Top gas chainsaws in 2021


During various woodworking projects you have to use a professional gas chainsaw. As you probably already observed the segment on gas chain saws is more than generous. We took the liberty of analysing some of the best chainsaws gas powered in order to help people find the ideal cutting tool. A professional wood crafter needs to use a professional chain saw in order to cut different wood materials with precision. After studying the structure and cutting functions of over 30 products for over 2 weeks, our wood crafting specialists selected only five for presentation. So, consult the best gas chainsaw reviews and identify the ideal product to use.


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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Bar Length Price Weight Power Our Rating Where to buy

Husqvarna 450

18″ $$$$ 10.8 pounds 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle A+ AMAZON

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

20″ $$$ 23.3 pounds 50cc 2 Stroke B+ AMAZON

Blue Max 8902

14″ $$$ 23.1 pounds 45cc 2-Stroke B+ AMAZON

Makita DCS34

14″ $$$ 10.2 pounds 33cc 2-Stroke B+ AMAZON

Poulan Pro PP351AVX

16″ $$ 11.8 pounds 35cc 2-Cycle B AMAZON



Husqvarna 450 Gas powered Chain Saw


Best gas chainsaw reviewsFinding the best gas chainsaw in 2021 can be an easy task if you take into account user testimonials and product descriptions. Now, you can use with confidence Husqvarna 450 18-inch gas powered chain saw. This powerful chain saw has designed to accommodate the needs of different homeowners and landowners. With the chain saw you will be able to operated medium and hard-duty jobs. This 3.2 HP chainsaw was designed with Smart Start and special fuel pump, making things easy to start. In addition, the chainsaw uses special X-Torq technology which delivers high end cutting precision during each task performed.



Who makes the best gas chainsaw? According to our data it seems that Husqvarna released along the years, trustworthy cutting tools. For maximum performance we recommend the 450 chainsaw, a powerful 18 inch instrument that will work well in the hands of homeowners and woodworkers

Due to its ergonomic design and advanced air injection technology the chainsaw is powered by a powerful X-Torq 3.2 horsepower engine, ideal for small and medium-duty cutting tasks

Features the exclusive X-Torq technology maintains a cutting process that reduces emission levels by an impressive 60%, making the chainsaw eco-friendly

The chainsaw incorporates the exclusive Smart Start system which permits users to start and stop the machine with minimal efforts



In the winter time, it may start with delay

Some users have a pretty hard time managing the handle but most of them appreciate the comfortable grip


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Poulan Pro PP5020AV Gas powered Chain Saw


Most of the present best gas chainsaw reviews underline the efficiency of Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-inch chainsaw. This powerful chainsaw features advanced functions that give you the possibility to perform even the hardest of tasks. As the saying goes “Nothing cuts like a Pro”, this model comes equipped with a safe pull start system which gets you going in just a matter of seconds. The cutting tool has a powerful 50cc DuraLife engine which special features like Purge, Spring Assist and Dual Post. In addition, the chain saw uses an impressive SuperClean air filter system for smooth operating systems.



Most of the reviews that we consulted show that the most popular gas chainsaw from Poulan Pro, the PP5020AV represents a great addition to people used to cut firewood, designed big furniture

As a key exponent of the principle “Nothing cuts like a Pro”, this model comes equipped with a unique handle which reduces vibration during cutting processes

The chainsaw is powered by a durable 50cc DuraLife engine and SuperClean air filter system which ensure proper cutting performance with limited technical issues

Features a user-friendly pull starting system with limited pressure on the operator, paving the way for accurate cuts



Does not come with a carburetor adjustment tool (available for purchase separately)

Take care when removing the spark plug


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Blue Max 8902 Gas Powered Chain Saw


A top rated gas chainsaw in 2021 can significantly improve your cutting precision during different projects. Now, you can opt with confidence for Blue Max 8902 gas powered chain saw. The machine incorporates 2-in-1 features from chainsaw and protective case, for precise cutting results. It features a 14-inch and 20 inch bar for enhanced cutting performance. The chainsaw is powered by a 45cc Blue Max engine which can run at an impressive 2800 RPM speed. The model uses quick start ignition system which gets you going in an instance. The chainsaw uses 30% more chain teeth in order to enhance cutting precision during each task.



Even though an affordable product the 8902 chainsaw from Blue Max has a 14-inch and 20 inch bar which provides enough power to handle even the harshest of cutting tasks

Incorporates the advanced 45cc Blue Max engine which can reach speeds of 2.800 RPM, optimal for delivering precise cuts on various types of wood material

The chainsaw features more 30% chain teeth that diminish the cutting time by half, helping woodworkers manage their tasks better and even save time

Considered the best rated product this particular model comes equipped with anti-vibration handles which reduces operator fatigue by up to 30%



Some minor set up is needed but the instructions offers proper assistance


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Makita DCS34 Commercial Grade


When it comes to powerful chainsaws that can cut through virtually any type of wood materials, Makita can help out with a great model. Now, you can opt for the best gas chainsaw in 2021 from Makita, DCS34 Commercial Grade. This gas powered chain saw can be used in order to cut through branches, trees and wood materials. The 14 inch saw can also be used for cutting fence, brush clearing and limbing as well. It is powered by 2.0 cubic inch 33cc engine that can deliver an impressive 12.200 RPM speed. The chainsaw weighs only 8.2 pounds, making it ideal to handle.



The DCS34 Commercial grade chainsaw from Makita comes equipped with double air filtration system which ensures smooth functionality during each cutting task, helping woodworkers perform accurate cuts

This cheap gas chainsaw incorporates 14” chain and 14” guide bar for heightened control over each phase of the cutting task at hand

Easy to manage with a durable construction the chainsaw offers high power to weight ratio, which ensures people will be able to safely perform precise cuts on a wide range of wood materials

Powered by a durable 33cc engine this chainsaw can reach impressive cutting speeds of 12.200 RPM, great for cutting firewood, shaping wood or cutting trees



Includes some plastic parts but very durable

The instruction manual should include more information on cutting techniques


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Poulan Pro PP351AVX  Gas-Powered


Searching for the most efficient gas-powered chain saw can be pretty difficult. Still, as you probably already have seen there are plenty of models to consider investing in. Now, we would recommend that you take a closer look to Poulan Pro PP351AVX. This powerful chainsaw features a 16-inch bar which delivers an impressive cutting capacity of 32 inches in diameter. You should also know that the chainsaw uses an advanced anti-vibration system which manages to isolate the engine from the chassis. During your work, you won’t have to worry about vibrations. It includes different safety measures that prevent you from dealing with accidents.



As the highest rated product from Poulan, the 16 inch Pro PP3156AVX gas powered chainsaw features a powerful 38cc DuraLife engine capable of delivering professional cuts on a wide range of wood materials

Comes equipped with high quality anti-vibration handles which permits woodworkers to enjoy reduced fatigue and pressure during cutting tasks

With a roomy cutting capacity of 32 inches in diameter the chainsaw offers high safety and comfort levels while working on rough wood materials

The chainsaw includes an auto oiling system that lubricates the chain and bar during cutting operations



Some assembly is needed but the manual offers proper assistance


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