If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best gas cooktop money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best gas cooktop on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the GE CGP650SETSS is the best model for sale because it comes with 5 burners that are sealed, and most importantly it also has a child lock to prevent accidental burns and fires. The cast iron grates are designed to stay securely in place when you are cooking to prevent any mishaps and spills. It also comes with a burner for simmering, and since it is manufactured from one of the most trusted brands you know that you are getting a good value for your money. If the GE CGP650SETSS is not available in your area you could consider the WindMax NG LPG as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Number of burners Price Color Size (inch) Our Rating Where to buy

Frigidaire FFGC3015L 

4 $$$ Black 21.5 x 30 x 5 A+ AMAZON


5 $$$$ Stainless steel 0.2 x 9.5 x 40 A AMAZON


5 $$$ Stainless steel 21.7 x 30 x 3.8 B+ AMAZON

Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 

4 $$ Stainless steel 21.2 x 31.4 x 3.8 B+ AMAZON

Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG 

5 $$$$ Stainless steel 21 x 36 x 5.9 B AMAZON



Buying Guide


People check out the best gas cooktop reviews to obtain information on this consistently preferred form of cooking. A gas burner is able to reach a level of heat that is needed for searing, sautéing, grilling, pan roasting and other types of high-heat cooking. Modern gas cooktops can heat up to 18,000 BTUs, delivering enough heat to sear a slab of steak to perfection. Chefs prefer gas burners as they allow accurate temperature and cooking time control. You can also see the flame size, which enables precise operation.

Modern technology has produced sealed burners or gas-on-glass stoves, an amazing innovation that has made clean-up easier.

Width of Cooktop

Gas cooktop manufacturers aim to cater to the evolving needs of kitchen professionals and homemakers, so they consistently develop the best gas cooktop 2021 to offer the exact width for every need. Standard gas ranges have a width of 30 inches, perfect for four burners. A standard size range won’t eat up plenty of valuable kitchen or counter space. For people who want lots of room for cooking, there are 36-inch-wide gas-fired cooktops. Professional kitchens and those with catering businesses, which do a lot of cooking, have distinctive 48-inch-wide gas cooktops. Always make sure that there’s enough space for your gas stove.


Gas Stovetop Burners

Standard gas stoves typically come with four burners. Make sure that one of the burners in your choice of the best gas cooktop 2021 delivers approximately 15,000 BTUs. High heat temperature is necessary for certain forms of cooking. You can’t stir-fry or boil water quickly without high heat output. Try to find a gas cooktop built with a simmer burner, which is what you need for maintaining low heat required in gentle and slow cooking, such as extended simmering and boiling, poaching, holding cooked items, cooking delicate fish, and reductions.


Gas Cooktop Venting

Choosing a product from the best gas cooktop reviews entails knowing about proper ventilation for the unit. Gas cooktops are typically installed on a counter with a ventilation hood above the unit. The hood sucks out smoke and heat so the air in the kitchen does not become stiflingly hot and uncomfortable to breathe in. Installing your gas cooktop on a kitchen island or without a range hood will require some downdraft ventilation. Some gas cooktops carry this feature, which works through a self-ventilation system that draws air down through the bottom of the unit. This keeps overhead space open and free.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a gas cooktop with the right width for your specific needs.
  • At least one of the burners should be able to deliver high heat.
  • Plan for proper ventilation before heading to the store.



Top Rated Gas Cooktops in 2021


With plenty of different products considered the top ten gas cooktops, making a choice can be an overwhelming challenge. Do yourself a favor and determine what you really need before visiting physical stores or e-commerce websites. Knowingwhat works best for you minimizes the running around and helps you make a sensible decision more quickly.





The four sealed burners of this highest rated gas cooktop enable you to cook and cook and then do easy clean up after your kitchen chores are done. The cast iron grates give you durable use for years to come. The low simmer burner enables you to do gentle, slow cooking while helping keep food from burning and sticking to the cookware. The Ready Select controls let you have precise management of the cooking process, so food is cooked to perfection in the right temperature setting. And to keep children and pets from fiddling with the controls or from burn accidents, the cooktop features a child lock function. When child lock is activated, the ignition controls can’t be played with.


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WindMax NG LPG


1.USA WindMax®

This gas cooktop comes with a sleek and modern design that looks great in any kitchen. Not only is it visually appealing, it is also designed for performance. There are 6 burners so you can easily fry, boil and simmer at the same time, and there is even one designed to keep a wok securely in place. The gas cooktop is easy to turn on with the electric ignition, and it is compatible with most 110v outlets. The ignition will also “pulse” when the burner is turned on, which is always a convenient safety feature.




