If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best golf club set money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of info about the best golf club sets that are available for sale nowadays; we’ve done so by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, the value offered for the price, as well as what several expert review sites had to say about these units. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the Callaway Strata is the best as it offers more than enough performance and can do wonders if what you’re looking to get is a set that helps you improve your game. What’s more, the Strata is a good choice both for beginners and expert golfers. Besides, a stand bag is provided in the Strata pack which might come in handy if you want all your golfing equipment to remain safely in one place. If the Callaway Strata is unavailable, you ought to have a look at the second best available option, the Wilson Profile HL.



Comparison Table


Product review Shaft Material Price Flex type No. of pieces Our Rating Where to buy

Wilson Profile HL

Graphite/Steel $$$$ Uniflex 15 pieces A+ AMAZON

Palm Springs Golf Visa

Graphite $$$ Regular 11 pieces A AMAZON

ProSimmon Golf X9

Graphite $$$ Stiff 11 pieces B+ AMAZON

Callaway Strata

Graphite $$ Light 13 pieces B AMAZON

Nextt Golf Pro Score N Elite

Graphite/Wood $$$ Regular 17 pieces B AMAZON



A buying guide


Whether you are buying your first golf club set or you are upgrading to one of the best rated golf club sets, you want to make sure that you aren’t getting some cheap set that will hinder your game. In fact, there are several components that you should keep in mind when choosing which golf club set is the best for you.

Golf club sets come in a variety of different packages and as you go through your golfing experience, you will probably use several different types of sets. Here are some factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the best rated golf club sets.


Stick to a Budget

It can be very easy to spend a lot of money on a new golf club set. By keeping in mind how much you are willing to spend, you are narrowing down your options and (hopefully) making the decision easier. The budget will dictate if you are purchasing new or used, the type of material your club is made from, and even how complete or bare boned your set will be.


Choosing Between New and Used

By choosing a used set, you are more likely to stay under your budget and walk away with a complete set of clubs. Also, by choosing used, you won’t feel quite as bad for purchasing the clubs and then they sit in a closet for months before you use them again. However, with a new set, you get that pristine joy of holding shiny new clubs that you chose and got to break in yourself.


Understanding Your Options

The shaft of your club can be a deciding factor when it comes to how well you perform on the green. Graphite is a lighter material that can help boost your speed while steel is a cheaper option that is more durable. Women and older players may find it beneficial to use graphite shafts because they have a softer flex. Men who are younger or have more upper body strength may prefer regular or stiff shafts.

It can be a challenging task to choose a golf club set that is ideal for you and your needs; however, if you are ever in doubt, it is recommended that you go to a professional have be fitted for the best clubs.



Products for specific needs


Best Golf Club Set for Beginners


Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set with Bag


This 13-piece golf club set is designed to give you maximum performance as soon as you purchase it. The set includes a 460cc forged driver that has a large sweet spot that gives you more forgiveness. You get a #3 Fairway Wood which has an aerodynamic head shape that provides you with the ability to masterfully execute high flying shots. You get two hybrid clubs, 4H and a 5H. These clubs give you confidence to perform a variety of shots whereas the 6-PW Irons offer a combination of forgiveness and control. The putter that is included helps you to line the ball up for that perfect shot while on the green. All of these pieces come together to give you the best golf club set for beginners.


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Best Golf Club Set for Juniors


Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set


This set is designed to give your boy their first taste of the game with their very own club set. The 17.5 degree stainless steel driver features a graphite shaft, which creates a lightweight club that. The 4/5 offset hybrid iron gives you a high loft while the mid and short irons have a low centre of gravity design. The Back-weighted EZ stroke putter uses a milled polymer face insert to increase the control and give you a better feel when you strike the ball. For optimal convenience, the bag features a double strap kickstand to give your bag stability while the rain cover can be used to protect your clubs from weather exposure. This set is one of the best golf club sets for juniors because it gives them everything they need to break into the golf game.


