Gas grills – What to look for:


There are thousands of people that love to eat grilled food during different outdoor activities. This is where a powerful gas grill can lend a helping hand. In order to find the best gas grill under $500 and easily cook food, people need to take into account a couple of factors.



A growing number of Americans are searching today for the best rated product within the current offer on gas grills. Considering the wide array of products available on the market, people need to take into account construction quality. The gas grill needs to have a durable construction, preferably stainless steel, designed to resist to prolonged exposure to heat. It is recommended to invest in a professional gas grill, capable of preparing delicious food. The grill needs to respond well to people’s culinary needs, starting from simple family reunions and ending with complex outdoor parties. Furthermore the grill’s grates need to have an enamelled surface, capable of protecting the food.


Going through the top10 gas grill models represents a real chance for people to identify the right cooking tool. Most of the latest reviews that we consulted underline the importance of the grill’s size. A good gas grill should offer a generous cooking space, ideal to accommodate burgers, big stakes, chicken breasts, wings, legs and even fish. The food needs to fit well in the primary and secondary cooking area. This particularity allows cooks to easily manage culinary projects. The most popular gas grill models offer enough cooking space for people to use at will during outdoor parties or family reunions.



When it comes to cooking heat the gas grill needs to properly grill food. Every model comes with a unique BTU rating, reflecting the burner’s heat force. Still, it is important to know that the higher BTUs the greater are the chances of people cooking faster food. Furthermore the burners need to incorporate advanced profiles, capable of uniformly distributing heat to the food placed over the grill grates. For smooth cooking performance we recommend grills that have BTU’s proportioned to the overall size. With a balanced ratio, the grill will be able to provide enough heat to match the particularities of different meat types.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material  Price BTU Cooking Surface Our Rating Where to buy

Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330

Stainless Steel $$$$ 38.000 637 sq in A+ AMAZON

Weber Genesis E-310

Steel $$$ 38.000 637 sq in A AMAZON

Cuisinart CGG-200

Stainless Steel $$ 12.000 240 sq in B+ AMAZON

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip

Steel $$ 10.000 285 sq in A AMAZON

Cuisinart CGG-180

Steel $$ 5500 145 sq in B+ AMAZON


In conclusion

Discovering the right answer to the question “what is the best product” starts with more information on the elements we emphasized above. Heat, size and construction factors are essential for quick and effective cooking results. This is why the gas grill should be built well and capable of accommodating raw food with proper heat.


How to select a new gas grill – Pro buying tips


In 2019 more and more American cooks are looking to invest in professional gas grills, designed with special grilling functions. As so many of them realized, buying a brand new grill is not that easy. The wide selection of products available on the market makes it possible for anyone to invest in a powerful gas grill, capable of meeting one’s cooking needs. There are top brands like Char-Broil, Weber or Coleman which released amazing models, worth considering without reservations. Now, a good gas grill should come with a roomy cooking area (primary and secondary if possible), high BTU heat source, side burners, rotisserie and many other cool features that make cooking a delight. If you are looking for a reliable gas grill then the following rows will definitely help out!

We decided to help people find the right gas grill for their cooking needs. Our specialists tested with attention 30 top rated grills for 80 hours. When the test results came through we were able to draft the best gas grill reviews, which you should consult before selecting a particular model. The first thing that you have to take into account is price. There are powerful gas grills ranging from $150 to $300 which incorporate special grilling functions. Still, for residential use there are amazing gas grills that can reach prices up to $10.000. Now, the market is very flexible when it comes to price! There is a trick to save a couple of bucks. Find out whether or not the propane tank is included in the price.


Best gas grill for camping


Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill


Combining versatility with efficient cooking force, the RoadTrip LXE propane grill from Coleman represents the best gas grill for camping from the many products out there. This powerful 36-inch grill offers a spacious 285 square inches of cooking area, optimal for cooking different types of meat. It is fitted with two 10.000 BTU burners which allows cooks to evenly prepare meats. Furthermore the grill includes special knobs that can be used to accurately adjust temperatures. Due to the fold-up stand, the grill is collapsible, making it easy to store when not in use.  As the highest rated product from Coleman, the model incorporates InstaStart electronic ignition for fast lighting.

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Finding the best gas grill 2019 guarantees cooking performance! One important thing to take into account is the fuel used to power up the grill. You must decide whether or not you want your grill to use natural gas or propane. There are a couple of differences between them. Now, gas grills that use natural gas are easy to configure and manage during long cooking projects. Grills that use propane cost a bit more than natural gas powered models. Another thing to take into consideration relates to materials used in the grill’s construction. There are grills made of cast iron, aluminum, sheet metal and stainless steel. According to current statistics it seems that more and more people prefer stainless steel gas grills. Such cooking machines are pretty expensive but they offer amazingly delicious stakes, burgers, fish and even vegetables.


