If you’re here just to find the best golf cart and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected a lot of information on the best golf cart on the market by looking at owner feedback and all the expert review sites we could find on various products. This exhaustive research has led us to the best one out of all the products for sale, the Clicgear 3.5+. Made tough to effectively handle your needs on the golf course, this golf cart features aircraft-grade aluminum tubing that ensures a lightweight construction so the unit is easy to handle. Weighing only 18 pounds, this golf cart ensures safety and easy mobility with its positive lock hand brake. The push cart for golf bag is easy to put together and take apart, folding up easily into a compact package for problem-free storage. The push cart configuration lets you go anywhere while saving some energy for you to just focus on the game during the round and also prevents you from getting backaches when playing. If the Clicgear 3.5+ is unavailable, we suggest going for the second best option, the Golf Gifts & Gallery Navigator.



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A golf cart or golf trolley saves time on the golf course and also enables those with limited physical capability to enjoy the sport. It lets you carry your golf essentials without having to carry all the weight on your back and in your hands, so you can just use most of your energy to scoring well and improving your game every time. The best golf bag carts reviews feature popular products that carry the following aspects.

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Power Source

Definitely a lighter and less expensive option than an electric trolley, a push or pull cart for golf bag carrying is powered by good ol’ elbow grease. Typically featuring a three-wheel design, manual trolleys are designed to be pushed, while two-wheel ones are meant to be pulled behind you. Much lighter and more stable to move, three-wheel golf trolleys feature a greater number of accessories such as brakes that slow them down or hold them still so you can focus on your shot.

On the other hand, electric trolleys offer a convenient electronic means of transporting your clubs and golf balls, or your entire golf bag around the course. The battery of your electric golf cart should last for at least one or two rounds on a single charge. Do check out the time the battery will take to recharge as well as its lifespan to make sure you can enjoy cost efficiency. Some electronic trolleys even come with a great many features such as a display screen where you can view the battery life indicator, time and power level. Others feature pedometer and distance measuring features as well.


Golf cart material

When looking into different models of golf bag cart with wheels, you can choose from different kinds of materials that the products are made of. Providing an extremely lightweight construction, aluminum golf trolleys offer easy gliding and handling as you go around the course. Aluminum has a smooth finish that is resistant to corrosion and chipping, but does tend to get dented easily.

Titanium is also lightweight. It is a strong kind of material that makes it extremely suitable for use in golf trolleys. Titanium does cost more than either steel or aluminum. Steel is the heaviest material used in golf trolleys, but ensures durability and strength. When mounted well on stable wheels, steel golf carts will feel lighter to some degree.


Golf cart features

When checking out three-wheel modern golf trolleys, you will want large wheels that work seamlessly with smooth bearings so the cart can glide on the grass without getting caught or stalling on the irregularities of the terrain. The wheels should be air-filled and should not damage the meticulous landscaping of the golf course. Four-wheel push trolleys are available and offer greater stability but are not as widely available as three-wheel units. The higher-end electric trolleys come with a GPS cradle, a USB charging port, a battery meter and a digital LCD color screen, which can jack up the price of the unit significantly.

With push trolleys, speed control is not a problem at all since the user pretty much chooses the pace at which it will go. For electric models, you have a basic on/ off function as well as a preset level of power. Some electric trolleys are equipped with a speed dial that delivers a progressive level of speed that is easy to control.

Some manual units feature a positive lock brake system that ensures safety and easy handling on the turf while ensuring that the trolley slows down easily when you have to go downhill even with the weight of the unit and the golf bag.

Stowamatic Lite Trac Aluminium Golf Pull Cart

Simple assembly, storage and transport

You will want the trolley to fold up easily into one small package when not in use. Some models are designed to fit into the small trunk of a car for easy and convenient transport. Bear in mind that the smaller the trolley folds down to, the more moving parts there are. You want a balance in the number of moving parts and the folded down package to ensure easy take down as well as long term use. Any required assembly should be easy to do, not too complicated to understand the first time and to do every time. Instructions should be concise and easy to understand in the owner’s manual and easy to follow in the actual assembly of the unit.

You can select from the many golf carts on the market to get a suitable trolley that can carry all your golf equipment around the golf course easily. The numerous choices can be overwhelming, but when guided by the buying guide above, you should be able to make your buying journey less stressful.


Things to consider:

  • How much am I willing to spend? The budget will determine many factors like if you are purchasing new or used, gas or electric, and the type of features you can have.
  • Do you want a gas powered cart or an electric cart? A gas cart has more horsepower and can run longer on a full tank, but an electric cart is eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and it runs quieter too.
  • What kind of features do you want? Safety features like roll bars, seatbelts, and speed restrictions should be a no-brainer though.