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Best Golf Club Set for the Money


Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set


These graphite clubs are designed to give the player a higher launch to keep the ball in the fairway and the high lofting FW is designed to give the ball more distance while soaring through the air. This set is designed for a petite woman, but do not be mistaken—they are specially engineered to maximise the distance that is a result of a woman’s swinging speed. The set features 15 items such as a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons 5-SW, a putter, a bag with ample storage as well as head covers. There is no denying that this is the best golf club set for the money that you are going to be spending.


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Top rated golf club sets in 2022


Golf is a fine leisure that offers great delight and exercise to many people worldwide. Having the right equipment is vital, though, whether one is professionally playing or just for fun and enhanced playing skills are easily obtained by purchasing a golf club out of the best golf club set reviews.



Wilson Golf Men’s Profile Package set


When professionalism and a uniquely aligned high MOI mallet putter meet then you know you have one of the best golf club models in your hands. In this case the Wilson Golf set comes with both great style and capability to achieve enhanced levels of precision and better swings. It is carefully designed to have an elegant mat finish and lightweight so as to allow users have complete control of the set’s clubs, no matter how experienced they are or not. It is no hidden secret that the best golf club deals have come up with a model that can really become a big ally to all golfers that want to both enjoy and enhance their paying experience.



Engineered by Wilson golf specialists this complete golfing set includes 11 components which improve the overall experience on the golf course

As the best beginner golf club set 2022 this product gives golfers the chance to use high quality driver, hybrid, fairway wood, 5-PW and also a reliable putter

The golfing set features the exclusive high MOI (moment of inertia) putter which significantly improves golfing performance with each swing

Features a powerful fairway club for long distances and also powerful hybrids that help people hit longer and easier than ever




The golfing carrying case should’ve included more compartments but the price is just right, quite a bargain actually



I bought the Wilson Golf Men’s Profile Package set on Black Friday . This is the best choice I could have made for they money I paid because of the lightweight and high durability clubs. I am pleased with this product so far and I’m glad I bought it for an affordable price .”  Stanley Chen



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Palm Springs Golf Visa Men’s graphite and steel hybrid


Palm Springs golf club model is a top-rated product that deserves a spot in the highest places of the best golf club set reviews. Its efficiency, elegance and durability are some of the qualities that make it a unique and reliable product that is fully capable of delivering a high ball flight that can make a difference, due to its rear weight that is designed in a way that lowers the gravity centre helping users achieve the best of higher flights. It comes with a 460cc-head titanium matrix driver and a heavy-duty loft of 10.5 degrees. In addition, its 15-degree 3- wood design is a feature that allows users feel more confident while performing a swing flight.



Made by skilled Palm Springs engineers this high quality golf club set includes 6 irons, 2 woods, putter and also 2 hybrids which anyone can use in order easily get a hole in one with lesser try outs

The golf club set comes equipped with a high quality and spacious stand bag which golfers can use in order to easily transport clubs around the course

Each golf club comes with specially designed heads which offer heightened flexibility and mobility during each game

Besides being a great investment for beginners this golf club set contains lightweight clubs that are easy to manoeuvre



Does not include a sand wedge (this golfing accessory is sold separately)


The Palm Springs golf Visa Men’s graphite and steel hybrid club set and stand bag is a reliable and trustworthy golf set. I bought this set in the best affordable price. The set is capable of giving me the best shot and ball landing which let me win the game.”  James Davis



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Pinemeadow PRE Men’s


1.Pinemeadow PRE Men's 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

If you intend to spend your money wisely and manage to get a golf club that’s worth the effort over time, perhaps it’s high time you gave a chance to the Pinemeadow PRE. This set is composed of sixteen unique golf pieces that can help you achieve your golfing goals. Besides, the pack includes a self-standing bag that can assist you whenever you’re trying to keep all your equipment handy and in a safe place while you’re on the course. Additionally, the price of this alternative isn’t too high, given that it usually costs significantly less than Callaway products.



The Pinemeadow PRE Men’s is one of the best options under three hundred dollars.

The golf set is composed of sixteen pieces.

A full range of irons constructed out of stainless steel is also included in the offer, which features a wide cavity back design and a reasonably sized sweet spot that can help you with your golfing performance.

