If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best gaming TVs with no lag for the budget you have available, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve done an extensive research on the topic and put together a gaming TV guide based on the owner feedback, the sales figures as well as the value offered for the money you’re likely to spend on one of the alternatives we’ve discovered. Out of all the products we’ve looked at, the Samsung UN32J5003 is the best, as it features an efficient refresh rate, is relatively affordable and has garnered a myriad of positive user reviews. What’s more, it comes in various styles and sizes, allowing prospective buyers to choose from the 32-inch, 43-inch, 48-inch, and 50-inch options. If, for some reason, this option is either unavailable or out of stock, we suggest having a look at the second best product in the line, the Vizio E24-C1, as it comes with almost the same features and will not leave you feeling disappointed.



Comparison Table


Product Sizes Price HDMI Ports Smart TV Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN75H6350

32-75 inch $$$$ 4 YES A+ AMAZON

Samsung UN32EH4003

32 inch $$ 2 No B+ AMAZON

Samsung UN22F5000

22-50 inch $$ 2 No B AMAZON

VIZIO M321i-A2

32 inch $$ 3 YES C AMAZON

Samsung UN32EH5300

32-50 inch $$$ 3 YES C AMAZON



Buynig Guide


Video games are a huge part of our culture and with the release of the next generation consoles, people are eager to find the best gaming television. With so many high quality televisions available on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the best gaming TV.

We have created this guide to help make that decision easier. While we cannot tell you who makes the best TV for gaming, we can offer you some information that may enlighten you.

Type of TV

Because you are looking for the best gaming TV for the money you are going to spend, the type of TV you choose will play a very big role in the decision. Initially, plasma televisions usually will outperform an LCD because they have rich black levels that make for higher contrast, there is no motion blur, nor will you experience the limited viewing angle that is usually associated with LCD TVs. Just be aware that if you choose a plasma and pause the game for an extended period of time, the TV does have image retention problems—meaning whatever was on the screen will leave a faint imprint on the screen for several hours. This could be a problem for static images on games like health bars, mini-maps and radars, which rarely change enough during the game.

We recommend an LCD TV that uses a LED backlight, especially if the TV is used primarily for gaming. The limited viewing angle isn’t much of a problem, as most gamers will be front and center while playing.


Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the television is important because it reduces the blurring effects that you get when things are in motion. Just be aware that if you have a high refresh rate, it will increase the processing power required of the television, which could cause motion lag. If you are a casual gamer or you watch movies and TV shows on the same TV as you game on, you will want a TV with a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz.


Smart TV or No Smart TV

Smart TVs have the ability to connect to the internet via built in Wi-Fi. If you are a casual gamer, there are some Smart TVs that offer gaming platforms built in. Some of the newer TVs feature OnLive steaming gaming services as well as the PlayStation Now streaming gaming service. These services grant you access to the consoles most popular games from older console generations. This feature alone may be appealing enough to warrant the purchase of a Smart TV. If this doesn’t interest you, then a regular TV will do just fine.

The desire to have the best television to enhance your gaming experience is on the rise. Gamers all over the world want to make the most of the incredible graphics that next generation consoles and games that are being produced. With one of the top ten gaming TVs, you can fully appreciate the technological advancements that go into making such games.



Products for Specific Needs



Best Gaming TV for PS4


Samsung UN55H8000


If you are looking for an incredible gaming experience, the Samsung 3D Smart LED TV is one of the best gaming TVs for the PS4. The curved 1080p LED screen produces crisp and clear images. The built in Wi-Fi allows you to surf the internet and stream programs that everyone in your family will enjoy. The clear motion rate 1200 allows you to enjoy high action movies and video games with barely any motion blur. The wide color enhancer and micro dimming technology gives you a broad spectrum of colors and adjusts the brightness to ensure deep blacks and crisp whites.


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Best Gaming TV with Glasses


Samsung UN105S9


For an incredibly immersive gaming experience, the Samsung 105-Inch 4k Smart LED TV is one of the best gaming TVs with glasses, which will make your viewing experience so much more awe-inspiring. The innovative TV features powerful processor speeds that enhance the Smart Hub experience. It gives you a seamless viewing experience while you stream content and it also allows you to multi-task. With screen mirroring, you have the ability to wirelessly beam videos, presentations, and video games from your laptop, smart phone, or tablet directly onto the Smart TV.


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Best Gaming TV with no Lag


Sony KDL60W630B


Gamers can rejoice when they hook up the best gaming TV with no lag. The Sony 60-Inch Smart LED TV allows you to connect directly to PlayStation Now. You can connect your DUALSHOCK3 controller directly to the TV. This allows you to begin streaming games without the need of additional hardware. Not only is the TV excellent for gaming, but you can discover new programs that stream directly to your television through your Wi-Fi connection. The Sony TV features made-for-TV apps such as Netflix, Pandora, YourTube and much more.