Top Rated Golf Carts in 2022



Clickgear Model 3.5+


Best golf cart reviewsThe current top golf cart reviews underline the impressive utility of Clickgear Model 3.5+ on any golf course. This high quality 3-wheel push cart is compact and made to last. This model has a large cup holder, great storage space and a precise brake system. This model comes with an exclusive 3 year warranty on the frame and 1 year limited warranty on all the other parts. It weighs only 18 pounds and can be folded for easy storage after the game is over. Model 3.5+ from Clickgear can safely fold to 13 in x 15 in x 24 in, which is ideal for any car’s trunk.


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Golf Gifts & Gallery Navigator


Much simpler than electrical trolleys and still very efficient, this push cart is a three wheeled sports utility cart that is very easy to assemble and secure. It opens and closes with one movement and acts as a heavy duty vehicle to carry the golf bags all around the golf course.

To keep the cargo safe from possible rainfall it has a waterproof compartment and all-terrain locomotion is easy to achieve thanks to its three large wheels. It saves you a lot of trouble and it only takes a fraction of the effort to push it from here to there.


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Stowamatic Lite Trac


1.Stowamatic Lite Trac Aluminium Golf Pull Cart

The Stowamatic Lite Trac easily fits into any bag, so you can use it every time to carry your entire golf bag on the golf course. Designed to prevent backaches by carrying your golf gear in one easy-push cart system, this golf trolley even has a built-in scorecard, golf ball and pencil holder to ensure you always have everything you need so you can just focus on your game and not worry about transporting your equipment from one end of the golf course to another. The sturdy aluminum frame provides enough support and capability to transport your golf gear. The space saving efficient folding design facilitates easy take down and stowing into the trunk of your car and storage after use.


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Bag Boy C3


2.Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart

Built with an oversized storage bag and even an umbrella holder, the Bag Boy C3 comes with every feature you need in an efficient golf cart. This golf trolley comes with a built-in golf ball holder, a smart phone holder and a beverage holder so you can focus on your game and not worry that you have left an important piece of gear behind. You can keep hydrated during the game and stay connected. The one-step handle adjustment system offers golfers of all heights easy handling. This unit folds easily to provide compact storage in just three simple steps. Rolling through the grass is easy thanks to the 11.5-inch rear oversized wheels and 9.5-inch front wheel.


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Bag Boy Quad


When it comes to golf innovation, Bag Boy always answered promptly with its stunning products. This is also the case with the Quad Push cart, a model which seems to impress at first glance. Made of lightweight aluminum frame which is solid enough to handle the weight of any golf set, this cart was a reinforced 4-wheel platform for added stability. Regarded by many as the best golf cart in 2022, Quad Push has a unique 2-step folding system which makes it extremely simple to transport. In addition, due to the oversized wheels golfers will be able to roll the cart on different types of terrains.


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Intech Tri Trac Pull


According to the best golf cart reviews it seems that any serious golfer should take a closer look at Intech Tric Trac 3-wheel model. Designed to help golfers transport their golf bag in style from one hole to the next, this brilliant cart uses a unique 3-wheel system to easily carry any type of golf equipment. This golf cart uses dual-strut reinforced wheels with special anti-slide treads which allow golfers to use it anywhere. It also comes with nylon bag straps and precise snap-lock buckles which securely keeps the golf bag in line. The model also includes an adjustable handle for easy manoeuvring around obstacles.


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CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe


Thousands of American golfers are now on the market for the best golf cart in 2022. Well, more serious players can safely opt for CaddyTek SuperLite deluxe cart. This advanced 3 wheel push cart is fairly easy to use on any golf course. It comes equipped with a wide range of features which makes it a great addition to any golfer. The model includes an umbrella holder, front wheel alignment mechanism and precise foot brake! As so many customers pointed out, this model from CaddyTek is versatile and capable of running smoothly on any type of terrain with no problems whatsoever.


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Orlimar EZ Roll 12.0


Searching for a high quality push cart may take some time given the multitude of options in 2022. Still, some products stand out with their solid construction and innovative golfing functions. One model which impressed thousands of players comes from Orlimar, the EZ Roll 12.0 push cart. This cart was constructed with durable aluminum frame that can hold different types of golfing equipment. The push cart also includes a fully adjustable handle which enables golfers to push easier. It contains a waterproof scorecard holder and an interior compartment which can accommodate with ease smaller and more precious items like keys, wallets or cell phones.


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