Since the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s offers just the right value for an incredible price, it’s no wonder that it has been praised by over two hundred buyers, who claim that they couldn’t be happier with their choice.



Few buyers underline that this set might be less suited for experts.



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Wilson Men’s WGGC2700L


2.Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

If you’ve been tossing and turning about getting your first golf but don’t find that you’re ready to break the bank, the Wilson alternative can satisfy your needs. From what we have gathered, this model usually costs less than two hundred dollars, and Amazon buyers might even be as lucky as get it for less than one hundred sixty. However, a low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, given that the owner feedback regarding the performance of the Wilson Men’s set is favorable, with many individuals speaking highly of its capabilities.



It can be used by men whose height is up to 6’2”, which gives a lot of freedom to prospective buyers.

The Wilson Men’s set seems to have been designed with beginners in mind, given that it has all the features one may need to up one’s game performance.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one comes with a complimentary self-standing bag that you may want to use to store all your golfing gears when you’re out and about.

Most buyers report that the clubs are constructed using high-quality materials which can be noticed both by simply glancing at the product and by observing the way it performs on the course.



It might be less suited for expert golfers.



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Callaway Women’s Strata


3.Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Club Set

This Strata model has been designed for women golfers who’re interested in significantly upgrading their performance, even when they’re playing against male opponents. Virtually everything about this unit makes it one of the best in the line, partly because it has been designed by Callaway, one of the most reputable brands in the industry, and partly because this option lets users take advantage of its forgiving characteristics. The golf club is composed of 11 pieces, including the bag.



Comes with a self-standing bag that can be used on the course, but the main difference that sets it aside from other models is that it’s lightweight and durable and roomy enough to fit all your equipment.

The pieces you’ll be delivered include seven clubs and three headcovers.

Both the drivers and the hybrids are intended to be as forgiving as possible without sacrificing anything in terms of capabilities and versatility.

The unique design of the Strata makes it a sight for sore eyes.



Well-seasoned golf players say that this model is destined for beginners as it doesn’t satisfy the requirements of experts.

The Callaway Strata is significantly more expensive compared to some of the beginning sets we’ve showcased earlier on.



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ProSimmon Golf X9 Tall Club Set


Being considered one of the very best golf club sets this year, the ProSimmon Golf X9 model has more to be proud of. Either you are a casual player that enjoys some spare time with friends or a professional player this model will thrill you, due to its hybrid engineered 4- and 3- that make playing experience with hard long irons history. Innovation hits sky-high with the extra inch that is added to the golf clubs that were created to serve the needs of tall players.  Furthermore, its stylish looks and its 460cc-head titanium matrix graphite shaft driver are more than enough to make it stand out of the rest. What is more, it comes with a durable graphite shaft 3- with 10.5 degrees of fairway that truly ads a new dimension to golf playing.



The best beginner golf club set reviews underline the high quality golfing clubs present in the Golf X9 set, which can boost up the playing performance of newcomers to golf

This set features a durable titanium matrix driver with 460cc club head for more demanding close shots

It includes a 10.5 degree fairway, 3- and 4-hybrids, 5-iron and pitching wedge, golfing instruments which improve the overall golfing accuracy of each shot

This high quality golfing set contains clubs which are safely fitted with preconfigured weight for a great experience on any course

Comes equipped with a high quality cart bag which features a 6-way padded top for enhanced protection



The putter’s paint rubs off after a while

Does not include a sand wedge (sold separately)


I am happy with the ProSimmon Golf X9 Tall +1” Men’s Graphite & Steel Hybrid Club Set + Bag as my gold club set. This one provides me of the best game every time I need to go to tournaments. The set was stylish and can be brought anywhere else because of its light weight. ”  Kerry Pringle


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Voit XP Men’s all graphite golf club set


Best golf club set reviewsAmong the best golf club set reviews lists one can definitely find the all granite Voit XP model as it was designed to bring the best of golfing experience to its users, from early beginners to intermediate ones. It comes embodied with the most advanced technological features that ensure more stability while playing. Coming with a loft of 10.5 degrees and a titanium driver and a 460cc USGA-maximum head it elevated golfing games to higher levels. Moreover, this product makes all mid-ranged distances look like a piece of cake thanks to its hybrid full iron XP 240 degree set.