The iron grate is designed to last for years, and it is also coated so it is easy to clean. This is in addition to the stainless steel top, which can also be quickly wiped down.

It comes with 6 burners so you can easily prepare a whole meal, and since it is a gas cooktop you have complete control over the heat.

The silver and black construction gives this cooktop an attractive appearance that will look great in almost any kitchen.



It should be noted that while this cooktop can use natural or propane gas, it is designed for NG and a conversion kit must be purchased separately if you plan on using LPG.


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This gas cooktop from GE is often considered one of the best buys due to its durable construction, sleek appearance and how easy it is to keep clean. The stainless steel cooktop makes cleaning a breeze, and the 4 burners are sealed to prevent food and debris from getting in. Measuring 30 inches you have plenty of room for your larger pots and pans so you can cook an entire meal at the same time. It also comes with a burner for precise simmering, which is always an advantage when you are making soups and various sauces.



The matte grates and stainless steel construction give this cooktop a modern appearance that will look great in almost any kitchen.

To make it easy to keep it looking great the control knobs can be easily removed and tossed in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.

With 11,000 BTUs there is very little you can’t boil, fry or simmer on this gas cooktop from GE.



Some consumers have mentioned that they wish that this cooktop was compatible with propane, and while it can be this will require the additional purchase of an adapter which might not fit everyone’s budget.


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Ramblewood GC2-43P


3.Ramblewood GC2-43P

If you need a small cooktop for a vacation cabin or even RV, you might want to consider the GC2-43P from Ramblewood. It is compatible with natural and propane gas so you can use it almost anywhere, and you will love how easy it is to safely install. This high efficiency cooktop is designed to use a minimum amount of fuel, which is always appreciated. The electric ignition can also be replaced by a match so you can still use this cooktop even if you are “off the grid”.




It comes with two sealed burners that will prevent food from getting underneath the cooktop for even easier cleaning.

You will appreciate knowing that this gas cooktop meets all ETL safety requirements, and it is also backed by a one year limited warranty.

The GC2-43P also comes with an automatic shutoff to prevent any unfortunate accidents.



It has been mentioned that it can be difficult to connect the propane to the cooktop, and while this can be slightly inconvenient it does not take away from its overall performance.


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Frigidaire FFGC3015L


Best Gas Cooktop ReviewsDo efficient and fast cooking by using the Frigidaire FFGC3015L 30″ Gas Cooktop, the most popular product for kitchen professionals and home chefs. This unit has four sealed burners that allow you to prepare various dishes at a time. And because they’re sealed, the burners are easy to clean up afterwards. The cast iron grates are strong and durable, giving you years of use. This unit has a low simmer burner that lets you do slow, gentle cooking, perfect for simmering sauces, cooking delicate fish and lots more. The Ready-Select Controls give you precise level of heat for fuss-free cooking.


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This 30-inch gas cooktop from LG is definitely the best product for the money, owing to its terrific functionality. The LCG3011SS gas cooktop has a center burner that delivers super-boil heat at 17,000 BTUs. The High-Heat burner offers 12,000 BTUs for searing, stir frying, sautéing and many other high heat cooking methods. The twin 9100 BTU burners deliver just the right temperature for normal cooking methods. The simmer burner provides 5,000 BTUs to let you simmer sauces, poach eggs and other food items, and just do slow, even cooking without the fuss. All five burners are sealed, enabling effortless clean ups.


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Whirlpool W3CG3014XS


What’s the best gas cooktop for any modern kitchen? The Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30″ Gas Cooktop certainly fits the bill. Made for cooks and chefs who take their craft seriously, the gas cooktop has four burners for simultaneous cooking of dishes. The burners are sealed for easy cleaning. The Accu Simmer burner helps you do excellent slow and gentle cooking. The enamel steel grates extend the life of the cooktop by protecting the steel components from corrosion. The knob controls are nicely spaced apart to enable effective cooking management. This unit is compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, enabling differently-abled people to discover their culinary talents using the stove.


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Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG


Sporting excellent workmanship and modern style, the Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG 36” Gas Cooktop deserves to be one of the best rated products in this group. It has five sealed burners that deliver just the exact amount of heat for superlative cooking results. They are easy to clean as well. The angled die-cast control knob is ergonomically designed to give easy cooking experience. The Simmer Sear Burner with melting feature enables you to get up to 18,000 BTUs for precision control when cooking. This lets you sear, simmer or sauté to perfection. The single-construction spill basin simplifies clean up even more by catching messes that occur while cooking.


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