Gas lawn mowers – What to look for:


Most gardens are covered with grass between flower beds, trees or in the entire garden, which is why people often look for the perfect answer to “What is the best gas lawn mower in the market?” Gas-powered machines free you from the clutter and limitation of electric corded machines and the inconvenient battery recharging of cordless machines. These are what make the best rated gas lawn mowers what they are.


Power and performance

You may go for the highest rated manual or self-propelled gas lawn mower, but what really counts the most are the machine’s mowing performance and power. Check out the size of the engine and its torque. This will give you a more-or-less clear idea of what to expect from the machine in terms of power. You will want a machine that packs in more punch the bigger your lawn is. This ensures that you do not have to refill the tank repeatedly while going around your property. An adjustable cutting height range ensures that your garden is well-manicured and evenly groomed, not left with uneven patches and unsightly scalped areas. When you have to take care of a large area, the size of the collection bag also has to be ample, eliminating repeated emptying.


An adjustable handle allows anyone to enjoy lawn mowing work with ease. The most popular machines use electric-start motors instead of older-generation pull-start engines. One can simply insert and turn a key or push the ignition button to rev up the engine. A three-in-one bag system for collection of clippings is what busy gardeners want in their mowing machines. Clippings can be collected through side discharge, mulching or bagging. Wheels with a single cutting height adjustment allow you to alter wheel height with a single motion. Grass build-up under the deck is effectively prevented with a quick-wash port. This can also lessen ongoing maintenance of the machine. A blade brake clutch gives the machine stopping power for the engine. Rear-wheel drive can be useful to navigate through steep inclines and uneven terrain.


Craftsmanship and construction

Bigger is better is a concept that most lawn mowers use to the hilt. A gas lawn mower in the top ten line-up should have a cutting swath of not lower than 20 inches to ensure a bigger patch at every single pass. Mowing a hilly yard can be made easier when a machine built with large back wheels is used. Another important consideration is what safety features the manufacturer incorporates into the machine. The lever or throttle you press or hold down should deactivate quickly and stop the engine when you let it go. The blades should also quit spinning when this element is not held down or squeezed by the operator. A rear-located rubber flap can effectively prevent injury to the legs when the blades hit anything that can fly back.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Cutting Width Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Husqvarna 7021P

Push $$$ 21 inch Included A+ AMAZON

Husqvarna 5521P

Push $$ 21 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Lawn-Boy 17734

Self Propelled $$ 21 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Snapper SP90

Self Propelled $$$ 21 inch No B AMAZON

McLane 25-8.00GT

Self Propelled $$$$ 25 inch No C+ AMAZON


Buyers generally search for a gas lawn mower under a set budget, which is always good. One wouldn’t want to be caught in a buying compromise just because they agree to a unit that they’re not sure they can afford. Keeping the garden or lawn neat and groomed helps contribute to a great neighborhood and lovely home, but that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to spend more money than you can spare.


How to buy the best gas lawn mower in 2018 – Professional advice


Gardeners with beautiful lawns have their tricks and secrets which maintain the everlasting green thriving. As so many specialists and landscaping experts pointed out a good lawn mower is mandatory for gardeners that aspire to enjoy walking on tightly cut and smooth grass. If you are looking for a reliable lawn mower then carefully read the following rows for at the end you’ll know exactly what to look for in a professional cutting machine. According to recent gardening surveys it seems that gas lawn mowers are in high demand right now. Appreciated for the smooth cutting performance even while used on uneven lawns such models deliver precise cuts with minimal effort. Furthermore with a reliable product, mowing the lawn becomes an easy task to perform.

The wide selection of gas lawn mowers makes it pretty hard for people to easily select one single product. This is why we decided to lend a helping hand by testing with attention 25 of the most appreciated gas-powered mowers. After one week of careful tests on different types of lawns we were able to write the best gas lawn mower reviews, worth consulting without reservations. There are a couple of things to take into consideration while browsing through top rated mowers for lawns. You will find that the market offers self-driven and push type lawn mowers, which incorporate different cutting functions. Still popular in some areas across the U.S. push type mowers are powered by your own hands and feet. Such products require physical exertion in order to turn the cutting blades. They are not suited for use on uneven terrains because it will take a lot of strength.


