Gardening knives – What to look for:


The top ten gardening knives are more than the cheap pruning or grafting knife sold in the market. When you’re digging holes for young plants and seeds, you’ll need the multipurpose blade of the most reliable gardening knives that do lighter digging. The sharp or serrated side goes through tough roots and hard soil using gentle pressure. These are elements you should check out.


Blade Material

The gardener saves time and effort when pruning and planting thanks to the efficient performance of the best rated gardening knives. It is vital that one chooses a product with a great-performing blade for year-round gardening. A stainless steel blade is constructed using low carbon stainless steel. Its cutting edge is kept constantly performance-ready through frequent or regular sharpening.  Knives with a carbon steel blade may cost more than stainless steel knives, but their higher carbon make-up enables them to stay sharp for sustained periods, eliminating frequent sharpening. Make sure that the blade will not break easily. There are models that offer inch-rulers on the blades to help with measuring soil depth.

Knife Handle

Ergonomics is what it’s all about when you have to dig deep into soil, saw through roots, make cuts, grafts and pruning, and do a variety of gardening tasks using implements in the top tier on ratings best to worst for gardening knives. You have to be able to hang on to the handle without it slipping from your grasp. The handle has to be rugged but balanced and comfortable in the hand. Ridges could assist with maintaining a good grip, but some individuals may prefer a smooth handle to work with. To ensure optimum safety in the garden, the handle can be made in a bright, “cautionary” color so you’ll know it’s stuck somewhere among your plants and won’t be the cause of accidents.



Cheap gardening knives do not carry the cutting and digging efficiency of products under the gardening knives category that sell for a higher price tag. With better-quality models, you can feel the balance and power as you dig through soil and problem roots. You won’t feel like you’re wielding a tool that could easily snap in two if you just happened to hit a rock embedded deep into the soil. Japanese hori-hori knives have been made the ideal examples of gardening knives. Used extensively in bonsai projects and gardening and landscaping jobs, such products carry that exclusive all-around cutting and digging power you can rely on. Slice through roots, do endless pruning with a hori-hori gardening knife that won’t give up on the toughest gardening jobs and soils.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Blade Length Price Hori Hori Blade Material Our Rating Where to buy

Tomita Japanese 650

7 inch $$ YES Stainless Steel A+ AMAZON

Nisaku Japanese 1516

6.5 inch $$ YES Stainless Steel A+ AMAZON

Tomita Japanese 800

7 inch $$ YES Stainless Steel A AMAZON

A.M Leonard Classic

6 inch $$$ No Stainless Steel A AMAZON

Snow Joe Sun Joe SJHH1901

6.5 inch $$ YES Carbon Steel A AMAZON


What are the best gardening knives out there? Visit online stores and gardening supply sellers to help you make an informed decision. Ask questions on performance and digging/cutting ability from manufacturers and salespeople.  Don’t just settle. Buy with the attitude of an informed customer. There will always be something new you can learn that will make your gardening experience a really great hobby.


How to select the perfect gardening knife for your needs


Professional gardeners need to use high quality knives, designed to handle different digging tasks. There are special gardening knives that can be used before cultivating and planting different plants, flowers and vegetables. Seasoned landscapers and gardeners understand the importance of using a reliable knife during the early phases of gardening. Tending for different flowers doesn’t require only skill but also the use of efficient tools. Fortunately the market’s offer on gardening knives is more than generous, covering a wide range of specific applications. Finding the right soil knife represents a significant investment in the garden’s appearance and ultimately “health”. Who doesn’t want a beautiful garden with colourful flowers or tasty vegetables? Well, thousands of American gardeners want to find efficient knives, with sharp edges and comfortable handles.

Taking into account the impressive number of gardening tools available for purchase, we took the liberty of testing 20 of the most popular products in 2021. Each gardening knife from the list was tested for 3 hours on different types of soils. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best gardening knife reviews, which you should consult with confidence. First of all you have to determine the type of gardening actions you perform. It is important to find a product that matches your garden’s needs. Today, more and more gardeners and landscaping specialists use without reservations hori-hori and Japanese soil knives. Such products are known for their capacity to handle different types of grounds, from ruggedness to depth assimilation. Planting seeds and managing growth cycles requires certain healthy cuts that only a professional knife can perform.


