Top rated gardening axes in 2019


Every plant present in the garden needs to be treated with attention. From tiny flowers to big trees, gardeners need to provide proper care and cut away the unhealthy parts. This is where a gardening axe will come in handy. Fortunately there are many axes available on the market from which to choose from. We attentively went through the best gardening axe reviews and detailed user testimonials in order to help people find the right product for their gardens. During our extended research we discovered five powerful and carefully designed axes that will perform very well on different types of plants.


Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe


Best gardening axe reviewsFrom the best gardening axes in 2019 we believe that the 375581-1001 chopping axe from Fiskars will deliver healthy and accurate cuts. This 28 inch axe can be used in order to perform peeling and cutting tasks with minimal effort. The axe combines advanced blade geometry, weight distribution and speed performance for proper cutting results. It incorporates an ultra-sharp blade and solid construction that maximizes gardening results. Chopping becomes an easy task! This axe features a shock-absorbing DuraFrame handle which permits gardeners to manoeuvre without problems between chopping and cutting tasks. This particular chopping axe benefits from a lifetime warranty!

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Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo


Most of the best gardening axe reviews underline the solid construction of the Gator Axe II Saw from Gerber. Gardeners know that trusting in Gerber cutting tools means getting the job faster. So, using this powerful axe will help people deliver accurate cuts on small or medium sized trees. Lightweight (2 pounds) and with an easy to hold handle this axe can be wielded without restrictions. The handle is made of glass nylon which resists even the toughest of cutting jobs. It is good to know that the axe is accompanied by a ballistic nylon sheath which should be used after each gardening project.

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Estwing E44A Steel Camper’s Axe


Since every task comes with its level of difficulty, finding the best gardening axe in 2019 ensures better results. This is why we underline the solid construction of the E44A camper’s axe from Estwing. Made with solid steel this 16-inch axe responds very well to different cutting needs around the garden. It features a polished head and comfortable handle for proper control during gardening tasks. The axe incorporates New Shock Reduction grip which manages to diminish up to 50% shock while cutting wood. This tool can be used in order to trim trees, notch timber and split wood when needed.

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Fiskars 78506935 X7 Hatchet


The time for traditional axes is over. Since the release of the 78506935 X7 axe from Fiskars it seems that more and more gardeners prefer the newly developed type of cutting tools. Due to its smart design this particular axe can chop 3 times deeper than standard models. The axe incorporates X-Series blades which are designed with unique grinding technique for enhanced cutting edge. The forged steel blade remains sharp 2 times longer than other axes. It features an advanced weight distribution that provides optimal power during each cutting task. As a result, gardeners will be able to chop logs faster and easier than ever!

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Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle


A growing number of people are searching for the best gardening axe in 2019 in order to safely deliver precise cuts on different types of wood. According to recent user testimonials it seems that the Trail Boss axe from Cold Steel delivers proper cutting performance. Due to the lightweight design this axe is fairly easy to carry around the garden. The axe includes a European style 4” blade and 4 1/2” cutting edge for proper results. This tool enhances the user cutting force during each gardening task. Furthermore the axe’s advanced Hickory handle permits people to tightly hold the tool while chopping down different trees.

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