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Top rated Gaming TVs reviews


I’ve been into computer games for years and I’ve reached really high levels for some of the games I have been playing. I’m planning to take my gaming experience higher by upgrading my hardware such as my gaming console as well as my gaming TV. I checked the internet and found some really good stuff. Also, reading customer reviews gave me a hint about which products are the best. I compiled here a list of the candidates for best gaming TV 2021.



Samsung UN32J5003


1.Samsung UN32J5003

While completing our gaming TV comparison, we came across this model from Samsung, which might be worth taking into account if you are still prospecting the market for a new and relatively affordable choice. The model comes with all the features one might ever be looking for, even though it’s not a smart TV and does not have a built-in WiFi. Even so, it does have Full HD 1080p resolution and a motion rate of 60. Both the color and the brightness of this option can be adjusted in accordance with the needs and preferences of the owner.



If you’ve been looking for high-resolution audio experience while you’re involved in the game, you need to check out the Samsung UN32J5003 today. It has Dynamic Audio performance with DTS Premium Sound.

Connectivity isn’t an issue with this option, as it allows buyers to stream media from USB storage devices and it works with virtually any type of HDMI unit.

This LED TV can be used for anything from watching movies to playing games, as it features an outstanding 60CMR refresh rate.

Crisp and clear images are a direct result of the Full HD resolution of this TV.



It does not have built-in WiFi.

Since it’s lightweight, it might give users the feeling it’s a bit flimsy.


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Vizio E24-C1


2.Vizio E24-C1

The Vizio E24-C1 is yet another noteworthy option, especially as, on some accounts, it might even be better than the previously mentioned Samsung model. For one, it can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, thus speaking to the needs of multiple kinds of users. Second, it offers the convenience of built-in WiFi and smart functionality. What’s more, it has the same effective refresh rate as the Samsung UN32J5003. Even though it might not matter a great deal for some owners, it has one of the best constructed gaming TV stands.



Color consistency is at the core of this product, as its LED backlights have been built to deliver an astonishing 5 million to 1 contrast ratio.

Thanks to the 1080p Full HD resolution of the Vizio E24-C1, buyers now have the opportunity to glance at accurate and crystal-clear images, regardless of whether they’re watching a show or playing a game.

The TV comes with a plethora of internet apps and supports anything from Netflix to Hulu Plus.

It has built-in WiFi.



Some of the buyers are bugged by the fact that they can’t uninstall the app buttons.

The smart menu might feel a little cluttered.


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Sony KDL55W800C


3.Sony KDL55W800C

Sony is one of the most esteemed manufacturers of electronics that now exist in the world. The brand’s products are well-known for being convenient and versatile, although they might cost a pretty penny compared to other options. This is one of the most remarkable alternatives for PS4, even though it might not be a good gaming TVs for PS4. However, if you’re looking for the best connectivity and visual features, this is the model to get. With its outstanding refresh rate and Motionflow XR 960, the Sony KDL55W800C is well worth its reputation.



In terms of connectivity, there’s virtually nothing that might disappoint users as the Sony KDL55W800C comes with built-in WiFi, 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs. This gives users the freedom to get rid of the cable clutter they’ve been dreading for so many years.

Since this is an Android-based TV, it allows buyers to personalize it in accordance with their Google Play account.

The dynamic contrast of the Sony KDL55W800C seems to be one of its most acclaimed characteristics, as it automatically adjusts depending on bright and dark scenes.

All in all, the Sony offers outstanding value for the price.



The interface might be a little too complex for users who aren’t tech-savvy.

It doesn’t come with its own 3D glasses.


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Vizio M43-C1


4.VIZIO M43-C1

Yet another option that’s worth mentioning is the Vizio M43-C1, as it’s considerably more affordable compared to the previously described Sony model and comes with a plethora of useful features. It has the same refresh rate as the Sony. Moreover, it has built-in WiFi and smart functionality. As is the case with other products in the same line, it can be bought in any of the available sizes, ranging from the smaller 43-inch option to the largest 80-inch one.



Detail and clarity are at the root of the Vizio M43-C1, as it has over 8.3 million pixels in every image.

The model supports a multitude of internet streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and UltraFlix.

The TV is both smart and quick, in that it reacts to the commands coming from the user in little to no time.

The unit has both HEVC coding and an ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band WiFi. However, in order for the owners of the TV to take advantage of its WiFi feature, they must use technologically advanced internet equipment.