Best gardening knife for the money


Japanese Hori Hori Garden/Landscaping Digging Tool


Designed to be the best gardening knife for the money, the Japanese Hori Hori Garden and Landscaping Digging Tool can be used as a metal detecting tool, a bonsai collecting implement, a multi-purpose gardening tool and a fishing and hunting implement. Its stainless steel blade is made extremely sharp and concave shaped, enabling scooping of soil and other materials. The sharpness also works well to make it a general purpose sporting knife. Cut through ropes you need for climbing, whack through wild foliage, gut the fish you’ve caught. This is your indispensable tool for digging in the garden. It easily cuts and scrapes weed, roots and vegetables, helping you maintain your garden and harvest what you’ve planted.

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How to find the best gardening knife 2021 ? Well, this is a pretty tough question to handle given the multitude of respectable options out there. You need to find a knife with an ergonomic and comfortable handle, easy to manoeuvre around plants and small trees. Another important thing to take into account is the knife’s blade, which has to be sharp and solid enough to break through solid ground and roots. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people are looking for efficient Japanese hori-hori knives, products known for their smooth cutting performance. There are two types of gardening knives: made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Knives that have a carbon steel blade have a rugged design and comfortable handles.


Best Swiss army knife for gardeners


Victorinox Swiss Army Grafter Garden Tool


Belonging to Swiss Army’s Gardening collection, the Victorinox Swiss Army Grafter Garden Tool has a large blade and a grafting blade. This is the best Swiss army knife for gardeners thanks to its reliable pocketability and functionality for grafting jobs in the garden. It has blades made of stainless steel and rust-proof aluminum alloy separators. You will always have the gardening tool you need on hand straight from the recognized world leader in multi-use pocket tools, Victorinox. It is a 100-mm four dual blade floral knife made in Switzerland, guaranteed free of design flaws and defects in workmanship and material.  This tool is well made for budding and cutting scion wood.

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According to recent statistics it seems that the best gardening knife 2021 usually comes with a durable stainless steel blade. Such knives are lightweight and very easy to handle. Due to the lightweight design such knives are less likely to cause injuries while performing different gardening actions for hours. Furthermore stainless steel blades ensure proper functionality even while used during winter time. As a result it comes as no surprise to see so many gardeners prefer without hesitation stainless steel gardening knives.


Best pocket knife for gardeners


Flexrake LRB901 Pocket Gardener Multi-Function Tool


The Flexrake LRB901 Pocket Gardener Multi-Function Tool is your perfect choice when you want the best pocket knife for gardeners. It carries a folding pocket knife style that lets you carry it anywhere safely and conveniently. This tool belongs to the special Flex rake garden series. It is a tough grade pocket folding pruner and five-in-one folding gardening tool. The tool comes complete with everything you’ll need for a day of gardening. It integrates a pruner, saw, knife and two weeding pull outs. Have the right tool on hand no matter what you have to do in the garden and at the camp. It is even shipped to you with its own tool holster.

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Things to consider:

  • Gardening knives need to have comfortable and rugged handles
  • The knives have carbon steel or stainless steel blades
  • Hori-hori Japanese gardening knives perform very well on different types of soils


Top Gardening Knives in 2021


Every beautiful garden has something to show. A stunning line of roses or a timely cut bush can add something special to your home front yard. The secret to a dream garden is daily care and different maintenance actions. In order to make precise adjustments to your garden’s landscaping, you need a professional gardening knife. Such tiny but powerful tools can take care of those heavy roots that grow in all the wrong places. In order to find the most efficient model, you must consult some of the best gardening knife reviews, written by professional gardeners and also satisfied customers.


Tomita Japanese 650 Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool


Best Gardening Knife reviewsThe sheer amount of landscaping knives on the market makes it possible for everyone to have their pick on a great model. Now, you have the possibility to choose the best gardening knife in 2021, designed by Tomita Japanese: Hori Hori Garden Landscaping tool. This knife is essential for people that love their gardens. It has stainless steel blade, with a sharp and concave shape. You can use the knife for scooping soil, cutting branches, slicing through heavy and more rebellious heavy roots. In Japan, this tool was used by bonsai passionate to collect different specimens hiding in the wild.



Authentic  Japanese hori hori (literally “dig-dig”) landscaping knife with 7-inch stainless steel blade optimized for exceptional digging and gardening power to the user

Sharp and concave top quality stainless steel blade to enable easy scooping of soil and other materials, while ensuring that gardening jobs get done fast and easy

Overall knife length is 12 ½ inches while blade length is 7.8 inches, with serrated edges to facilitate easy slicing through heavy roots and effortless pruning, making this the best Japanese gardening knife 2021



Can’t be used to pry objects loose such as huge roots or large rocks

Tang doesn’t go fully into the solid hardwood grip handle


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Nisaku Japanese 1516 Hori Hori Garden Landscaping digging tool


It is important to have in your possession a reliable garden knife, capable of cutting with precision roots or scooping soil. According to the present best gardening knife reviews, it seems you can opt with confidence for Nisaku Hori Hori. This knife has a stainless steel blade, with a concave and extra sharp shape. You can even use it as a sporting knife. As one of the best digging tools you can ever own, this knife from Nisaku is highly appreciated by master gardeners. You can cut and scrape roots, vegetables or weed with it. It has an overall length of 11 3/4 inch.



