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The best golf clubs 2020 displays sometimes fail to do justice to the wide range of choices that golf aficionados really have. Beginners may seem to have a harder time picking out their golf clubs, but so do individuals who’ve been playing the game for long. A set of golf clubs usually consists of wedges, a driver and a putter, irons and woods. Before buying your golf clubs, you must first determine your handicap and playing level. There can be up to 14 clubs in your golf clubs set. Knowing what you can and cannot use will help you get the appropriate set. Here are what the many golf enthusiasts we have interviewed consider the best choices.


Whare are the most popular golf clubs – Professional buying advice


10Many golfers take their game seriously and they put a lot of thought into their golf clubs. This is why you should be well informed of what to look for when choosing any new golf clubs as a gift for Christmas. We have created this guide to help you understand the intricacies that goes into choosing the right club, either for yourself or for someone who loves to play—or who are simply interested in learning the game.

Before you even begin thinking about going to the stores, you want to evaluate how serious you are about your game. If you are going to be a casual golfer that uses golf as a way to spend some time off, then you are not going to be too concerned about what clubs you play with; however, if you want to make golf a legitimate hobby, then you may want to pay attention.

Let us be honest for a moment. Golf clubs can be expensive, but that does not mean that you cannot find affordable clubs that will enhance your game. If you are unsure of your dedication to the game, you can find cheap golf clubs that are still in good condition.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No of pieces Price Hand Orientation Shaft Our Rating Where to buy

Pinemeadow PRE Men’s

16 pc $$$ Right Graphite A+ AMAZON

Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra-Complete

14 pc $$ Right Graphite A AMAZON

Pinemeadow 11600-PARENT Men’s PGX

9 pc $$ Right Graphite B+ AMAZON

Callaway Strata Men’s Complete

13 pc $$ Right Steel/Graphite B AMAZON

Callaway Strata Plus Men’s

18 pc $$$$ Right Graphite C+ AMAZON


When you are choosing your clubs, you will have to decide between steel and graphite. Steel is more durable and less expensive, but it is heavier and can slow down your swing speed considerably when compared to graphite. Men tend to be able to handle the extra weight of a steel club, whereas women and seniors may prefer graphite with a little bit of flex. There are five different flex ranges for the shaft of the club. The bendability of the club will help determine the ball’s speed once it has been hit.

Your club’s head can range from standard, midsize, and oversized. The larger the head the more forgiving your club will be. If you tend to miss the ball often, you would benefit from an oversized club head—at least until you are able to connect with the ball each time you swing. You will want to choose a head that is made from steel or titanium, or even a combination of the two materials. Steel tends to add weight to the club and can greatly alter your swing. Titanium will be lighter, but more expensive. Because the titanium will be lighter, the head tends to offer a larger surface area, making it easier to hit the ball.

The very best way you can choose your first set of clubs is to have them professionally fitted. This means that you are measured by a golf professional and they can set you up with the right set of clubs for you. You will be less likely to choose a set that is not suitable for your height or playing style.

You can take advantage of the Black Friday deals that your local sporting goods store may have to help you choose which golf clubs are the best for your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Are you a serious golfer or are you just dabbling in the game? If you are uncertain of your level of commitment, perhaps you may want to try used clubs, rather than new.
  • Keep your budget in mind, because clubs can get expensive.
  • Decide if you want steel or graphite shafts. Graphite tend to be more flexible and help you swing faster.
  • What kind of club head do you want? Titanium is lighter and more forgiving because it usually wider, thus giving you more surface area to strike the ball.
  • When in doubt, get fitted for clubs by a professional.



Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Golf Set


Play golf with confidence using what the many golf club reviews 2020 have made their number one choice: the PRE Men’s 16-Piece Golf Set from Pinemeadow. The 10.5-degree titanium-enhanced driver has a graphite shaft that allows you to do controlled launch. This tool lets you achieve maximum  distance and shooting power. The hybrid and fairway wood are perfect in completing middle distances. The top quality steel shaft and 21-degree head of the hybrid lets you do any level of hitting thanks to its high degree of versatility. Execute better shots whether from the rough or the fairway with the wood. The stainless steel irons give you better feel and response on the field while the putter lets you set the ball up nicely.