Even though this is one of the top-rated gaming TVs for Xbox One, it’s not the right TV for YouTube.

The speakers are relatively small.


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Sony XBR49X830C


5.Sony XBR49X830C

The performance and overall quality of the Sony XBR49X830C meet and even exceeds most of the expectations of users out there, even though it might be less affordable compared to other products in the line. This is a 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV that’s known for doing what it’s supposed to do and that can be used for a variety of activities, including gaming. It has the same Android operating system shared by the previously mentioned Sony alternative. The 4K streaming, the many internet apps as well as the voice search of this option make it a notable alternative in today’s marketplace.



The Sony XBR49X830C is perfectly compatible with various 4K service providers, from YouTube to Netflix.

If you’re an Android aficionado, this model will definitely satisfy your requirements as it adds Google Cast and voice search to the game.

Both the native 120Hz refresh rate and Motionflow XR 960 make it worth every penny.

The model comes with 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB inputs.



During dark scenes, some people might notice the backlight on the four corners of the screen.

Depending on the user’s capabilities, the TV might be more or less hard to set up.


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LG Electronics 32LF5600


6.LG Electronics 32LF5600

Just like Sony, LG Electronics has been in the industry of building excellent smart TVs for quite a while, during which the brand has acquired a withstanding reputation. This is an amazing TV for the price, considering that it comes with all the perks and benefits one might expect from an alternative destined for gaming. Granted, it might be more limited than other products, considering that it has no smart functionality. However, it’s still worth every penny.



This is an Energy Star qualified product, which means that owners can finally stop worrying about bills being too high.

 Several other features that are worth mentioning consist of the Full HD resolution as well as the 60Hz refresh rate.

The model has two HDMI inputs that can be used for connecting various other devices you might already be the owner of.

 This is one of the highly recommended units out there, as it has been fortunate enough to gather over 350 positive Amazon reviews.



Although most of the individuals who granted ratings to this unit say it’s worth its weight in gold, some say they were disappointed in the stand, as it cannot be screwed into the table.

The remote might have a little lag.


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Samsung UN75H6350


Best Gaming TV 2021Upgrade your gaming experience with the best gaming TV 2021. The Samsung UN75H56350 is the coolest gaming TV you can ever have. It displays images with dramatic contrast and vivid colors, giving a realistic experience. The Smart Hub feature allows you to easily find what you are looking for. It is designed for a more modern and organized viewing. The Smart Interaction feature allows you to control your TV easily.



Which product is the best from the TVs available in 2021? According to the latest reviews that we consulted, it seems that the UN75H6350 Full HD TV represents a great addition to homes

Optimal for gaming sessions this Smart LED TV features the newly developed Smart Hub which allows people to easily organize video and audio content

Powered by a smooth Quad Core processor which significantly reduces lag and improves navigation this LED TV offers a thriving cinematic experience, for all family members to enjoy

This Smart LED TV offers people access to the exclusive Samsung Apps such as Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix and many others



The remote control doesn’t come with batteries (sold separately)

Doesn’t offer 180 viewing angle


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Samsung UN32EH4003


Embrace a whole new level of gaming experience with the Samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch LED HDTV. As a product of the best manufacturer of home and office appliances in the world, this gaming TV earned a lot of great ratings in the best gaming TV reviews 2021. It has a Clear Motion Rate of 60 which means it is the best TV for gaming and action-packed movement. This can produce images with impressively sharp details and has the ability to eliminate distortion.



As the best gaming TV under $1000from Samsung, the UN32EH4003 model incorporates advanced LED technology which delivers sharp and crystal clear images during each movie played

Regarded by console owners as the best gaming TV for the money, this model includes Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse sound technology which optimizes the audio experience

Features Clear Motion Rate 60 system which carefully measures how a LED TV works, providing real fast moving images with sharp detail and sharp contrast

Due to the ConnectShare Movie, people will be able to easily watch various videos or view photos through a safe USB port



The sound presents are not properly adjusted so users have to do it manually


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Samsung UN22F5000


You don’t have to keep searching for the best gaming TV that you can add to your gaming set because the Samsung UN22F5000 is already within your reach. It displays really clear images, with realistic color, vividness, and details. The slim design is intended for maximum space management. Featuring the most advanced TV technology in the world, coming from the best manufacturer of home appliances, this is indeed one of the most popular TV brands on the market.