Best gas lawn mower for 1 acre


Lawn-Boy 10730 Push/Walk Behind Gas Lawn-Mower


Offering exceptional cutting performance and reliability, the Lawn-Boy 10730 Push/Walk Behind Gas Lawn-Mower provides great value for money. It is outfitted with a Kohler XT6 Overhead Valve Engine that ensures operator-focused design coupled with user-friendly maintenance. The Tri-Cut cutting system ensures quality cut, complemented by the unit’s broad 21-inch cutting width. With two-point cutting height level that is activated at just one side of the machine, you can achieve seamless cut grass lengths without having to use tools on the machine. The large bag capacity holds more clippings while allowing easy and less frequent emptying. The Lawn-Boy 10730 Push/Walk Behind Gas Lawn-Mower is the best gas lawn mower for 1 acre that can tackle rough or uneven terrain.

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How to find the best gas lawn mower 2018? Well, you can always opt for self-powered mowers which easily get the job done! These cutting machines safely propel the mower’s cutting system to deliver smooth cuts on different types of grass. Gardeners know that such gas powered mowers can match the needs of various terrains. Furthermore the machines help users cover a lot of ground in record time. Now, there are also a couple of technical issues which you should address before investing in a lawn mower. One of the most important components of a mower is the starting mechanism. There are models with manual starter and others with electric starting systems. Manual starters require a good arm from your part since you need to pull hard the start cable. This is probably why a lot of folks opt for mowers with electric starting systems.


Best gas lawn mower for small yard


Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 Push Mower


With its powerful Overhead valve 140cc gas engine, the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 push mower is engineered to handle small to medium size yards. This is the best gas lawn mower for small yard thanks to its light weight and easy-to-maneuver 7-inch wheels. The machine offers a 20-inch cutting width plus three manual cutting positions to give wide cutting swath and a neat grass height at every pass. The Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 is built with a loop handle that allows superior control and handling while letting you navigate turns and corners in your garden or lawn. You won’t regret getting the Yard Machines 11A-02SB700 to handle your small-yard grooming needs.

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The best gas lawn mower 2018 includes a reliable wheel traction system, designed to maintain stability during each task. This is why you must opt for a powerful mower with durable and resistant wheels. The lawn mower should include rear wheel drive with enough power to climb hills. In addition the front wheel traction system needs to ensure stability while moving on flat surfaces.


Best gas lawn mower for hills


Husqvarna 961430108 HU675AWD 2-in-1 Mower


Boasting of All-Wheel Drive and an easy-start 149-cc Kohler 675 Series Engine, the Husqvarna 961430108 HU675AWD 22-Inch 2-in-1 Mower empowers the operator of the machine to effortlessly handle thick grass, tough terrain and hills, making it the best gas lawn mower for hills. Get power delivered simultaneously to all four wheels thanks to best-in-class all-wheel drive technology, ensuring optimum maneuverability and control. The heavy-duty steel deck provides the mowing coverage you need, thanks to its 22-inch cutting swath. The ergonomic handle allows problem-free handling. The two-bushel soft bag collection system uses either mulching or rear bag disposal, handling clippings efficiently.

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Things to consider:

  • There are 2 types:  push mowers and self-propelled mowers
  • Find a gas lawn mower with electric starting system
  • Lawn mowers should have strong and durable wheels
  • Very Important: You should check for warranties on parts


Top rated gas lawn mowers in 2018


Gardening choirs are easier with the right tools. For most Americans taking care of the lawn represents an important activity. This is why so many of them are now looking for professional lawn mowers. Such devices make mowing the lawn a fun and enjoyable choir. I worked as a professional landscaper for over 20 years and I understand the value of a great mower around the house. This is why I put in over 90 hours in testing 40 of the best models available on the market. I used the tests results to draft the best gas lawn mower reviews which display the functions of five very efficient products!



Husqvarna 7021P


Best gas lawn mower reviewsEvery man that cares for his lawn knows that a good mower can deliver the right cuts. Now, you could opt for Husqvarna 7021P, a model that gets the job done! Perfect for small and medium-sized lawns this gas-powered mower has a 21 inch cutting weight. In addition to the compact design and 6 cutting height increments, this mower melds to your cutting style. It incorporates big 12-inch rear wheels that can maintain stability even while mowing on uneven and bumpy terrain. The 7021P mower from Husqvarna includes a 3-in-1 cutting system with mulching capabilities. Furthermore it is also backed by an exclusive 2-year warranty!



Considered by gardeners as the best electric start gas lawn mower 2018 this model has a compact design and amazing 3 cutting systems for accurate results during each gardening task

Powered by an impressive 6.9 torque Honda GCV engine the lawn mower includes a wide 21-inch cutting width which significantly improves cutting performance

Adjustable through the 6 cutting height increments from 1.5 to 3.5 inch cutting height the lawn mower enhances the overall results

It features 12-inch rear wheels which permits people to manoeuvre the lawn mower around bushes, rocks and trees



Doesn’t do so well with big back yards but it is perfect for small and medium-sized ones


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Husqvarna 5521P


The current best gas lawn mower reviews underline the cutting efficiency of Husqvarna 5521P. This powerful mover incorporates the force of Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine which can maintain an impressive 5-1/2 torque during each cutting action! It has a 21 inch cutting weight which is more than enough to mow a small yard in just a matter of minutes. This mower has a compact design and user-friendly commands, making it easy to manoeuvre even in tight spots. It includes 3 cutting systems (mulch, side discharge and collection) which cover basic and advanced difficulties that might arise as you mow.



