Top Rated Golf Driver Reviews


Golf equipment is known to be high tech, and with so many fancy technologies used for making better and better golf clubs, there is no wonder that the casual – and sometimes even the more seasoned – golfer feels at a loss. In this buying guide, we will focus on giving you the best guidelines for picking up the best golf driver for your needs. We also suggest to read as many best golf driver reviews as possible, since getting more information on the subject can save you a great deal of time and money.


Head size

The head size is very important when it comes to choosing your driver. A larger head size, as it is common in most models, helps build inertia and when you hit the ball you can make it travel further. However, accuracy is not the strongest point of a large head for your club. Actually, more experienced players prefer going for smaller head size on their driver, because of the higher accuracy provided for their shots on the golf course.


Head shape

The best golf driver reviews you can read online seem to be biased towards square shaped heads for drivers. And they have every reason to do so. A square head shape creates balance, and, when you hit the ball, the head will have no tendency to twist, therefore keeping your shot as accurate as possible. Momentum is not lost, either, which is a great plus.


Shaft length

There is quite a debate among golfers about shaft length, so here is a small tip from pro players. A longer shaft makes it difficult for golfers to hit the ball squarely and momentum can be lost, as a result. In simple words, shorter is better, and you should consider buying a driver with a shorter shaft so you can land shots like a pro.


Adjustable or non-adjustable?

Adjustability seems to be a great feature, since you can create your ideal driver. But the truth is many golfers just adjust their drivers once and leave them like that. In other words, adjustability may be the kind of add-on you may not want to spend money on.


What Are the Best Golf Drivers in 2018?


Achieving the perfect swing is essential for any golfer, beginner, advanced or even pro. We decided to create a list containing the best golf drivers 2018, in order to make your choice easier. All the models included below enjoy raving positive feedback from golfers and critics alike.



Cobra Men’s Bio Cell


1.Cobra Men's Bio Cell Golf DriverThe Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver is, hands down, the best golf driver 2018 you can purchase from the market at the moment. Cutting edge technologies are employed on this piece of golf equipment, whose main goal is to create the best conditions for you to land the perfect shot.

First of all, this driver comes equipped with the MyFly8 Technology which allows you to fiddle with the loft settings as you see fit. This may come in handy, especially if you are already fed up with drivers that do not seem to get the loft just right for your swing. The fun part is that you can also adjust the loft to face new challenges, like dramatic weather conditions and difficult ground situations.

Hitting your ball should be flawless for that elusive perfect shot you are aiming for. This is exactly what the Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Golf Driver delivers, through its SmartPad Technology that helps you hit the ball squarely, regardless of the driver’s loft.

For longer, straighter swings, you will hardly find another golf driver that creates the best opportunities like this piece of engineering. Most top rated golf drivers reviews place this model on top of every other, because of its incredible performance.

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TaylorMade SLDR White


2.TaylorMade SLDR White DriverThis is a driver that will take you the distance. Gaining the best momentum is a breeze when you walk down the course equipped with the TaylorMade SLDR White Driver. Once hit, the ball will achieve incredible speed and everyone will have their eyes glued to the perfect trajectory that the small ball will draw through the air.

As expected from one of the best golf drivers 2018, this model also has plenty of technology employed. The SLDR sliding weight creates great opportunities for the golfer who knows what they want. Allowing 30 yards of shot adjustment, this feature puts you in control for real. And this is not all. The loft is also adjustable so you can modify it as you see fit.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the white color of this driver. Why is this aspect important? According to experts, drivers with white heads are more visible on the grass, so your eyes will not play tricks on you, exactly when you want to exercise your perfect swing.

The model comes with some nice add-ons, like a head cover and a torque wrench so you can work on adjustments as you wish.

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TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix


3.TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men'sThe third pick on our list is the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s. This driver is the epitome of efficiency, as it comes with the maximum C.O.R. possible. C.O.R. stands for coefficient of restitution and expresses how energy, transferred to the club by your swing, influences the speed of the ball. If you want to achieve incredible speeds, this is the best golf driver 2018 you can buy right now.

Made of durable materials, the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s is a veritable piece of technology. The shaft is made of graphite, providing just the right stiffness for landing great shots. The titanium construction reminds of rocket technology, and the overall performance of this driver is, indeed, out of this world.

Achieving long and fast ball flight is perfectly doable when using this driver. Especially if you are not a pro golfer, you will find this model to be really forgiving, which is why it can be used by amateurs with great success.

What happens when you use the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s is that you do not have to worry if you don’t manage to hit the ball square in the center. Even side balls will still remain precise, helping you enjoy the game.

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