Placed among the current top 10 golf clubs in the U.S., the Golf PRE complete golf set from Pinemeadow Golf includes everything a golfer might need to play

The golf set comes equipped with the following clubs: 10.5 degree driver, 3 fairway wood, 3 21 degree hybrid, irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9), putter and also a durable stand bag

The stainless steel irons are a fan favourite, being used by players in complex moments of the game

Features a unique hybrid, which is made of premium steel shaft and a special head cover for maximum control over the ball during swings



The stand bag is made of a slightly abrasive material which can catch on clothing

Designed only for right handed players


Buy from for ($248.41)





Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra-Complete Golf Set


This 14-piece package from Wilson Sporting Goods contains everything you’ll ever need from tee-off to the green. It includes: a driver, hybrid, putter, fairway wood, 5-PW, bag and head covers. Golf is really about distance, and the clubs in this set help you improve your performance on the field and unleash your golf prowess. You will surely love going the distance with this set of golf clubs with components that empower you to hit the ball with greater accuracy and distance. The durable backpack style lets you fit all that you will need   while on the field thanks to plenty storage pockets. You can easily align the ball and perform precise putting with the high MOI putter.



As the highest rated golf clubs from Wilson Sporting Goods, the Ultra complete golf set contains 14 pieces, essential to the normal development of a golf game

It includes a driver, hybrid, putter, fairway wood, head covers, 5-PW and bag which are easy to use during games

Designed for early, intermediate and advanced players, this golf set will enhance the player’s capacity to swing and implicitly get more balls in holes

The irons are made of stainless steel while the MOI putter is very easy to align for a proper hitting position



The bag can maintain the golf clubs in their place but some condemn its lack of solid standing legs


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Pinemeadow 11600-PARENT Men’s PGX Golf Set


You can finally get to enjoy what many golf club reviews 2020 writers have lauded. The Pinemeadow 11600-PARENT Men’s PGX Golf Set has a 460cc driver that lets you execute accurate and high-flying shots with full confidence and ease. A 3 Wood and hybrid allow you to manage those mid-field shots with pride. The hybrid, fairway wood  and driver are given a white finish so they are always visible to you as you assume the address stance. The irons are given an oversized wide sole to enable maximum launch and spin.



For there are many golfers that want to find who makes the best product, we recommend a great product from Pinemeadow, the Golf Men’s PGX which already delights thousands of American players

This high quality golf set contains the following pieces: 5-PW irons, 3 wood, hybrid, 460cc driver and head covers for each club

The driver, hybrid and fairway wood present a sleek white finish which makes them visible during each swing

The irons come with an oversized wide sole that enhances the player’s spin and swing force, thus ensuring heightened accuracy



Does not come with a carrying bag (optional accessory sold separately)

The driver sometimes might offer a “feel-free” sensation due to the graphite head


Buy from for ($176.99)




Callaway Strata Men’s 13-Piece Complete Golf Set


Best Golf Clubs 2020More than any other best golf clubs 2020 set that you can buy, the Callaway Strata Men’s Golf Set can make the difference when it comes to style and performance from tee to green. The 460cc forged driver with head cover helps you send that ball literally roaring off the tee. The two hybrids (5H and 4H) can replace long irons for you to flawlessly execute a range of shots. Use the Fairway Wood #3 when you want to do high-flying and long shots. The Irons 6-PW gives you greater control over your shots. The putter provides better accuracy for you.



Present among the Black Friday deals on golf clubs, the Callaway complete golf set from Strata represents a great addition to golfers that want to significantly enhance the quality of their game

Each club from the set is designed to offer maximum golfing performance, helping golfers reach their full potential on the course

This affordable product contains the following clubs: 460cc forged driver, 2 hybrids, fairway wood, putter and five high quality irons

The driver comes with a large sweet spot which permits players to add more forgiveness while ripping balls off the tee



The golf bag does not come with internal pockets

The driver might dent if used for more aggressive hits


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Callaway Strata Plus Men’s Golf Set


Providing you a superb blend of distance and hitting power, the Callaway Strata Plus Men’s Golf Set has all the elements of a complete golf clubs set. In the package are two fairway woods, a putter, six irons, a driver, and two hybrids. The460cc driver has a graphite shaft so you can send the ball flying from the tee. The fairway woods (#3 and #5) let you enjoy faster swing momentum and long shots. The hybrids work as well as any long iron to deliver difficult and easy midfield shots. The irons (SW and 6-PW) give you greater control on your shots. The putter is designed for better aiming and shooting accuracy.



Regarded by thousands of professional and amateur players as a great product for Christmas the Callaway complete golf set from Strata is without a doubt a chance to improve existing golf skills

This professional set reunites golf clubs that can cover distance and forgiveness during various moments of the game

The set contains 2 fairway woods, 6 irons, putter, 2 hybrids and a 460cc driver, ideal to offer rapid and powerful swing speeds with better control over the ball

Each golf club is designed to add consistency to the game and in the process help layers swing easier



Even though the bag has plenty of storage for the clubs it does not come with a valuables pocket


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