Top rated garment steamers in 2018


Every person understands the importance of keeping their clothes steamed and ready to go, especially when social event are looming on the horizon. Keeping your garments smooth is very important, if you want to look good and impress other people with your appearance. How can you accomplish this feat with no effort? Invest in a high quality and professional garment steamer! The market has a wide range of offers which makes it pretty hard to locate the most efficient one. Still, there’s a solution for your predicament. Consult with attention the current best garment steamers reviews and end up with a great product in your home!


How to end up with the most popular Garment Steamer in 2018?


36Thousands of Americans are currently searching for quick ways to keep their clothes free of wrinkles or lines. As thousands of men and women spend a lot of time in picking out their clothes, it comes as no surprise to see them invest an equal amount in taking care of them. This is where professional garment steamers come into play. With the ideal garment steamer you won’t have to worry about wrinkles! Even thou some people use irons in order to keep clothes smooth, it seems that steamers provide the best results. I invested over 90 hours in drafting the best garment steamers reviews. In the following rows you are going to learn how to distinguish the good products from the ones that will simply waste your time!

You will learn how a garment steamer works on removing lines and wrinkles. This machine was designed especially for such suctions. It can help you save time and take better care of your clothes. Now, a powerful garment steamer can maintain a smooth ironing process. Today, you will find on the market many types of steamers but they all work on the same principle. A garment steamer works by using common water to create steam and afterwards remove wrinkles. It comes with a long tube, safely attached to the base which transfers steam to a wide nozzle. Professional laundry rooms use advanced garment steamers in order to take better care of clothes appearance. Deciding upon a product from the best garment steamers in 2018 can be tough given the multitude of products available on the market.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Watts Price Water tank capacity Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Jiffy J-2000

1300 $$$$ 40 oz <16 lbs A AMAZON

Rowenta IS6300

1550 $$$$ 81 oz 16.2 lbs B+ AMAZON

Rowenta IS6200

1500 $$$ 81 oz 15 lbs B AMAZON

Steamfast SF-510

1500 $$$ 46 oz 14 lbs B+ AMAZON

Steamfast SF-407

1500 $$$ 40 oz 9 lbs B+ AMAZON


Some people use garment steamers in order to clean upholstery from couches and car seats as well. Furthermore the steamers can also be used on mattresses in order to safely kill dust mites and eliminate odours. Now, you’ll find on the market standing garment steamers, handheld steamers and powerful travel steamers. Standing garment steamers are commonly used by people to remove wrinkles from day to day clothes. The device includes a water base which sits on the floor and is completed by a long tube with nozzle. Prices vary from one product to the next! Pricier garment steamers come equipped with many attachments, ideal to cover different types of ironing choirs.

Some of the best garment steamers in 2018 come from the travel category. These are powerful travel steamers that can suit in travel cases or suitcases. It has a small design which combines personal ironing style and efficiency. Due to their small designs, such products require to be refilled more often than you might like. Still, the devices are efficient enough in taking care of all the clothes you own. You won’t have to worry about wrinkles or lines any more. The last category of steamers, handheld ones seem to be a hybrid between travel and standing steamers. Such products feature larger water wells and advanced mechanisms, which make your ironing choirs easier. Depending on your ironing needs around the house, choose the product that can help you get the job done!


Jiffy J-2000 Garment steamer


The time has come to invest in a powerful steamer, designed to make your clothes look even nicer. According to the latest top rated garment steamers reviews it seems that you should use with confidence Jiffy J-2000, a powerful model that significantly improves the way you keep your clothes smooth. This advanced steamer features an impressive 1300 watt solid brass heating element that manages to deliver uniform and quality results. In just 2 minutes, the steamer will be ready to go, whenever you want. Furthermore the steamer comes equipped with an impressive 5.5 foot hose and also 6 inch steam head.



Shows users it belongs to the elite product category that answers the question what are the best garment steamers, with high quality construction that’s able to offer good steam flow

For greater durability, the unit is built with plastic outer housing that resists high impact

Quick two-minute heat-up is the way to go, leaving longer time for  moments that matter to receive greater focus

Every filling of the water tank offers 1 ½ hours of steam time so there’s more done at every use



Efficiency and power of the 1300-watt solid brass heating element can really heat up even the hose

Overfilling the tank or using the incorrect setting may cause leaks or water to spew out


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Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet garment steamer


Best garment steamers reviewsAre you shopping for a professional garment steamer? Well, if you are then you should consider using with confidence Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet, a model that keeps your clothes smooth. As one of the best garment steamers in 2018, the device comes with an exclusive Roll and Press vertical support, which means you will benefit from a flat surface. Easy to manage and quite affordable, this advanced garment steamer gives you additional comfort while steaming different garments without any problems. You should also know that the steamer easily removes wrinkles on all types of fabrics while also sanitizing every inch.



