they have a softer feel and are easier to adjust to meet custom specifications.



One of the main aspects of choosing a good iron is choosing a club that can grant you a high launch angle trajectory. When you choose a club that can give you a high angle trajectory, it should have a low center of gravity and has more offset that will create the desired angle and more spin. Golfers with high clubhead speeds usually benefit the most from low to mid trajectory irons. When the center of gravity is raised in the design, the trajectory will be lower.



When you’ve settled on the kind of trajectory that will benefit your game the most, you will want to focus on the forgiveness. By choosing an iron with a maximum forgiveness rating, you are also incorporating a high moment of inertia. If you choose a club with low forgiveness, the head of the club will have a low moment of inertia. This type of measurement will dictate the iron’s resistance to twisting. When the ball is hit by the center of the club, it will not twist.


Golfing can be a wonderful way to relax, but it also a competitive sport. By choosing the right clubs for your playing style, you should be able to see an improvement in your game. If you are just starting to get into the sport, we recommend that you go to someone who is knowledgeable about golf to help you pick out your perfect set of clubs.



Products for specific needs


Best Golf Iron for Seniors


Adams Tight Lies Plus 1312


Older golfers may want to choose a set of golf clubs that have the ability to improve their game. The Adams Tight Lies Plus club set provides players of all types the ability to improve their accuracy, distance, and have more forgiveness. The set includes a 11-degree 460cc driver, stainless steel 3 and 7 woods (18 and 20 degrees), 5 Idea hybrid (26 degrees), 6-PW cavity back irons, a blade putter, and a Tom Watson Signature SW. Also included in this set, you are receiving a carry bag that doubles as a cart. This set is considered to be one of the best golf irons for seniors because it has everything you need to improve your game.



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Best Golf Iron for High Handicappers


Cleveland Golf HB3


For those who have a high handicap, the clubs offered by Cleveland are considered to be some of the best golf irons for high handicappers. These clubs offer 28% larger hitting area, which is ideal for providing you with extra forgiveness. The advanced sole design reduces drag and will improve tuft interaction while the width of the progressive sole helps to increase shot consistency, forgiveness and control. The advanced internal weighting provides you with 12% deeper center of gravity than other models. This change in the center of gravity improves the launching angle, giving you a more precise shot.



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Best Golf Iron for Mid-Handicappers


Men’s Titleist AP1 714


If you ask someone what they think the best golf irons for mid-handicappers are, many people may say the Titleist 714 AP1 irons are their clubs of choice. The longer clubs are incredibly forgiving and the shorter irons offer you supreme control. Mid-handicappers who use these clubs will see an improvement in their distance and how consistently they hit the ball. The club features a low center of gravity, thanks to the undercut underneath the top line. The soles have been narrowed on the short irons, making the faces thicker to raise the center of gravity. The new irons received an overhaul from previous irons and many say they feel much better.



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Top rated golf irons in 2019


A sport that is relaxing but requires great concentration at the same tine is golf. If you are a beginner or a golf enthusiast you need to have in your golfing bag the best clubs you can afford cause these can give you the edge in crucial moments of the game. Irons which are used for medium range shots and for teeing are an important part of your golf set. Here are some suggestions on the best irons you can have in your golfing bag.





Pinemeadow Men’s PGX


If you have started to like golf and are playing on a regular basis, then you need to invest in an iron set. Based on the excellent feedback this set has got from extremely satisfied customers, we recommend getting the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX golf set-driver. With these irons which have an oversized sole. you will be able to hit longer shots and with more spin as well.

The set consists of a 460cc driver, 3 woods and a hybrid. The affordable price makes it a favorite for novice golfers. Some of them even think the set has one of the best irons in 2019.



This is one of the most affordable golf sets on the market which somehow manages to cost less than a professional driver but at the same time, offer amazing results.

The 460cc driver offers a large sweet spot to increase the distance of your shots.

The special design is no different from that used by professional golfers.

They are durable and very well balanced, guaranteeing a visible improvement to your game in a matter of weeks.



If you are used to playing with more expensive golf sets, these golf clubs may lack the feel you were used to.

They are only destined for beginner golfers and will not satisfy the needs of professionals.


“I searched on specialized reviewing sites, what are the best golf irons in 2019, and the Pinemeadow PGX drive set was always mentioned in the top 10. My game has certainly improve after buying them and I would recommend them to people with limited experience.” – Ruben Hernandez


Buy from Amazon.com for ($176.49)







TaylorMade M2


With a thin top line and 180-degree fluted hosel, these new irons managed to lower the CG by about 7%. It may not seem impressive, but you can see the results. Another improvement is the face slot technology first developed on the M1 set.

It gives the club more forgiveness and ends up improving your game. The irons have a smaller overall head and a shorter blade length, which gives them a more compact appearance. In order to increase the speed of the ball and lower the CG, the manufacturers introduced new materials, including high-density Tungsten.



