Top rated outdoor grills from George Foreman


Some of the best portable grills under $75 will be identified in the rest of this article. These are all manufactured by George Foreman, which is being considered by the many as one of the best brands in the market. However, some of the models are more expensive, which is also compensated by being better in terms of quality.


George Foreman GGR50 Electric Outdoor Grill


Best George Foreman Outdoor Grill Reviews This round electric grill has a total of 106 inches of cooking area. The patented design of this grill is perhaps one of the things that set it apart from the products that are offered by other manufacturers. It has a sloped grill, making it possible for the fat to be removed effectively. Another good thing about this product is the non-stick coating of the unit. This is helpful not only in terms of being able to extend its functional life, but also in preventing the need to use oil.

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“Barbecued meat is cooked exactly how I want it with this grill from George Foreman. The round cooking surface is large enough for me and its non-stick coating doesn’t allow my meat to stick to it. There is no question this is the best George Foreman outdoor grill 2019.” – Beth R. Powell


George Foreman GGR200RDDS Outdoor Grill


Whether you would want a grill that can be used indoors or outdoors, this product will surely prove to be an option that will not lead into frustration. It has 200 square inches of cooking area and adjustable temperature setting, allowing you to choose the amount of heat that will be required, based on what is being grilled. It also has cool-touch hands, which will prevent being hurt from accidentally having such touched while at the middle of grilling.

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“I find the cooking surface of George Foreman GGR200RDDS grill perfect for doing my special gilled mate recipe, topped off by my homemade barbeque sauce. The temperature setting is really accurate and I never get the meat overdone. The grill wasn’t expensive either!” – Joseph Frazer


George Foreman GGR201RCDR Outdoor Grill


This is another product that is frequently recommended in many best George Foreman outdoor grill reviews. It is designed with variable temperature control that will make it easy for you to choose the heat settings that will be desired. It also has an excellent coating, which will make it high quality and functional for a longer period of time. Lastly, the users of this specific model have also enjoyed the fact that it is covered with three years limited warranty, giving them the support from the manufacturer that is needed.

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“Every weekend I grill some meat on my George Foreman GGR201RCDR which I was lucky enough to buy for a discounted price. Meat, sausages or vegetables are all well grilled on its large cooking surface and I am always pleased by the tasty results.” – Nathan Taylor


George Foreman GP200 Outdoor Grill


With 6,400 BTU burner and 200 square inches of cooking area, this is another model that is guaranteed to deliver a high level of user satisfaction, as it has been proven by the people who have already used such in the past. If you want to grill healthy foods, this will also be good because of the sloped design of the grill that takes away excess fat from food. Lastly, it is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to maintain the high quality of the product.

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“I’ve been using this grill on my apartment’s balcony and I’ve been impressed by how well it cooks whatever I place on its cooking surface. What makes it even better is the affordable price. I end up by recommending it as a top choice for apartments with a large balcony.” – K. Williams


George Foreman GRP106QPGR Outdoor Grill


In many best George Foreman outdoor grills reviews, many of those who have used this model have rated it as being excellent because of its versatility. This is because it can be used for grilling multiple types of foods, which also means that you will not be limited in terms of the purpose that can be served by the product. It comes with five different grilling plates that are easy to clean and maintain. It also has adjustable temperature, giving you the flexibility that is sought.

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“I can’t single out any major drawback for this grill, which was bought by me following the advice of the best George Foreman outdoor grill reviews. I have grilled all sorts of foods and all my guests have liked the mouth-watering results.” – Jean J. Ramirez