Best gas grill for $200


Char-Broil Classic 480 Gas Grill


According to recent reviews it seems that the best gas grill for $200 comes from Char-Broil, the Classic 480 model. This powerful unit comes equipped with 4 powerful burners; capable of delivering around 40.000 BTU gas force and 10.000 BTU heat power. With this particular heat force, cooks will be able to easily prepare delicious grilled food. The unit comes with 480 square inches of primary cooking surface and 180 square inches of secondary cooking area, more than enough to host a party. It is fitted with an advanced electronic ignition system, which permits cooks to quickly start the grill.

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The best gas grill 2019 is made with durable stainless steel which resists rust and corrosion. In the present there is a growing demand for aluminum gas grills that outlast the stainless steel models. Another thing to take into account is the grill’s size. There are models which can accommodate large turkeys, chicken, hamburgers and many more! If you plan on hosting big parties from time to time choose without reservations a large gas grill! Don’t forget about warranty. Your future gas grill needs to be backed by an exclusive warranty.


Best gas grill for smoking


Smoke Hollow 3500 Gas/Charcoal/Smoker Grill


For people that love grilled food we recommend the 3500 grill from Smoke Hollow. This 3 in one cooking tool (gas, charcoal and smoker) is perfect for different types of grilled culinary projects. The grill offers an impressive 860 square inch of total cooking area, more than enough to house burgers, stakes, sausages, fish and vegetables. It is fitted with three powerful 10.000 BTU stainless steel tube burners which direct enough heat for proper cooking. This advanced grill incorporates a cast iron cooking grids which resists well to prolonged exposure to heat. This is why most culinary specialists consider this unit the best gas grill for smoking.

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Things to consider:

  • Cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel or sheet metal construction
  • Powerful BTU heat burners
  • Size of the primary and secondary cooking surface


Top rated gas grills in 2019


If you are looking for a gas grill, you came to the right place. In this article, you will find the best gas grill reviews written by our specialists. We will lay down to you all their key features and what makes them stand out among the rest.


Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 gas grill


The Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 offers everything that you would want from a gas grill. It comes with 7mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates and front mounted control knobs. These features give the users outmost ease in outdoor cooking, helping you achieve great results. Furthermore, the Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 works with an electric ignition system, so you are sure that using and operating this device is very easy (even for first time users). More so, this gas grill boasts one of the most powerful burners in the gas grill industry. Its side burners give away 12, 000 BTUs, while the sear station burner has an amazing 10, 000 BTU. Its high BTU force ensures its users that any food cooked in this grill will have nothing less than great tasting results.



Manufactured in the United States of America the gas grill incorporates 3 stainless-steel burners and user-friendly ignition system for fast access to cooking performance and great results

The gas grill incorporates carefully designed porcelain enamelled heat deflectors and 7 mm stainless steel rod cooking grates which ensure great cooking results on different types of meat and vegetables

Incorporating unique stainless steel flavorizer bars this grill permits cooks to add special flavours to veal, chicken, lamb and even fish

It offers an impressive 507 square feet of primary cooking area and high quality warming rack of 130 square inches, more than enough to cover a wide range of cooking projects



Does not include a detailed instruction manual only a brief descriptions of each button


The Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 Stainless-steel liquid-propane gas grill is the best gas grill I saw in the market. When I come across with this, I bought it immediately to have the opportunity to cook food in the very nice manner. It is durable and easy to use because of the control knob.”   Gayle Santamaria


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Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill


The Weber Genesis E-310 received high recommendations from its users, and this is not shocking at all. Given all its features, it is very hard not to recommend this gas grill. First off, it has 637 square inch cooking space/warming area. This is actually one of the widest cooking areas offered in the market, and assures anyone that they won’t ran out of cooking space no matter how big the party crowd is. To back up its wide space, the Weber Genesis E-310 works with a very powerful 38,000 BTU burner. With this, you are ensured to have delicious results whatever type of food you choose to cook with this grill. Other great features of this device are front mounted control panel, individual electric ignition system, and flavorizer bars.