One of the best things about the set is that it has excellent accuracy, coupled with great forgiveness. It can get the best out of hits you once considered lost.

The clubs are made for fast and high shots with much less effort than you’d expect. If you need something to curl the draws, this is what you should go for.

It has good distance control, resulting in balls that descend steeply to a designated space.



The clubs have a bit of a bluntness at impact, which makes it less stylish when playing.

The mid and long irons have less spin and reduce stopping power.


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Callaway Men’s XR


1.Callaway Men's XR Individual Irons

Built as an iron designed for speed, the Callaway Men’s XR benefits from the redefinition of speed used in the Cup 360 in fairway woods. With the Cup 360 technology plus the various other novel changes made to the overall construction, this golf iron is geared for game improvement so you can be a great team player on every spot on the golf course.




Engineered for speed, the XR takes inspiration from the Cup 360, which dramatically improves its face cup technology to act like a spring on shots anywhere on the club’s surface, with awesomely greater ball speeds no matter what the impact location. With the kind of refinement and attention the iron has gotten on the drawing board, it is more capable of delivering the velocity you need to prove you’re a reliable team player, again and again.

The iron boasts a two-piece construction complemented with a dual heat treatment, ensuring a precise and performance-driven craftsmanship that an XR golf club is made with. Equipped with the Internal Standing Wave technology, the club benefits from a lower center of gravity along with a higher moment of inertia to give the face cup awesome flex to deliver higher speed for the ball to cover greater distance.



At least one user has commented that the finish of the golf iron needs improvement in the way of durability. The unit doesn’t have a satin finish that should enable it to retain its appearance even after a number of rounds. However, the important thing is the consistent performance you can expect from this golf iron, which it delivers every time.


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TaylorMade Men’s RSi1


2.TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron Set

Made to combine innovation with authenticity, the TaylorMade Men’s RSi1 delivers reliable distance all across the face, making it suitable for beginners who want a taste of pride on the course. Even novice players can expect improved performance on mishits with the kind of technology that this individual iron carries.




Featuring the Face Slot Technology, the TaylorMade Men’s RSi1 boasts the Speed Pocket system on the iron face, which delivers uniform flexion thanks to the activation of the toe and heel areas. The revolutionary face technology ensures that the ball speed is protected even on off-center hits.

This golf iron has slots cut all the way through the face, where they are positioned at the toe and heel just outside the score lines and filled with a premium quality epoxy compound. Those slots enable easy flexion while ensuring good ball speed, which contributes to more consistent distance across the face plus increased launch angle easy shots no matter what. The innovative construction and multiple dampening systems delivers improved feel and sound.



This model could benefit from a higher launching angle, which many handicappers really look for in their golf iron. The lower wow factor is offset by the competitive distance delivery though, so this golf iron should be able to deliver a fantastic level of performance for those seeking to improve their game when needed.


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Men’s Nike VR-S X


Golfers will be pleased to know that Nike has released a new golf iron, the VR-S X. This new and improved model will enhance the distance and accuracy you get on your shots. The innovative speed-expanding multi face thickness design guarantees a top ball speed, making you hit longer shots than you’ve ever hit before. The well-balanced and sturdy stainless-steel design will make this iron durable too, proving to be a long term investment. All these features and more lead us to believe it’s one of the best golf irons in 2019.



There will be no need to ask yourself where to buy cheap golf irons anymore after you take a look at the VR-S X mostly because of their near perfect rating given by satisfied customers.

These irons will undoubtedly increase your efficiency on any golf course mostly because of their ability to increase ball speeds through its NexCOR variable face thickness.

You will face less resistance than before when it comes to more powerful hits and you will also feel the accuracy increasing due to the new face construction which increases the COR zone found in the middle of the face.



Could have been a bit lighter and probably more precise for this particular price tag.

The price to performance ratio is not as satisfying as you might expect.


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TaylorMade RocketBallz


Do you have your mind set on getting a new golf iron set, to help you improve your game? After reading expert reviews we have come to the conclusion that the TaylorMade RocketBallz is more than just satisfactory solution. The accuracy of these irons has been largely improved by the innovative face structure, which has a Toe-Bar in the upper-toe area. Also, this new design will enhance the sound of you hitting the ball, putting more feeling into the game. The set’s wedges are fitted with a new ATV sole, increasing their precision for different kinds of shots.



It reduces vibration thus helping you with your shots and also helping with the way you feel after long training sessions.

These irons are designed to help you increase the speed of your shots but also the accuracy which is even more important.

By using the Toe-Bar controls which represent TaylorMade’s newest technology, these irons make your shots a lot straighter.

The feel of these irons is excellent especially during impact. You will enjoy a great sound as well which adds to the beauty of the game.



