Gas grills – What to look for:


Choosing a model from the current top ten gas grills can be hard for people new to barbecuing. There are a couple of traits that make a gas grill efficient and capable of delivering proper grilling results. These units have been around for years which make spotting the best rated product a challenge.


Infrared technology

The most popular gas grills in 2019 received positive reviews from thousands of satisfied users. According to chefs and culinary specialists it seems that infrared technology can heat up burgers, sausages, stakes, chicken or fish. This is why a growing number of gas grills also incorporate infrared burners. Such units are very popular for small family reunions or friends getting together for special occasions. Infrared technology can be used to sear meat and even caramelize fruits. Quick, efficient and with limited cooking dilemmas, gas grills with infrared burners ensure proper cooking results. People should take into account models with dual heating functions, gas and infrared for short work of grilling tasks.


For those that want to find a trustworthy answer to the question “what is the best product” from the current segment on gas grills. Most of the latest culinary surveys recommend people to choose gas grills with 3 or even more burners. Why this particular configuration? Well, it seems that fewer burners can’t ensure uniform heat distribution. People that want a large grill in their backyard should use a product with at least 4 burners. They have to make sure that the grill incorporates stainless steel burners, cast brass or cast stainless steel. Such construction material can be used to resist well to continuous grilling projects.



Consulting detailed gas grills ratings best to worst will help anyone discover faster which product to take home. Most of the reviews that we consulted underline the importance of fuel used to heat up food. The current gas grills use natural gas or liquid propane, standard fuels for high grilling performance. It is important to know that most gas grills use 20lb re-fillable tank (liquid propane). As many users pointed out, some models come with special adapters, connectable with home gas plumbing. Propane grills allows users to safely place them anywhere around the yard. Still, the high level of mobility offered by natural gas grills makes them a fan favourite.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product BTU  Price Cooking Surface Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Cuisinart CGG200

12,000 $$$ 240 sq in 19.8 x 27.8 x 12.8 inch A+ AMAZON

Coleman RoadTrip LXE

10,000 $$$$ 285 sq in 36 x 22 x 13 inch A AMAZON

Weber 386002

8,500 $$$ 189 sq in 20.5 x 27 x 23.5 inch B+ AMAZON

Cuisinart CGG180

5,500 $$$ 145 sq in 16 x 16.5 x 31.5 inch B+ AMAZON

Cuisinart CGG180T

5,500 $$ 145 sq in 16 x 16.5 x 13 inch B AMAZON


In conclusion

The best product for the money will definitely incorporate powerful burners, capable of heating up fast different types of meat or vegetables. With the right type of fuel, liquid propane or natural gas, people will manage to safely grill food. Furthermore a powerful gas grill will also help in managing food preparation. The trick is to invest in a reliable grill, designed to improve grilling functions.


Expert tips on how to get an affordable gas grill


The barbecue season is upon you and the thrill of eating delicious grilled food seems to take hold of more and more Americans. Cooking outside represents a fun activity which chefs simply adore! This is why it comes as no surprise to see the growing interest for powerful gas grills, designed to offer a full cooking experience. Achieving grilling performance starts with one important decision: invest in a high quality gas grill. There are many gas grills to choose from and for this reason you have to consult professional information. At the end of this buying guide you’ll know exactly what to look for in a brand new gas grill. With a couple of factors in mind, the right gas grill will be present in your patio or back yard!

We took the liberty of researching with attention 30 of the most appreciated gas grills available for purchase. After 80 hours of reading extensive reviews, user testimonials and product descriptions we managed to identify the factors that make a gas grill powerful. Since price is a big issue for many people, we managed to safely draft the best gas grills under 150 reviews, worth consulting with attention. On the long run you can opt for gas grills that don’t involve additional maintenance costs. The first thing that you have to take into account is the grill’s construction. Taking into account that gas grills is mainly used outside. As a result you have to choose a grill designed with durable materials. You can choose from gas grills that have cast iron, stainless steel or aluminum housing. Each type of the grill comes with its benefits.


Best gas grill under 500


Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill


There is one name in the grilling industry that needs no introduction: Weber. This brand managed to release professional gas grills along the years. According to recent statistics it seems that the best gas grill under 500 from Weber is the 46110001 Spirit E210. What makes this particular unit so desirable? The gas grill uses liquid propane in order to properly operate. The unit incorporates 2 stainless steel burners that can deliver around 26.500 BTU per hour, needed to provide a uniform heating action. Furthermore the gas grill features a special electronic Crossover ignition system which allows people to start cooking with a simple switch of a button.

