If you’ve got no time to waste and reading all about the best golf drivers is taking forever, you can rely on us. The following lines will make it easy for you to choose. Our research has focused on the owner feedback, the brand quality, and the price, and its goal was to determine golf driver ranking. The way we see it, the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is the first choice out of what we’ve examined. The item introduces technological advancements that allow plenty of forgiveness and at the same time gives the ball great speed. Designed to produce mid-high launch angles, the club gives you the desired trajectory thanks to the low deep CG. Off center hits will fly unexpectedly well thanks to the Forged E9 Zone Face Structure. Adjustability is another great win. Your loft setting ranges from 9.0 to 12.0. If for some reason, you can’t buy the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver, you should turn your attention to our second favorite, the Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver.



Comparison Table




Buying Guide


When you are playing a game of golf, you want to have a diverse selection of clubs. These will help you greatly while on the green and one of the clubs that you definitely want to have in your arsenal is a driver.

If you are new to the game, you may not be familiar with why a driver is so important. We have created this guide to help you understand the importance of a driver and understand what you should expect when playing with a driver that you feel comfortable with.



When you are playing with the right driver, you can expect a higher loft. The loft will promote a higher launch angle which equals further distance. The golf balls that are used today work well with the larger club head sizes that require higher launching angles. When you are hitting balls off of trees and other obstacles, perhaps you need a new driver. Whenever you are unsure, you will want to choose a higher loft to get the most distance. For example, if you are unable to choose between a 8” or a 10”, always go with the 10”.


Comparison Table


Product Hand Orientation Price Shaft Material Flex Our Rating Where to buy

TaylorMade Men’s R1

Right, Left $$$ Graphite Regular A+ AMAZON

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme

Right $$ Graphite Stiff B+ AMAZON

TaylorMade SLDR

Right, Left $$$ Graphite Regular B AMAZON

TaylorMade RocketBallz Bonded

Right $$ Graphite Regular B+ AMAZON

Cleveland Golf Classic XL

Right $$ Graphite Regular B+ AMAZON



To maximize the distance and accuracy of your swing, not only is the loft important, but the shaft flex is as important. The right flex will maximize the trajectory of the ball and if you happen to have a slower swing speed, you will want a flexible shaft; whereas higher swing speeds would do best with a stiffer shaft. The stiffer shaft will increase your accuracy. For golfers who are in between stiff flexes and a regular shaft, you may want to stick with regular.


Size and Weight

One of main factors you want to consider when choosing a club is the size. Many of the clubs that are offered at the USGA’s legal limit have a volume size of 460cc. These larger head sizes give you a bigger sweet spot. This will promote consistency for even the most average of players. For players who have repeatable swings, you may want a smaller size (between 380cc and 410cc). The smaller heads will give you better control.


Golf can be a complex sport, but once you understand the intricacies of the different clubs, it is an enjoyable game. Always remember that a good driver should be a staple in every golf bag.


Products for Specifc Needs


Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers


TaylorMade Men’s R1 Driver


The TaylorMade R1 Driver is considered to be the best golf driver for high handicappers because it offers a custom-like fit that allows each golfer to fine tune his driver to his exact preference. Many golfers play the wrong loft at the tee. This club addresses this problem by giving you the most advanced and easily adjustable driver. The thick/thin crown provides you with a center of gravity that is lower and positioned more toward the front. This gives you a higher launch and a faster ball speed. The inverted cone technology of the driver expands the area that delivers the alignment. Regardless if you’re a touring pro or a high handicapper, you can change the club to suit your needs and forget about trying to find the right driver.



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Best Golf Drives for Tall Guys


TaylorMade Mens JetSpeed


The TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver features a 25 percent larger sweet spot and extends lower on the face, which helps to increase the ball speed while reducing the spin on shots that are hit low. The Matte black crown reduces the glare and the contrasting silver face is ideal for aligning the driver to the ball. This is considered one of the best golf drivers for tall guys because the multi-position loft sleeve allows for adjustability and the lightweight shaft contributes to increasing the speed and distance when the ball is hit. The Speed Pocket Technology reduces the amount of spin while increasing the speed in distance, even on mis-hits.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($189)




Best Golf Drivers for Beginners


Nextt Golf Men’s Tetra T2 Nano


This driver is considered to be one of the best golf drivers for beginners because it has a flexible shaft and a large head. The shaft is comprised of carbon fused graphite shaft. The all-weather Tac grip is an ideal addition because you will get a comfortable and solid grip while swinging. The white crown and the distinctive black face make it easy to align at address. This particular club also comes with a custom fit head cover to help protect the club from wear and tear while it is stored in your golf bag.



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Top rated Golf Drivers reviews


All golf players dream of hitting excellent shots, hitting the ball for a long distance and have everyone be amazed with the strength and accuracy employed. Most golf players have decided to go for one of the best golf drivers 2020.