This is not a set built for everyone. It is perfect for some but might be less efficient for others.

It is a bit expensive when compared to other models.


“I paid more for this iron, but it was definitely worth it. After just a few shots, I understood why it’s considered one of the highest rated models. Because my shot accuracy was largely increased, I am positive this is the best golf iron for the money I paid for it.” – Leroy J. Snow


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Callaway Men’s RAZR X NG


This iron set from Callaway will provide you with the distance you want on your shots without sacrificing accuracy. What sets the set’s irons apart from other models is the RAZR technology which brings the CG lower. This simple yet efficient innovation will have immediate effects on your shot making abilities. The faces are thinner than what you see on other models and this is what ensures an improved ball flight because the ball speed is maximized. We recommend that you get the best deals for this set from Amazon.com.



It incorporates patented Callaway technology which is destined to help you make better shots. By lowering the center of gravity through the RAZR technology, you will add distance and accuracy to each and every shot.

Ball speed will be increased due to the thin iron face which is designed to redistribute weight and prolong the time spent by the ball in the air.

The Hybrids are some of the most reliable golf clubs out there, managing to project confidence onto those who are just beginning to learn about golf.



You could get a full set of golf clubs for the money spent on these irons.

They could have been a bit more durable.


“I was lucky enough get this golf iron for a Black Friday deal because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Now I hit more powerful and longer shots than ever, convincing me it’s one of the best rated iron in 2019.” – William Benoit


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Callaway X Hot


7Are you looking for ways to improve your game? One possible solution is to invest in one of the top golf irons in 2019. We don’t just recommend one golf iron, we go one step further and advise the purchase of Callaway X Hot Iron Set. The sweet spot for each of its pieces is larger than usual, thanks to the VTF and Hyperbolic Face Technology. You can choose what type of shaft you prefer, the heavier but more durable steel option or the lighter graphite one. Your shot precision will also get better because the irons have the innovative Speed Frame Face Technology.



If you are planning on upping your game it is time to stop asking yourself where to buy cheap golf irons and it is time to invest more in products like the X Hot iron set which is designed with the latest materials and technology available.

This set offers the benefit of having an increased sweet spot that provides higher speeds and longer shots which is exactly what you need to win tournaments.

All irons are lightweight and are excellently balanced so as not to mess with your accuracy.

Made out of top end materials, these irons are some of the most durable golf clubs on the market.



The 6 iron is not as well built as the others considering it might not improve the distance of your shots.

Price might be too high for some people.


“I was talking about this golf iron before Xmas and luckily my wife got the subtlety an got it for me as a gift. It’s all I thought it would be and I could immediately see an increase in distance for my long drives.” – Waldo A. Alfaro


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TaylorMade RocketBallz


ThylorMade RocketBallz Driver has all the necessary features to be one of the top golf irons in 2019. The shape is made to be aerodynamic so it gains more speed and hits the ball with more power thus giving it greater distance. Accuracy is another thing your shots will gain and after I started using this iron, my tee shots started to improve little by little every time I played.



Features the exclusive Driver Flight Control technology which gives players amazing flexibility during games by letting them adjust loft and also face angle for proper ball control

Comes with a lightweight but durable shaft which permits players to enjoy faster swing speed and in the process more force

The driver comes with a unique Speed-enhancing aerodynamic head that offers golfers the chance to cover a lot of ground with each shot made

Due to the slight draw bias and Inverted Cone clubface tech this driver changes the way golfers swing during long shots



The loft effect of the driver takes a while to get used to, but after the third swing familiarity kicks in

The drivers head design is nothing special but completes players that love the game


TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver was bought by me after a friend recommended it. I was right to take his advice, because I manage to his some long and accurate drives with it. It also has helped me constantly improve my shot distance.” Danielle Taft


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TaylorMade Burner Plus


One of the top golf irons in 2019 is according to specialists the TaylorMade Burner Plus. It is mostly made out of quality steel, making it well balanced and rust resistant as well. I consider that the best thing about it is the fact that the design is very well made so even if you make a mistake and do an off centre hit the iron will send the ball in the intended direction. With it you will feel and play like a pro, living your rivals far behind.



For those that are trying to figure out where to buy cheap golf irons the Burner Plus iron represents the first stop on the road towards golfing performance

Incorporating Inverted Cone technology the golf irons offers users better swinging force and implicitly proper accuracy

Great for beginners and mediocre players this lightweight golfing instrument feel real nice during each swing and deliver heightened force during each shot made

This golf iron enable golfers to go the extra distance and cover more yards than usual, adding something new to each game



Does not include protective head cover but this accessory can be purchased separately if needed

For tall players this golf iron can be challenging to use but with proper swinging things go all the way


Whenever I play golf with my friends, I always use TaylorMade Burner Plus Iron for my long drives. I feel very comfortable hitting those long shots with it and most often I succeed in pulling off a good shot. I recommend to other golfers as well.”  Martina Harpe


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TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver


Best golf iron reviewsTEC Plus 460 cc is a club which can prove to be top class on the golf course and make you imporve your score. If you want to hit those long and accurate tee shots that this could be a great solution The titanium matrix construction maximizes the distance you can hit and from my point of view is its greatest innovation. The shaft is made from graphite which makes it light but also very solid.



