Top rated Golf ball retrievers in 2018


Americans love their golfing sessions! So, we are not surprised to see them search for proper golfing accessories. Recent statistics pointed out that more and more pro and amateur golfers are currently searching for golf ball retrievers. Since there are so many ball retrievers available on the market we decided to help you find the best one. After studying over 50 products for one week straight, we managed to draft the best golf ball retriever reviews. So, you can read our reviews on five major products, which responded very well during a wide range of golfing tests on different types of balls.


I Gotcha ExecXL Golf Ball Retriever


Best Golf ball retriever reviewsA professional ball retriever can help golfers get their balls from their golfing bag or any other places faster than ever. There are many golf ball retrievers available on the market which can improve your golfing actions. So, if you want a reliable product in your golfing gear, choose without reservations I Gotcha ExecXL. This high quality golf ball retriever comes with a strong telescopic shaft which allows you to get the balls faster than ever. It has 14 foot reach and weighs only 12oz. Furthermore it is good to know that the golf ball retriever can retract to 20 inches, for fast storage.

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IZZO Golf Callaway Ultra Lite Retriever


Most of the best golf ball retriever reviews underline the efficiency of IZZO Golf Callaway Ultra. You probably looked at a lot of ball retrievers and trust us; you won’t find any other better than this model from IZZO. It is lightweight and can be retracted to 18 1/2” which means it will fit in a side pocket. Regarded as a short retriever, the model can help retrieve any ball fast and without any problems. You can also extend it by up to 9” for easy access. Furthermore it comes with a patented head design which makes it quite easy for you to scoop up a ball.

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ProActive Fluorescent Head Retriever


Are you looking for the best golf ball retriever in 2018? If you are, then consider investing in ProActive Fluorescent Head retriever. If you want a high quality retriever that can help out in scooping balls, this particular model is more than efficient. It is a great golf tool and at an impressive low price. The golf ball retriever has just the right length in order to pick up balls. Now, you should know that the retriever can fit well in any golf bag. Furthermore you can use it in order to retrieve balls from woods, bushes and water as well.

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IZZO Golf Callaway Retriever


Finding a top golf ball retriever in 2018 can be pretty hard without consulting proper information. Today’s market is teeming with a lot of products and reducing the list may prove to be more than a challenge. We recommend that you take a closer look on IZZO Golf Callaway retriever. Very popular in the U.S. and Canada alike this model is a great addition to any golfer. It works and feels right! You can use the ball retriever in order to safely scoop balls from woods, water and ponds. The retriever is strong and easily blends in any golfing bag.

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Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Retriever


It is important to have in your golf bag a reliable golf ball retriever capable of helping you out around the court. One of the best golf ball retriever in 2018 comes from Orlimar, 15-Foot Fluorescent head retriever. This powerful device comes with a solid telescopic handle which can be extended by up to 15 feet. You should know that the grip is fairly comfortable, letting you grasp with ease any ball. The retriever has a durable construction which helps you pick up balls from even the hardest of terrains and places. It securely traps the ball and won’t drop it!

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