Designed for people that love grilled food, the E-310 gas grill includes user-friendly front-mounted control knobs and specially designed porcelain enamelled cast-iron cooking grates for proper cooking performance

Incorporating unique porcelain-enamelled flavorizer bars the grill efficiently retains heat and distributes it to all areas of the meat or vegetable

It features fast electronic ignition system which ensure rapid quick starts and directs 38.000 BTU heat on an impressive cooking area of 637 square inch

Features built-in thermometer and 6 tool hooks for fast cooking performance, allowing cooks to get the job done in record time



Does not include a LP tank (this is an accessory available for purchase)


I love the control panel of the Weber Genesis E-310 liquid propane gas grill. This was enough for me to control the gas grill because of the clear cooking instructions stated in the gas grill. It has a very durable and firm structure so I don’t have to think of any hassle cooking in it.”   Megan Scott


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Cuisinart CGG-200 All-foods gas grill


Best gas grill reviews

Coming in with 12, 000 BTU force, the Cuisinart CGG-200 will not disappoint when it comes to grilling performance. With its power, you can be assured that whatever food you cooked in this gas grill will come out delicious. Though it has above average power, the Cuisinart CGG-200 still remains to be very easy to use and operate as it features twist start ignition system. Furthermore, this gas grill boasts a very well thought out design and construction, making it highly durable and can withstand heavy use. All in all, the successful combination of efficiency and durability makes the Cuisinart CGG-200 a great grill that easily earned a spot in the best gas grill reviews.



Combining high cooking power with convenience this amazing infrared grill offers access to an impressive 12.000-BTU stainless steel burner, ideal to accommodate a wide range of cooking projects

Considered by many experienced cooks as the best infrared gas grill under $500 this model can be used in order to prepare steaks, potatoes, salmon, veggie, chicken and many others

The grill comes equipped with a highly resistant 430 stainless steel grill lid which has a unique double wall construction for better heat retention

In addition to the porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grate the grill features a special 201 stainless steel lid handle which cooks can use to access food



Does not include a special grill cleaning cloth (this accessory is sold separately)


I have the Cuisinart CGG-200 All-foods 12.000-BTU portable outdoor table top propane gas grill in my kitchen and I am happy to use it every day. I am capable to cook various delicacies with this product without any hassle and problem. I can also cook in just a short time span.”   Pamela Thomas


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Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip grill LXE gas grill


If you are one of those people who love going on road trips and camping, definitely a compact gas grill is most suited. The Coleman 9949-750 banks on this market. Coming in a very compact size of 36 inches, you would be surprise that this gas grill still manages to give you ample cooking space so you would not feel cramped when using it. It offers 285 square inch cooking area, so you can still move freely and cook with much ease, even when you are not in the comfort of your own backyard. More so, the Coleman 9949-750 features two 10,000 BTU burners, which ensure that you food is cooked evenly. Furthermore, it has an instant start electric ignition and independent knobs for easy operation and temperature control.



Considered by thousands of experienced cooks as the best infrared gas grill under $500 the RoadTrip LXE combines high cooking efficiency and enhance versatility for delicious results

This powerful 36-inch grill offers an impressive 285 square inches of cooking area, more than enough to accommodate different culinary projects, ideal for family gatherings

It incorporates 2 powerful 10.000 BTU burners which provide amazing cooking performance, starting from small to big dishes

Featuring PerfectFlow control system which delivers proper pressure regulation for standard and big propane cylinder this gas grill is perfect for family use



The basic package of the grill does not include a grill cover (this is an accessory sold separately)


I have the Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip grill LXE in my cooking collections. I never have to worry in using the product because it is portable and easy to manage. The gas grill doesn’t need lots of space so it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or even in the garden for some family bonding.”   Rosalba Tubbs


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Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit gourmet gas grill


The Cuisinart CGG-180 is another great portable gas grill. This is easily transportable as it is very small and compact, so you would not have any problem fitting in your car’s trunk, which makes it a really good choice for those who love going on camping, road trips, and other outdoor activities. Though it is compact, the Cuisinart CGG-180 still offers wide enough cooking space of 145 square inches. This size is enough to feed 5 to 6 people in one cooking, so you would not need to worry about starving your group. More so, it comes with 5,500 BTU stainless steel burners that powerful enough to cook various type of food.



With a high quality portable design this gas grill offers a roomy 145 square inch grilling area, perfect for family cookouts at the beach or different campsites

It incorporates a powerful stainless steel burner that can direct 5.500 BTU of heat, more than enough for chicken, veal, stakes and hamburgers

The Petit Gourmet grill comes equipped with porcelain enamelled grates and advanced lid lock which maintains the lid secure during every moment of the barbecue

Weighing only 17 pounds the grill is fairly easy to transport from one spot to the next, via the comfortable carrying handle



Does not include a grill cleaning cloth (this is an optional barbecue accessory, often used by skilled chefs)


The Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit gourmet portable gas grill with VersaStand is nice, stylish, user friendly, durable and affordable. I have nothing to ask more with this product. I can cook palatable and delicious culinary cuisines that are loved by my family and friends. ”    Gary Young


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