Cobra Men’s Fly Z 


The item introduces some of the Cobra technological advancements that allow better shots and greater performance. The Speed Channel is one of the Cobra improvements that circles the face and increases the speed. Removing weight from the crown for a lower CG is another technological trick. Combined, they work to produce more forgiveness and mid-high launch angles.

The forged E9 zone that removes excess weight from around the face and hosel promise better hits even when the blow is off-center. To add even more plus factors, the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver grants loft adjustability from 9.0 to 12.0.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($229)



Cobra Men’s King F6 


This product brings more innovative solutions to old golfers’ problems. The Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver features an adjustable front-to-back CG technology. With this sort of tuning, the driver enables you to switch the emphasis from a ball that has more roll to a hit that gives higher flight and more forgiveness. To help with the sweet zone, the designers introduced a forged, re-engineered E9 face.

With a variable thickness of the Titanium structure, it sets to create more deflection and thus a faster ball. The driver also has a Speed Channel, an exclusive Cobra innovation, and adjustable loft settings.


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TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc


This driver is part of a larger series of products introduced by TaylorMade, the M family. Sharing many of characteristics with the other M1 and M2 products, it’s easy to see what makes this driver stand out.

It helps owners achieve better control and maximizes the distance with a successful formula that aims at high launches and reduces the spin. It also uses multi-materials to move the CG lower and expanding the sweet spot.  The driver has a high MOI thanks to the low back CG center and the impact brings better speed and longer shots.


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TaylorMade Men’s R1


Best Golf Drivers 2020This golf driver will have you hit the ball straight and fast. If you need some extra-distance to break new records, just have this light weight and very slim best golf driver 2020. Don’t worry about not having the optimal launch angle; this driver will have your techniques improve in just a matter of seconds you will soon have everyone with the sun in their face, searching for the ball while you enjoy ultimate success. This custom adjustable loft is all about having your ball up and fast with accurate precision.



For golfers who want to know whats the best golf driver we recommend the R1 driver from TaylorMade, a model designed to enhance control during every moment of the golfing experience.

Designed with unique shot-shaping movable head this driver provides a straight flight and also enhanced distance draw.

Due to its flexible design the driver offers 7 and 5 upright loft options, set between 8 degrees and 12 degrees, for better launch angles during shots.

Features the exclusive Inverted Cone technology, embedded in the inner side of the head for heightened ball speed.



Does not come with a protective head cover (sold separately).

During hits it can be a bit loud which some golfers don’t appreciate.


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Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme


One of the best golf drivers 2016, this one comes to bring perfect maneuverability. Designed from light weight and titanium strong materials, this driver will have your ball fast on the right track with no surprise hold back moments. Going the extra mile has never been more of a real promise. Just 13 grams of weight will have you take on the perfect angle for getting to the best trajectory. Once you get this wonderful golf driver in your hand, it will improve your technique and give you great accuracy.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on golf driver, the RAZR Fit Xtreme driver from Callaway incorporates the exclusive Optic Fit technology which permits golfers to set the optimal position during hits.

The driver offers innovative Shot Shaping options and broader trajectory patterns, for a heightened control over face angle possibilities and terrain impediments.

Features Speed Frame Face technology which is mainly a smart mix between Hyperbolic face technology and VFT.

Due to the 13.1 grams weight the driver has a low center of gravity and permits golfers to draw ball flights.



Some players consider the driver to be a bit noisy.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($209)




TaylorMade SLDR Golf


All classic models will come among the best golf drivers 2020. Fast ball speed and low spin for are core elements for bringing your ball on high speed track. Slide this driver over your ball and be amazed how much distance it will cover. The game will set you your super power golfing abilities. Practice makes perfect so give your techniques precise flow and high speed as this driver will be your ace from the sleeve for winning the game.



Present among this year’s top ten golf driver models in 2020, the SLDR from TaylorMade has a modern shape with stylish charcoal-gray crown which looks great on any golf course.

Features the exclusive Low Forward CG+ system which enhances launch, low spin and ball speed, thus helping golfers achieve amazing distances with each ball.

Incorporates the adjustable SLDR sliding weight that can add up to 30 yards during fairway or even off tee shots.

As the best rated product from TaylorMade this golf driver includes Loft-sleeve technology which allows golfers to adjust the loft.



The included head cover is not made of durable materials but for a limited period of time it works.

Takes a bit of time to get used to the sound emitted during shots.


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TaylorMade RocketBallz Bonded


Research as much as you wish, not even physic scientists couldn’t get this driver’s wonderful aerodynamic technique. Have perfect shots and great balance, this angle focused drives enhances speed and precision for giving you the ultimate self-esteem feeling. Why not handle the game like a pro and get a driver that will work along with you and not against you. Stay confident that off-center hits will have your game take on the best possible outcome whilst titanium force fabric will not have your ball for apart.



