Top gifts for 1 year old boys in 2018


Kids are found of playing and babies under age 1 don’t have much option to play with. It is very difficult to select any gift for these toddlers because they don’t do much. Some best toys for 1 year old kids under $20 are given below that can be the finest gift you have ever given to them.


Munchkin Fun Teether


Best gift for 1 year old boyTeethers are made to soothe the pain of coming teeth of the baby which is a painful process and this product is made as remedy of this aching procedure. Its soft body is easy for baby to chew under their gums. To make it more attractive, it is made with the eye-catching color combination. It is design in a shape which makes it easy for your baby to hold it in their short hands. Putting it in freezer or in refrigerator will cool down its inside gel which make chewing process more fun for your little one.

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“When the theeth come out for a baby that is the most painful moment and this is a good time for a parent to buy a teether. This is what I have done for my little boy, getting him this Munchkin Fun. He chews on it as much as he can and that takes a bit of the pain away.” – Jenny Clarkson


Vulli Giraffe Teether


This product is perfect friend for your growing baby. It is the best gift for 1 year old boy. Its long body parts make it easy for the infant to grab it, which makes it trouble-free for child to play and chew it at a time. Children attract towards bright colors; so it is made in a way which always keeps baby attention towards it. It is completely prepared with the rubber and has many parts like horns, legs or face, which makes it more effortlessly chewable.

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“My baby can’t go anywhere without the Vulli Giraffe teether because her teeth are just coming out and she is probably in a lot of pain. If I don’t take this giraffe with me than she cries all the time so it must help her soothe the pain.” – Helene Doyle


Cloud B Constellation Light


If your child is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep with the fear, then you should buy this product. It is perfect gift for every age group children who are afraid of the dark. It illuminates the star light on the walls and ceiling of the room, which makes the darkness disappear and fill the room with colors. It automatically closes down after 45 minutes, which is approximate time for adolescent to sleep. AAA batteries are used in it. This product completely calms the environment of the room which helps your children in getting their good night sleep.

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“My daughter loves her Cloud B Constellation Light  because it helps her go quietly to sleep. I don’t have to worry about closing it, because it will automatically shut off after 45 minutes of continuous operation. The results of this toy have really pleased me.” – Margery Smith


Lamaze Musical Inchworm


Whether you are travelling or at home, this product is most excellent for your little one. Its design is kids’ friendly, which makes it save for your baby to play with. It helps sharpening the senses of your baby. Its attractive colors make it attention-grabbing for babies. Different kind of sound producing feature makes it easy for your kid to understand the different sounds in their surroundings. To make it effortlessly grabbing for infants, it is soft in nature and has easy gripping.

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“The Lamaze Musical Inchworm is one of my baby`s favorite toys. I bought it because it had all the features which would appeal to my baby, it was brightly colored, did some fun noises and most of all it was safe, because it was very soft.” – Christina Williams


Sassy Tail Fish Teether


Kids love to take everything in mouth when their teeth are coming out. By chewing stuff it ease them with aching. In this case, they take everything in mouth which might be unhygienic for them and may cause diseases. To avoid such things, this product is best gift for 1 year old boy. It is completely safe to use it. It is filled with water so when your infant chew it between their teeth, it gives them soothing effect from the ache causing by the soreness of teeth. It can be kept in refrigerator or freezer.

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“Thank God I got this teether for my little boy because he was in so much pain, crying almost all the time. Now with the Sassy Tail Fish teether he is more calm and chews on it every time he gets the chance so it eases his pain.” – Jane Logan