The driver comes with a deep face profile and it received maximum coefficient of restitution which helps golfers to enjoy the full benefits of the “spring effect” during games

Coming with 460cc head and highly durable graphite shaft this driver is comfortable while swinging which improves user control over the ball

Ideal for amateur and mediocre golf players, TEC Plus improves Tee-Shots and long shots as well

Due to the Matrix design this driver offers flexibility during games which improves shot accuracy



The driver’s paintwork is not that elegant compared with similar models in this category but the overall driving force compensates a lot


TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver was my choice for my golf set and my improved scores, show me I made a correct decision. When my game is working, it immediately puts me in a good mood. Successful clubs are extremely helpful and that model is certainly in that category.” Becky Sanchez


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Callaway Diablo Octane


The best golf iron reviews have taken to the Callaway Diablo Octane and recommend it for players looking to improve their iron collection. The turbostatic carbon fibers which consist of 33% of the club`s head keeps the weight limit down and at the same time increases the distance you can hit with it. The octane shaped head and the materials which it is built from made me like it the second I held it in my hand and hit the first shot.



Developed with precision and comfort in mind the Diablo Octane drive has a 450cc head and deep face for better trajectory control during games

Stop wondering where to buy cheap golf irons for this driver from Callaway is affordable and strong enough to be used by even highly skilled golfers

Made with the new Forged Composite material (1/3 titanium density) the driver offers great load carry capacity and adds more swigging force

The driver features the exclusive Hyperbolic Face technology which is responsible for high ball speeds across long distances



Does not comes with a special head covering pouch, usually used after long golfing sessions (this is a golf accessory sold separately)

The intense design of the head could be considered too wild by traditional players but hits the spot for young and enthusiastic ones


The functionality of the Callaway Diablo Octane Driver is the one I like the most about it. The product is very stiff. It was structured in a way that it will never be perished out. I may ne new in the golf industry but I can say that this gold iron helps a lot in bring the game flexible.” Brian Walker


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Golf Irons – What to Look For:


golfirGolf is an elite sport, requiring a high amount of concentration and precision. If you are an entry-level golfer, just getting the hang of things and constantly learning new aspects about the game, you will find this buying guide very useful. From it you will learn what to look for when searching for some reliable golf irons. Your golf clubs have to be carefully chosen to help your game. Only with quality golf clubs and hard work you can improve and better play the game. The following paragraphs will teach you how to look for the best golf iron in 2019.

The iron is the most commonly used golf club. A standard golf set consists of 14 golf clubs and 10 of them are irons with different purposes. There are wedges which can be used for lob shots made from sand bunks. Then you have the different sized classical irons. They are used for long drives and the bigger they are, the more power you will place behind your shot. Now that we are done with the introduction, we can move towards features that you should search in a golf iron.

To make our research about golf irons complete, we have read the most reliable website reviews on the subject. The features we present will make sure you have every iron necessary for different shots.

The most important thing for a modern day iron is to be perimeter-weighed. This means one should have more weight around the edges, so you have a better balance when shooting. This system assures improved accuracy even when you don’t hit the ball with the center of the iron. If your iron doesn’t have this feature, you will play as golfers did many years ago. Moving on to the materials used in a golf iron’s construction, we will explore their pros and cons. Cast iron is the most often used material in combination with stainless steel (17% of the golf club’s head in general). The prices for the golf clubs using cast iron are accessible and most entry-level golfers opt for them. Secondly, we have the forged iron golf clubs, made by beating heated steel into shape.

This type of golf iron has mixed reviews and we don’t recommended this iron for entry-level players. A forge golf iron is more expensive than the previous category. Finally, we reach the last type of iron, which experts consider to be the best. The golf irons made from titanium are superior to all other types. Their construction makes them light, but still strong and the best contact surface with the ball is offered by them. The expensive price, on the other hand, can prove too much for amateur golfers.

The shaft of your golf iron can be made either from graphite or steel. Graphite is lighter, but less durable than steel. The higher costs for making a graphite shaft, makes them more expensive than the average steel shaft. Try to keep these things in mind and you should end up with the best golf iron in 2019Furthermore, the best golf iron reviews will recommend the most reliable models in the market.


Things to consider:

–          When it comes to a golf iron, perimeter-weighed is mandatory;

–          The head should be made from cast iron or maybe titanium (if you have the financial resources);

–          a graphite (lighter weight) or a steel (more durable) shaft.