Gave America the pioneer solution to what do garment steamers do, as the first full-size steamer with vertical support for one-hand operation

Self-contained unit allows easy rolling anywhere so steaming can be started in seconds

Vertical screen serves as a board so garments do not have to be laid flat for steaming

Hose is fabric insulated, a cool-to-touch design that goes well with the unit’s one-hand operation, which ensures hands and skin are always protected against burns



Built-in hanger has built-in clips awkwardly positioned in the way when the hanger is used for skirts and dresses

For best results, heavily-wrinkled garments should be left hanging for a few minutes after steaming so slight dampness gets aired away


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Rowenta IS6200 compact garment steamer


Locating a brand new garment steamer can be pretty difficult, given the wide selection. Still, you have a great opportunity today! Choose with an open heart a product after reading the most recent best garment steamers reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users and also technicians. Today you should use Rowenta IS6200 compact steamer, a product coming with a built-in hanger and clips, hanger hook that keeps the garment in place as you steam every inch of it. Furthermore the steamer comes with an extra-large removable transparent water tank that can hold with ease around 81 ounce of regular water.



State-of-the-art design with telescopic pole so full-size steamer gives variable height adjustment for comfortable use and pushes down for easy storage

Tilt-and-roll feature allows the steam base to be tilted on back wheels and rolled using the handle

Thorough diffusion of terrific steam output from steam head so wrinkles are eased out efficiently and quickly

Quick 60-second heat-up for water in tank and subsequent steam production for up to an hour so garments get the attention they need



Built-in hanger can’t hold skirt or pants firmly clipped, requiring simple addition of clips

Hanger holder can’t hold hanger in place, which requires improvisation for effective use


“Having this models has definitely improved the way my garments look and feel. Such a machine is not expensive at all and for me it was just under $90. I think that around Black Friday this most reliable garment steamer has an even lower price. Using it has made me know for sure which model is the best money can buy.” – Adam T. Hughes

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Steamfast SF-510 fabric steamer


When it comes to clothes maintenance, you have to invest in a professional steamer, designed to redefine the way you dress. Now, you need to consider using with utmost confidence Steamfast SF-510 fabric steamer, a product that packs an impressive 1500 watt heating force. The steamer comes with a roomy 46 ounce capacity water tank. It can heat up in 45 seconds and delivers an impressive by up to 50 minutes of continuous and precise steaming system. You can use the steamer in order to remove wrinkles and even odors from different types of linens, clothes, upholstery and curtains. It comes with a telescopic pole and precise attachable fabric brush, for additional precision.



Detachable telescopic pole enables user to adjust it to different heights to obtain optimum comfort and convenient storage

Hairs, lint and loose threads can be brushed away with the provided fabric brush attachment

Easy refilling of the removable 46-ounce water tank, plus deep penetrating steam action goes deep into the fabric so bacteria, germs, bed bugs and dust mites are killed

Unit delivers high-velocity steam on any fabric type, with run time of up to 50 minutes while being able to detail and deodorize vehicles or upholstery



As with other fabric steamers, unit works optimally when used with distilled water

Hanger needs upgrading to sturdier build, but many users do not consider this a big issue


“The Steamfast SF-510 was my Xmas gift and I immediately found out it’s a very useful garment steamer . No more hairs or lint on my suits and this makes me look great at meetings with the board of directors. All in all, I’m very satisfied by this model and I’m positive it’s one of the top 10 steamers in 2o14.” – Chris A. Williamson

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Steamfast SF-407 fabric steamer


Shopping for a brand new fabric steamer can be pretty challenging, especially if you look for a second at the impressive number of models available on the market. How can you narrow down the search? Well, you can do so by learning more about Steamfast SF-407 fabric steamer, a model with an impressive 1500 watt steaming force and 40 ounce capacity water tank. It can heat up in an impressive 45 seconds and delivers precise and continuous 45 minutes of steam, without compromising in any way the fabric. You should know that this steamer is far more effective than let’s say, using a regular iron.



Pole is telescopic as well as detachable and adjustable so user can work at varying heights without difficulty

Rust-free, heat-insulated clothes hanger with hook conveniently included so garments can be hanged easily, enabling operation of the unit with one hand

Convenient press pad included for easy pressing or iron-like application of steamer on sleeves and cuffs, giving total garment care

Fabric brush attachment helps user ensure that loose particles such as lint, hair and others are not left on the fabric



No lock on the rolling casters to ensure that the unit does not roll off easily, but steamer stands securely by itself

Telescopic pole may need to be longer for tall users


“It may be an older model, but the SF-407 still does a fine job for my clothes. The best rated garment steamer reviews still think  it’s one of the most popular models in 2018, so I can only be glad I have such a high quality product for such a long time.” – Emily Chalmers

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