Powered by an impressive Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine with 5-1/2 torque this powerful lawn mower handles with ease even the most demanding of tasks, from small to big yards

The current best electric start gas lawn mower reviews underline the 5521P cutting performance and smooth functionality even while dealing with tall weeds or tough grass

This lawn mower offers 3 cutting capabilities (mulch, side discharge and rear bag) for more demanding gardening tasks

Backed by exclusive 2 year warranty and Carb compliant this special mower from Husqvarna represents a great addition to any American home



Does not come with a protective cover (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Toro Lawn-Boy 17734 Gas Walk Behind Mower


The Toro Lawn-Boy 17734 can prove to be a very reliable mower for your yard’s lawn. Starting it won’t be a problem because it has an electric start which will require you to just turn a key. It’s powered by a powerful Kohler XT6 OHV engine which offers user-friendly maintenance possibilities. You can cut the lawn to one of two preset sizes and either of them can be activated from the side of the mower. Like all top mowers, you will have the option of bagging, mulching or side discharging the freshly cut grass. Also, the manufacturer will throw in a complete two year warranty.



It’s compact and light and very maneuverable

An electric ignition system which will start after the first pull

It’s California Carb Compliant, so you won’t harm the environment when using it

Adjustable cutting height

A two year warranty from the manufacturer



Because this lawn mower has a compact size, its catch bag is not very big either

It does occasionally dig up ground if you go over mounds and you don’t set the highest cutting option


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Snapper SP90


One of the best gas lawn mower in 2018 comes from Snapper, the SP90 model. Designed to cover the mowing needs of a medium-sized or big lawn, this model includes special cutting features that help you maintain your yard beautiful. It is powered by Briggs & Stratton engine which gives you control over an impressive cutting power. The handles are equipped with the command buttons in order to help you manage fast cutting changes. It also includes a variable speed dial, which allows you to switch from low to high speeds in an instance. In addition to the sturdy construction, this mower includes 3 operating height settings!



This powerful lawn mower has a 21 inch wide cutting deck which safely cuts weeds, roots and grass with minimal effort

Powered by a high quality Briggs & Stratton 775 professional engine the SP90 mower offers amazing power during every cutting task, leaving the yard smooth and evenly cut

Affordable, easy to use and highly adjustable the lawn mower offers 3 impressive operating height settings: Power Plus, Take control and Fast and Slow

Designed with a wide range of landscaping and gardening this powerful 3 in 1 lawn mower gives users the chance to side-discharge, mulch or bag



Does not include a storage cover (ideal for outdoor storage)


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McLane 25-8.00GT


Every yard requires a good mow from week to week. It is important to keep things uniform and smooth. This is why we recommend that you learn more things about McLane 25-8.00GT! Designed with a powerful 8.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, this mower is exactly what you need in order to cut fast every inch of your yard. Easy to manoeuvre and manage, the mower has a maximum cutting height of 1.5 inch, more the enough to handle different grass length. You should also know that this powerful mover delivers healthy cuts; making this model the best gas lawn mower in 2018.



For professional gardeners and landscaping this powerful lawn mower is a source of comfort because of its amazing cutting performance and smooth functionality even during tough tasks

Powered by an impressive 8.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine the 25-8.00GT-7 mower is easy to manoeuvre and can cut even the toughest of weeds

With a cutting height of 1.5 inches this powerful lawn mower includes a special grass catcher which makes yard managing easier than ever

CARB compliant the mower permits users to perform clean cuts that improves the lawn’s health and general appearance



Does not include extra wheels in the basic package (these are optional accessory which can be purchased when needed)


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McLane 17-5.50GT-7-SP 5.50 Gross Torque – Not Available


A top rated gas lawn mower in 2018 comes from McLane, the 17-5.50GT-7-SP model. Very popular in the United States of America within gardening communities, this mower offers the best cutting precision. You will be able to take better care of your lawn! It is powered by an impressive 5.50 GT Briggs and Stratton engine which enhances the speed of every cutting action. It includes a precise grass catcher which limits the mess you leave behind. Now, specialists recommend this model from McLane because it delivers healthy cuts which make the lawn grow in a natural and progressive cycle.