There are thousands of golfers trying to figure out which product is the best from the many drivers out there and for them we recommend the Rocktballz driver from TaylorMade

Designed with lightweight shaft and solid grip, this driver enhances the golfer’s capacity to swing faster and hit the ball with more force.

Features the exclusive Inverted Cone clubface technology that promotes more ball speed and higher trajectory during each hit made.

The club head is aerodynamic which reduces drag and improves head speed for longer and more accurate shots.



Does not come equipped with the customizable FCT technology.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($199)




Cleveland Golf Classic XL


Golfing never looked more appealing! This large and deep driver has your hits fit perfectly on the tee. This driver brings a whole new meaning to light weight materials that deliver titanium strong shots that hit for the stars. Not the worry about the low spinning. Perfectly designed to keep good track of the ball, this driver is the perfect choice for having you getting your game to the next level. Keep the classical golf feeling upgraded with enhanced boosting technology.



Regarded by many skilled golfers as an amazing product for Christmas, the Classic XL driver from Cleveland Golf offers players the chance to deliver accurate shots with less effort.

It comes equipped with a large and deep driver face which provides more efficiency and hitting area on the tee.

Features a pretty unique face thickness technology that delivers rapid ball speed on and off center hits, thus improving forgiveness levels.

This classic driver is fitted with the exclusive Miyazaki shaft that produces clean mid-high trajectory and faster speeds.



According to some users the adjustability settings take some time to fully comprehend but in the end they can change a person’s game.


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TEC Plus 460 cc


1.TEC Plus 460 ccThe TEC Plus 460 cc is among the most affordable units in the line, but that’s not the only reason you might be interested in prospecting the model. The fact of the matter is that it’s one of the most versatile products we’ve come across, as it speaks to the needs of both beginners and advanced players. What makes it stand aside from its competitors is the coefficient of restitution that it comes with. Actually, the model has been specially designed with the biggest sweet spot there is, so that it allows users to enjoy a precise hit even when they’ve failed to strike the center of the face. On this account, the TEC Plus 460 cc is very forgiving and does wonders both for young people and for seniors.



Some of the people who have reviewed the product claim it offers excellent value for the price, as it is worth every penny.

The TEC Plus 460 cc is very forgiving, as it features a strong graphite shaft and a titanium matrix construction.

The model has a solid grip and a shaft that’s lightweight enough to be conveniently maneuvered by any type of user, regardless of his or her expertise.



It seems that the shaft of this model is too flexible for some golf players.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($32.76)




Learn how to select the best golf drivers


You would be surprised by how many golfers are playing with drivers that are not accommodating to their game; either the driver does not have sufficient loft or it is too long for their swing. Some people equate cheap golf drivers with poor quality and vice versa, when that is not always the case. In fact, expensive drivers may not improve your game at all. We have created this guide to help you navigate the tricky world of driver selection so you can ask for that perfect club for Christmas.

When you are choosing a driver, you want to select one that gives you the correct level of loft for your game. Many golfers automatically believe that distance comes with a driver that gives a low loft; but to be honest it is quite the opposite. Let’s say if your swing clocks in over 90 miles per hour and the ball goes a far distance—your driver should have a 12-degree loft because this will create little backspin. Adversely, if your swing clocks in lower than 90 miles per hour, you will want a higher loft to create more backspin.

Depending on how you hit the ball on the tee, you will want a driver whose trajectory is right for your playing style. New golf drivers that have a high trajectory rating is best suited for players who tend to hit the ball low while it is on the tee, whereas if you hit the ball higher up, you will want a lower trajectory rating. Just keep in mind that the loft is not the same as trajectory. For example, you may use a driver with a 12-degree loft with the center of gravity aligned more toward the front; the driver could perform more like a 10-degree loft.

For players who tend to miss the sweet spot, the most popular drivers are ones with a high forgiveness rating. You can turn to the top ten golf driver manufacturers for this information, whether it is on the product description on the website or in the information that comes with the club. A good rule of thumb is to go with a driver that has a large head to ensure they have optimal control over the club itself.

As we mentioned before, many golfers play with a driver that is longer than necessary. This is because golf club manufacturers make “off the rack” drivers an inch to two longer than what most professionals choose—which is 44.5” in length. While there is no direct link between the lengths of the driver to the distance of your tee shots, you do want to be left wondering what’s the best golf driver that will allow the center of your club to connect with the ball.

When you figure out which club is best suited to your game, you can leave little hints to your loved ones by circling the Black Friday deals your sporting good shop may be running.


Things to consider:

  • Match your loft with your swing speed: low speed needs a higher loft, high speed needs low loft.
  • Trajectory does not equate to loft; hitting the ball low requires high trajectory and vice versa.
  • If you frequently miss the sweet spot, opt for a driver with a high forgiveness rating.
  • Make sure the driver is a comfortable length and the center connects with the ball consistently.