An Expert Buying Guide on Garment Bags:


There are suitcases and there are suit cases, and the products described in the best garment bag reviews are precisely of the latter type. A good-quality garment bag keeps special apparel wrinkle-free and hanging instead of being folded inside your luggage. It is typically large and soft-sided. High-quality models can fold in half without pressing down overly hard to crease the garment. A garment bag can be conveniently carried via a single strap slung over the shoulder or as a roller case. When you get to your destination, the stored garment will not come out tousled or wrinkled or requiring re-ironing.


Garment Bag Features

When you intend to utilize the best garment bag 2021 as your primary luggage unit, it should therefore be large enough to accommodate everything in its roomy compartments. A garment bag on rollers is practical if you have to walk down lengthy hotel hallways, seaports, train or bus terminals and airport lobbies. Wheels can also help you save time and enable you to move around effortlessly. Four-wheeled garment bags can take more weight compared to two-wheeled models. Make sure the wheeled garment bag is collapsible and made of fabric, for smooth conveyance.

On the other hand, a garment bag serving a supplemental function should preferably also have wheels, a strap and a handle that pops up from inside and easily slips back. The wheels let you effortlessly roll your primary luggage and the garment bag together using each hand. Choose models that are light and flexible.


Garment Bag Size

Before you browse through the best garment bag reviews, determine the primary function it will serve. A small garment bag is ideal for overnight trips, when you just have one suit to bring along and the rest of your clothing can go into your primary luggage. A small garment bag is also practical for weekend trips, short business trips and carry-on luggage.

When you’re taking a suit along on an extended trip, a large garment bag is perfect. Take a large garment bag with you when going on vacations, as there might be parties or special events to attend. A large bag should serve you well on long business trips and international travel.


Luggage Regulations

Do remember that bringing along the best garment bag 2021 is not a guarantee that every airline you travel in will not enforce luggage restrictions on what you’re taking with you, as aircraft has specific weight restrictions on luggagethat includes, yes, garment bags, which have weight (surprise, surprise!) There are regulations on the weight and size of what can be categorized as carry-on luggage. Make inquiries in advance on what the restrictions are. Normally, international flights have varying regulations from one airline to another, and compared to domestic flights.


Things to consider:

  • Check for features in the garment bag that enable convenient mobility and functionality.
  • Bring a garment bag of the appropriate size for your purpose.
  • If travelling by plane, ascertain airline regulations on carry-on and checked-in luggage to avoid hassle at departure.


Top Rated Garment Bags in 2021


Who makes the best garment bag? Unfortunately, there are dozens of answers to that single question. However, knowing your personal requirements and the very purpose of the garment bag you buy is always a step in the right direction. Remember: as with any other thing on this blessed planet, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to garment bags, so choose wisely!


WallyBags Garment Bag


Best Garment Bag ReviewsCopping the highest rated garment bag honors from the competition, the Wally Bags Garment Bag ensures that your clothes stay neat and wrinkle-free during travel. This 40-inch garment bag is lightweight, making it easy to move around with. You can use it as a carry-on bag for your easily-wrinkled garments, as it has an exclusive wally-lock hanger clamp. The clamp accommodates up to six garments or more at a time. With this feature, your clothes won’t fall to the bag’s bottom. The handles fasten together, which enables easy carrying. The bag is made of durable water-resilient material, for all-weather protection for your clothes.

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Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Garment Bag


Designed for people who want nothing less than the best garment bag for the money, the Traveler’s Choice Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Garment Bag offers all the right features to make garment carrying easy and problem-free. This garment bag is revolutionary for its inline skate wheels that let you maneuver the bag through busy airports and terminals while keeping your business suits tousle-free. The bag is made of 40% 1200-denier two-tone polyester and 60% polyester, ensuring thick protection for important garments. The bag is 23 inches high and 22 inches wide, providing enough room to carry thick garments while keeping them free of creases.

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Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag


Which product is the best in this category? Although there are a lot of answers, the Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag never goes beyond top rank. The garment bag is made of polyester, giving overall durability to capably carry your garments to their destination while ensuring wrinkle-free travel. The shoulder strap, which makes carrying very convenient, is adjustable and detachable, so you can extend it to the right length for ease of handling, and take it away when you’re settled. The interior multiple mesh zipper pockets are useful for maximizing capacity. The deluxe organizer in the front pockets allow you to store smaller items that can no longer be accommodated in your primary luggage.

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World Traveler Designer Print Garment Bag


Made of durable 600-denier polyester fabric, the World Traveler Designer Print Garment Bag is an affordable product that helps you bring along suits and other important items of clothing while ensuring that they remain crease-free. The polyester lining ensures that delicate garments do not get damaged in any way during conveyance. The metal hook works well for hanging multiple pieces of clothing, so you won’t have to limit your choices to a single garment. The four interior zippered pockets can be utilized for accessories, shoes and other wardrobe items. The zippered pocket out front lets you keep other items as well.

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Bags for less Suit/Dress Garment Bag


Designed for storage or travel, this black suit/dress garment bag from Bags for Less is a cheap product that does the job. It has a sturdy full-length center zipper that allows easy in and out of garments for transport or storage. The bag is made from eco-friendly material, ensuring that it keeps clothes wrinkle-free without damaging them inside. The garment bag is made of 100% 75+ GSM recyclable polypropylene non-woven material , for non-toxic, safe use. The 6-inch by 6-inch window pockets allows insertion ofan identification tag, making this bag ideal for wash-dry-iron businesses. The reinforced hanger opening ensures that clothes hang neatly without falling to the bottom.

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