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Selecting one of the best gas grills under 150 becomes easier once you go through professional information. Well, according to recent statistics it seems that more and more Americans have in their backyard an aluminum gas grill, which resists rust and also corrosion. Furthermore such products resist well to discoloration and even structural fatigue, so you’ll benefit from the grill a long, long time. The second best option is stainless steel gas grills. Now, investing in professional stainless steel gas grill ensures proper cooking performance whenever you want! Another important aspect related to gas grills is the cooking surface. A good gas grill should include a roomy primary cooking surface and a secondary one for warming food. There are gas grills with solid cooking grills, reuniting grates made of cast iron, porcelain coated steel or stainless steel.


Best gas grill under 1000


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 Gas Grill


For maximum cooking results we recommend the 6531001 E-330 Genesis gas grill from Weber. Considered by skilled cooks as the best gas grill under 1000, this model comes equipped with a front-mounted control panel. This particularity allows cooks to easily prepare delicious grilled food. It incorporates 3 stainless steel burners designed to provide around 12.000 BTU temperatures, ideal for uniform cooking. The gas grill is fitted with durable porcelain enamelled flavorizer bars which add a touch of special grilled taste to each type of meats. Furthermore the gas grill also comes with built-in thermometer for proper control over the food process.

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With one of the best gas grills under 150, you will be able to cook delicious food. For proper cooking performance we recommend grills with grates made of stainless steel. Most of the current gas grills should be backed by an exclusive manufacturer warranty. The size of the grill is also important. Now, you can choose grills with 75 to 300 square inches of cooking spaces, ideal to accommodate different culinary projects.


Best gas grill under 300


Fuego FELG21C Element Gas Grill Carbon Steel


For people that love grilled food finding the best gas grill under 300 is very important. Most of the latest reviews underline the grilling efficiency of the FELG21C Element gas grill from FUEGO. Designed by former Apple chief designer Robert Brunner this unit managed to win the Vesta Gas BBQ and Spark award. The gas grill offers a temperature range from 250F to 700F, needed to provide enough heat power to different types of meat and vegetables. It delivers around 20 hours of cooking time, while using a single fuel tank. The gas grill delivers 346 square inch of primary cooking surface, optimal for preparing food with minimal restraints.

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Things to consider:

  • There are gas grills made of stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron
  • Ignition system, manual or electric
  • Heat output which needs to offer high BTU levels
  • Powerful stainless steel or brass burners


Best gas grills for the money


Gas grills have become a great tool for outdoor grilling and barbeque. However these gas grills are usually very expensive and the cheap ones don’t serve the complete purpose. Portability, durability, heat, comfort, these are the main things to be kept in mind before buying a decent gas grill. To help you save your money and choose your perfect grill, we bring to you the best gas grills under $150.


Cuisinart CGG200 gas grill


Though it is on the verge of the $150 mark, it still deserves a mentioning for its stunning features. The 12,000 BTU burners provide top-class heating which is perfect for any kind of grilling or cooking. A heat distributing panel and porcelain-enameled grate provides even cooking all over. The size being compact, this product is ideal for patios and yards. This grill is one of the best you can find in the market in this price range and earned an easy mention in the best gas grills under $150 list.



Due to its impressive 12.000-BTU stainless-steel burner the CGG-200 delivers enough heat for cooks to prepare potatoes, steaks, fish, burgers and many others

Considered as one of the best gas grills under $200 this model features a modular stainless steel grill-surface system which can accommodate different culinary projects without problems

It comes equipped with heat resistant handle which makes it easy for cooks to check or turn the grilled food

Features a fast twist-start ignition system that allows permits people to easily begin the cooking process



Some assembly is required (consult the instruction manual)

The propane gas is not included (this accessory can be purchased separately)


“ Owning the Cuisinart CGG200 gas grill is one of the best decision I ever made. The product is very useful especially when there are events or occasions. I am amazed with the product features because it is very realistic and achievable. You can have this gas grill in a very affordable price.”  Courtney Martha Brock


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Coleman RoadTrip LXE gas grill


Best gas grills under $150

This product is remarkable for its portability. It contains fold-up stands which can collapse into an easily-carry able size. The grill contains 2 10,000 BTU burners which ensures even heating of the food. The InstaStart ignition provides matchless fast lighting. This product has grill, stove and griddle capability. The tool holders and side tables gives you easy usage and comfort. The warp-resistant cast-iron grill grates covered in porcelain gives you easy cleaning assistance. The grill also contains a removable grease tray to easily remove the greases sliding out.



