What to look for when searching for a top Gas Tiller – Buying Guide


Electric-run tillers can be a challenge to use due to their limited plowing power. This is why the best gas tiller reviews still corner wide readership among avid gardeners and professional landscaping business owners. Gas tillers provide the necessary gardening muscle when an electric outlet is too far away or the area to be cultivated is way bigger than just a standard plot.

People choose to go the gas tiller way when they see the relatively powerful engines that the best rated gas tiller carries. Oxen power and the age-old functionality of the hoe, spade and shovel may have time-tested practicality, but there’s too much riding on your back (literally!) if you still do your gardening the old-fashioned way. Consider giving your vertebrae a real treat by getting a machine that can tackle daunting gardening and landscaping tasks without necessitating that you guzzle some pain-reducing medication at the end of the day.

Getting a great product for Christmas will ensure that your garden is beautifully planted to lovely and colorful poinsettias that will be perfect conversation pieces for your visitors during that long-awaited backyard party. Whether rear-tine, mid-tine or front-tine, a gas tiller should do the trick of turning the soil, aerating it and introducing organic matter to ensure nutrient-rich plots for what you plan to plant. Front-tine tilling machines are generally cheaper and designed more for weeding or cultivating laid-downcrop beds. Breaking virgin soil is what rear-tine machines do best, thanks to their forward-rotating, counter-rotating or dual-rotating tines. Go for either dual rotating or counter-rotating machines to really break up clay or hard soil.

Check out the many Black Friday deals on a gas tiller with reversible tines. In standard position, such units are engineered to cultivate. This means the surface crust is carefully broken to improve nutrient, air and water absorption. Weeds are also removed this way, keeping the garden soil healthy. On tilling mode, the tines prepare the soil to be planted. Soil is broken up, turned and mixed in a single pass to make planting easier and more productive. This method allows convenient integration of organic material to improve the soil’s crop-growing capability.

Forward-rotating tillers have tines that go in the same direction as the wheels. They may require multiple passes to shred the soil up when it has never been tilled, but such units are still the most popular choice for residential garden owners as they work well for planted gardens. The depth bar can be adjusted to the shallowest setting so it becomes easy to add sand, mulch and other organic matter to ensure optimum drainage and balance in the soil.

Try to bag a good deal on a new gas tiller that runs on either regular gas or a mixture of oil and gas. Ascertain that the unit is easy to maintain despite the type of fuel it has to operate on. This way, noise while running can be reduced and performance remains consistent.

There will always be a highly affordable unit that you can get for whatever budget you have. Just make sure your choice has all your gardening needs adequately covered and is not too complicated to operate. If you keep these details in mind you will end up with the best gas tiller 2018 for your specific needs.


Things to consider:

  • A powerful motor that is fuel efficient and not a gas-guzzler, since the primary reason you’re getting a machine is to make your gardening work easier and not leave you penniless
  • The perfect fit for the type of work, the size of the area and the workload you plan to carry out
  • The right type of tines for the kind of soil that you have in your garden or backyard, to ensure optimum performance
  • Good-quality engine that will deliver according to your requirements, with zero to minimum breakdown so you don’t have to resort to the old-fashioned way of planting every time the machine fails



Top rated Gas Tillers in 2018


Husqvarna DRT900H Honda GCV160 Tiller



Best Gas Tiller ReviewsPowered by a Honda GCV160 engine, the DRT900H’s dual rotating tines provide more-than-superficial tilling of soil even when earth is densely packed as in older lawns, making this the best gas tiller 2018. The engine provides exactly the kind of torque required to dig deep into the most compact soil. It has a 190-rpm rotational speed and gross torque of 6.9 pounds. The tines can be set to be forward-rotating to enable top-soil cultivation in small gardens. For deep soil tilling, just set them to counter rotation. There are 7 depth adjustments that can be made on the 17-inch working width rear design of the tines. This means up to 6.5 inches of working depth. Improved control and maneuverability are provided by the sealed chain gear transmission, with one gear reverse and one gear forward.

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Earthquake MC43 43cc/2-Cycle Viper-Engine Mini Cultivator



Easily a heavy favorite in best gas tiller reviews, the Earthquake MC43 43cc/2-Cycle Viper-Engine Mini Cultivator is a true heavyweight when it comes to aerating soil, working fertilizer in or weeding. It has a light mass and small size, which not only enables easy transport but also provides increased maneuverability while negotiating garden rows and working among delicate plants. The precise amount of power is delivered by the high-performance 43-cc Viper engine so you can work through various types of pre-tilled soil with ease. The machine provides adjustable cultivating depth to dig as deep as you want, with a variable throttle, speed and clutch control so you can work according to your ideal pace. After all, planting a garden has to be a labor of love that should not be hurried!

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Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/Cultivator



Looking for the ultimate machine that can make gardening jobs a lot easier? Well you’ve found it in the Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/ Cultivator. This machine has a commercial-grade 2-cycle engine that is reliably powerful and employs push-button priming to ensure easier starting. It has a compact design that allows you to take the machine into tight spaces. This compactness allows the machine to be stored where larger tillers cannot be. The Mantis has exclusive reversible tines that can be used to till down to 10 inches and up to 9 inches wide, or to shallow cultivate two to three inches of top soil. It can be fitted with nine optional attachments so the machine can be used to aerate, trim hedges, plow, dethatch, furrow and do plenty more.

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Southland SCV43 Full Crankshaft Engine Cultivator



Nobody ever thought gardening and cultivating could be easy before the Southland SCV43 Full Crankshaft Engine Cultivator. This machine offers sufficient power to tackle unworked plots and annual garden maintenance with ease. It is engineered with manual recoil easy-start fuel delivery system so you don’t have to struggle just to get the machine running. The adjustable tilling widths enable you to choose how deep you go, so you do not have to sweat it figuring out how to effectively manage your plots and flowerbeds and make them look professionally manicured and maintained. The 8-inch tine diameter offers  up to 5-inch tilling depth so you don’t have to do multiple passes just to ensure you have the right tilling depth. This machine has direct-driven gear with solid steel shaft for outstanding performance.

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Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator



Have perfect-looking flowerbeds and vegetable plots with the  Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator. It uses a powerful 29-cc 4-cycle engine that needs no mixing of oil and gas, which can make other machines difficult to maintain. The SCV43 is outfitted with a patented JumpStart-capable engine that eliminates the need to pull a cord. The transport wheels ensure support and stability while providing easy maneuverability and transport. The machine can be used to prepare and turn the soil at the beginning and end of every planting season to keep it balanced and fortified.  The machine is made compact and lightweight to facilitate maneuvering in confined spaces. Premium 8-inch steel tines on the unit have been given sufficient muscle power to dig, tear, and turn soil thanks to their combination of tips.

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