Designed for beginners and intermediate players this high quality all-graphite club set contains carefully designed golf clubs which add stability on the golf course during each swing

The golf club set features a titanium driver with USGA 460cc head which offers superior forgiveness off the tee for pretty astonishing results

The set includes titanium 3 wood, putter, XP 24-degree hybrid, 5 iron and pitching wedge that players can use during various moments of the game

Features a spacious stand bag with 96-way padded top and also 4 full-length dividers for proper storage



The driver’s paint wears off after 3 or 4 months of use

The putter takes time to properly play with but it does get the job done


I bought this golf club set for my son for under $80 on Xmas. He was overjoyed when he saw it and he plays with it whenever he gets the chance. All the clubs look sturdy and if your child likes playing gold I would suggest getting this set.”  Debra  Gilmour




Tiger Shark Hammerhead Men Package Golf Set – Not Available


One of the most appreciated golf club sets is the Tiger Shark model that seems to be so thoroughly designed that players practically feel they have been given the finest set of all.  Coming with professionalism and faster swing speeds it is a highly appreciated helping hand for all golf enthusiasts. Additionally, it achieves greater distance flights and field depth, as it is an ideal combination of cavity back and hybrid long irons of High CG. When it comes to swing stabilization, the Tiger Shark model has predicted to include a white crafter tiger shark putter with ultra tac technology that ensure exactly that.

I have played the  Tiger Shark Hammerhead set for almost 2 years. I have found it to be one of the most reliable golf sets and based on its performance, I regard it as one of the top 10 golf club sets..”  Glen Powell




How to choose a golf club set – What to look for


Many novice golf players are faced with a tough predicament when they have to choose a golf club set because they lack the experience or knowledge to make such a difficult choice. Luckily, this can be resolved, if you pay attention to some simple aspects. The best club set in 2022 won’t be that hard to obtain once you know which features to look for. This buying guide will present to you the features which you need to be aware of when investing in a brand new golf club set.

You need to start purchasing more expensive golf equipment when you are managing to play the game regularly. Your golf clubs are your most prized possessions and need to be of high quality. For understanding more about them you shouldn’t be afraid to ask some friends who have more experience than you and read many expert reviews. The golf club customer reports are another valuable source of information in which you will find the opinion of other people, who have tried out that certain club. The best golf club set reviews are worth reading too, because they reveal valuable information which the manufacturers won’t present in their description.

The first piece of information you need to know is that a normal golf set has about 14 clubs and more than 60% or them are irons of different sizes. You have to buy a lot of different pieces, so you should keep in mind, from the start, how often you are playing. Proportionally to the time you spend on the golf course, buy more expensive or cheaper clubs. If you are not going to play very often, buy less expensive clubs and if you plan to hit the golf course every week, then you should buy yourself some more professional clubs. For the second case, never buy a second hand set, because the clubs will most probably not be for your playing style. When it comes to the irons you need to invest in, they have to be perimeter weighed, plus they have to be cavity-backed. When buying drivers, don’t opt for less loft, always go for more, especially if you are an entry-level player.

A club’s head is generally made from cast iron and we recommend that you go for such models if you are a novice because they are precise and won’t cost too much either. Now if you want to go for titanium heads, know that these clubs are quite expensive, but lighter and more durable. For shafts you are faced with 2 choices, the steel ones which are durable and less expensive and the graphite ones which are light but won’t last as much.

These helpful pointers will make the difference when you will complete your golf set. Don’t hesitate to ask other experienced players for advice and read numerous reviews. They will finally make you complete your golf set, to perfectly suit your playing style. All these aspects will finally allow you to surely choose your best golf club set in 2022.


Things to consider:

–          Buy clubs at prices proportionally to how often you are going to play

–          Ask experienced players for tips

–          Read customer reports and reviews about different clubs

–          Get irons with cast iron or titanium heads

–          Irons need to be perimeter weighed and cavity-backed

–          Shafts should only be made out of steel or graphite

–          Drivers should have less loft for beginners