Combining versatility, cooking efficiency and convenience the RoadTrip LXE propane grill features two powerful 10.000 BTU burners which safely cook different types of meat and vegetables

This powerful 36-inch grill offers a spacious 285 square inches of cooking area, ideal to prepare food for more than 5 persons

Featuring InstaStart electronic ignition system for fast use this propane grill represents a great addition to anyone that loves grilled food

This sleek foldable grill comes equipped 2 cast-iron grill grates which are carefully coated in porcelain for stable cooking performance



The RoadTrip LXE grill requires some assembly before first utilisation (read the instruction manual)

Does not include the propane tank which is sold separately


“ Looking for a portable and inexpensive gas grill today is very easy because of the Coleman LXE gas grill. This gas grill has the qualifications that makes it outstanding and one of a kind. I can place it anywhere because it is just lightweight. Aside from that, it is also portable and steady.”  Andre Lindsay


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Weber 386002 gas grill


This product from the best Weber gas grills reviews provides you huge grilling space of 189 square-inches. The grill contains an 8,500 BTU burner which evenly heats up the cooking surface. It is made of cast aluminum with painted finish and glass-reinforced nylon frame for a perfect weather-resistant experience. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates ensure the easy cleaning of the grill. Push-button ignition, drip pan, adjustable burner valve helps to make your cooking easier. The durability and quality of the grill is quite top-notch for this price-range and thus entered our best gas grills under $150 list.



Manufactured in the United States of America by skilled Weber engineers the 386002 Q portable gas grill offers a spacious 189 square inch cooking area which accommodates different types of food (meats, vegetables and fish)

The gas grill features porcelain-enamelled stainless steel grates that are fairly easy to clean after each use

Incorporating powerful 8.500-BTU stainless-steel burner this portable gas grill is made of aluminum with smooth painted finish for amazing cooking results

Backed by an exclusive 5 year warranty the gas grill runs on 14.1 ounce or 16.4-ounce liquid propane cylinder



The propane cylinder tank is sold separately (available for purchase)

Does not comes with a built-in lid thermometer (there are solutions in wireless thermometer models)


“I feel happy owning the Weber 386002 gas grill because I can make palatable foods that others commended. The gas grill is very user- friendly so I have the ease and comfort of using it any time I want to. In big occasions and gatherings, I use this gas grill without encountering any problem.”  Jonah Holden


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Cuisinart CGG180 gas grill


Another decent grill from the brand Cuisinart, it also has the 145-square-inch frilling area. Along with it a telescoping stand comes, which is a great addition. It can easily cook for 4 to 6 people at-a-time and holds grill at the perfect height for grilling. It comes with a powerful 5,500 BTU stainless-steel burner for even cooking and porcelain-enameled grate for easy wash. The stands set up in seconds. The integrated lid locks does a nice job n keeping the lid secure.



This powerful portable gas grill includes a solid telescoping VersaStand for added stability and portability during each grilling project, helping cooks prepare stakes, burgers and vegetables

Due to the roomy 145 square inch grilling surface the CGG-180 Gourmet gas grill can accommodate without problems 8 burgers, 10 chicken breasts, 8 stakes and also up to 4 pounds of fish

Regarded as one of the best gas grills under $200 this model incorporates a powerful 5.500 BTU stainless-steel burner which can reach temperatures of 500 degrees F

It weighs only 17 pounds and features a unique briefcase-style carrying handle which permits people to transport the grill from one location to the next



Some assembly is required but the instruction manual delivers proper assistance

Does not include a protective grill cover (optional accessory sold separately)


“ Installing my Cuisinart CGG180 gas grill is very easy. It doesn’t take too much time in order to use the product because I can handle it alone. The product is very useful in grilling because it can grill effectively without losing its palatability.  You will be happy owning this gas grill.”  Esmeralda Brianna Leblanc


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Cuisinart CGG180T gas grill


cuisinartThis portable gas-grill also provides a decent grilling area of 145 square-inches. This grill can cook 8 steaks, 4 pounds of fish, 6 to 10 chicken breasts or 8 burgers at once easily. It contains powerful 5,500 BTU stainless-steel burners for even heating. The grates are porcelain-enameled to maintain hygiene. The folding aluminum legs and stabilizing feet makes sure of the portability and easy usage. When folded up it has a briefcase kind of look and handle which helps it to carry anywhere you want from the campsite to a pre-game tailgater.



This powerful gas grill offers a roomy 145 square inch grilling area, enough for cooks to prepare 8 stakes, 8 hamburgers, sausages, 10 chicken breasts and up to 4 pounds of fish

Featuring 5.500 BTU stainless-steel burner and a heat resistant porcelain enamelled grate the gas grill offers the right cooking conditions for people that love grilled food

The grill has a foldable table base with foldaway legs that come in handy during camping or beach trips

Due to the briefcase style handle people can carry grill ( weighs 13 pounds) with minimal effort



Should’ve included a grill cover for long hours grilling outside (this is an accessory available for purchase)


“ The Cuisinart CGG180T gas grill is my best partner in my culinary activities that I have at home. The product is inexpensive so I didn’t have the worry of buying it. Even it is cheap, the quality never diminishes. The portability of it is another feature that I love the most about this gas grill.”  Joshua Ballard


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