Highly functional digging and landscaping tool to help avid gardening enthusiasts, hobbyists and  professionals  complete bonsai collecting projects

Also useful as an extra practical fishing and hunting tool, aside from being a special metal detecting tool as metal objects easily get attracted to the special stainless steel blade material

The go-anywhere multipurpose gardening tool with depth gradations to help measure soil level as needed, and a stainless steel blade made sharp and concave to enable scooping of soil and other gardening materials

Comes with its own belt loop nd heavy black vinyl plastic sheath



Really sharp and robust blade can cause accidents

Not meant to pry objects loose in the soil


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Tomita Japanese 800 Hori Hori Garden Landscaping digging tool


There are some gardens that require a personal touch in order to strive with beauty. Now, a landscaping knife can do just that. If you are on the market for one, choose without reservations Tomita Japanese Hori Hori. As one of the top rated gardening knives in 2021, this model is loved by master gardeners and outdoor decorators. It is pretty easy to understand their reasons. The knife is made out of high-quality stainless steel blade which can handle even the most demanding of cutting choirs. It also has a Polymer handle, which permits you to use it comfortably during various jobs around the garden.



Polymer handle gives a firm and easy grip to enable easy control of the blade through tough soil, and heavy cutting energy when pruning and cutting stems and roots

Comes with a premium 7-inch Japanese steel blade guaranteed to stay sharp through years of use

Sharp serrated edges make this one great digging tool to make short work of pruning and root cutting jobs

Proves useful not just for gardening but is a perfect implement for hunting and fishing as well

Hard polymer sheath attaches to a belt or snaps securely into place with the case



Handle does not carry full tang, so balance is not full

Really sharp blade not safe for use around children


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A.M Leonard Classic Stainless Steel Soil Knife


Every garden has its personality, maintained by those that work on it. If you invest a lot of time in improving your garden’s looks, consider learning more things about A.M Leonard Classic soil knife. As the best gardening knife in 2021, this model is made by Swedish tools manufacturers. You can use this multifunctional tool knife in order to perform different actions: cut, saw or dig. Furthermore due to its solid design and high resistance, this knife can be used in order to divide crowns, remove rocks, plant, weeding or cutting strong roots. It has a 6 inch long stainless steel blade.



6-inch stainless steel blade in a three-in-one landscaping tool that’s been cited in dozens of best Japanese gardening knife reviews and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club

3-in-one gardening implement saws, cuts and digs to help users complete from the simplest to the most complex landscaping jobs

Perfect also for weeding, cutting roots, planting, rock removal and dividing crowns, is a highly versatile gardening implement that any professional landscaper should have

Tapered slicing edge of the blade comes with medium serrations on one side to enable easy sawing of roots



Extremely sharp blade can cause accidents

Comes with a higher price than other brands in the same category


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Snow Joe Sun Joe SJHH1901 Hori-Hori Garden landscaping digging tool


Are you on the market for a powerful garden knife? Well, if your answer is yes, then we have a great model for you: Snow Joe Sun Joe SJHH1901 Hori-Hori. This is the ideal digging and landscaping tool. Any garden enthusiast or experienced worker appreciates this tool. The knife was designed out of strong carbon steel, capable of tackling even the toughest of gardening chores. You can use the tool in order to cut plants, weeds, roots and also plant bulbs. Furthermore this tool has a serrated edge, making it ideal to saw different branches or twigs with no problems whatsoever.



Adheres to Japanese hori-hori principles with its special carbon steel blade that stays sharp with continued use, and won’t give up on complex gardening jobs

Ideal landscaping and digging tool that easily tackles tough gardening chores including weeding, rock arranging, planting, pruning and root cutting

Also works flawlessly on grafting chores to help serious gardeners grow the most exquisite flora specimens

Shipped in a protective sheath,  and blade has an inch ruler useful for depth gauge



Serrations may need to be upgraded and upscaled to provide better performance

Handle not given an ergonomic twist to enable comfortable gripping during extended periods of gardening and landscaping


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