There are many people trying to find out who makes the best product in the segment of LED TVs. Most of the latest reviews that we read underline the smooth visual experience offered by the UN22F500 model from Samsung

This 22 inch LED TV comes with a slim design, worth installing in various rooms of the house without regrets

Due to the advanced LED backlight technology and 120 Clear Motion Rate this television set will offer viewers the chance to enjoy fast-moving pictures without worrying about frames

Energy Star 6.0 qualified this LED TV provides realistic details in full HD 1080p, making the whole viewing experience pretty special



Includes an universal remote without the presence of battery (this is an accessory sold separately)

Some minor contrast adjustments are needed before first use


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VIZIO M321i-A2


There are a lot of great TV units on the market but nothing can beat the VIZIO M321i-A2 LED HDTV when it comes to giving action-packed gaming experience. It displays superior image quality using the most advanced technology. It has Smart dimming abilities, a faster refresh rate, built-in WiFi, a set of new and interesting apps, and the ability to play 1080p full HD videos smoothly. Without a doubt, this is one of the best gaming TVs you can find.



Even though a cheap product the M321i-A2 Smart LED HDTV from VIZIO is designed to offer vibrant entertainment, with edge-to-edge pictures and interactive features that keep viewers hooked to the action

This Smart TV offers people access to the new VIZIO Internet Apps Plus which includes virtually unlimited audio and video sources, making the whole visual experience unique

Features Razor LED backlighting technology that allows viewers to enjoy crystal clear pictures, with rich colors and high contrast

Incorporates 120 Hz refresh rate with unique backlight scanning and 10M:1 dynamic contrast ratio which makes the TV optimal for gaming



Does not come with Theater 3D option

Comes with only 1 USB port


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Samsung UN32EH5300


According to the best gaming TV reviews 2021, if you are looking for a mix of quality and affordability, the Samsung UN32EH5300 is your best pick. It is an impressive LED HDTV that is specifically designed for great gaming experience and TV viewing. The sleek and modern design is intended for space-saving and excellent performance. You can watch your favorite shows and enjoy your favorite games with realistic and vivid images.



As the highest rated gaming TV from Samsung, the UN32EH5300 Smart TV gives viewers the possibility to explore an unlimited source of video and audio content from the internet

This Smart TV comes with built-in WiFi technology which delivers fast access to thriving video, audio and social media sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook

Placed among the top 10 gaming TV models in 2021 this model offers users access to Signature Services like Family Story, Fitness and Kids Story which ensures that everyone is happy and entertained

Due to the 1080p Full HD resolution and 120 CMR (Clear Motion Ratio) this television set maintains the videos blur-free even during fast-actioned scenes



The TV doesn’t come with a swivel base

It does not incorporate an S-Video port but compensates with 3 HDMI ports


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Best Gaming TVs. What to Look for:


5Gaming has taken on such a huge presence when you look through the Black Friday deals. You see advertisements for high-definition televisions that boast to play Blu-Ray movies beautifully and have crisp and clear pictures. What about video games though? These high-definition televisions can double as the most popular gaming TVs, too! This guide will help you choose what features you want in your gaming TV.

When it comes to resolution, gamers often have the mentality that the higher the resolution the better the picture is. While this is true for computer games, console games are rendered at a reduced resolution and then they are up-scaled by the television and the console. Therefore, when you compare the console to the computer version, you may notice a difference. However, do not be too alarmed—by reducing the resolution, you are getting the peak performance without sacrificing features like particle effects and physics calculations. Granted, a game on a 1080p screen will not be the same as a 720p screen, but the difference is not as significant as you may think.

Speaking of the screen, if you want to achieve the best-looking game, you will want to find a new gaming TV with a dedicated game mode. This mode will turn off much of the image processing as possible. This means the processes like sharpening edges, reduction in motion blur and color bouncing that is necessary for movies will stop. Instead, it will increase the responsiveness of the display—and the console does its own image processing. By turning these features off, you are reducing the input lag. Some of the best rated TVs have about 16 millisecond input lag, which is really good. The only way you can find out about input lag is by reading product reviews.

While input lag is important, you will want a TV that has a good refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number times the television updates its image per second. While this is not necessarily a necessity because most games play at 60 frames per second and they do not exceed this.

Of course, you will want to keep in mind your budget when you are trying to decide what is the best TV for you. You could easily spend upwards to a couple thousand dollars on a glorious television if you are not careful. You also want to think of the room that you will be putting the TV in. You do not want to get a large TV and you are sitting right on top of it. Not only will it be uncomfortable to view, but it will also make the gaming experience less enjoyable!

When you are choosing what kind of TV you want for Christmas, there is definitely no short supply of options. With these tips, you will be able to narrow down the best gaming TV for your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Think of the size of the room and your budget when shopping for a TV.
  • Screen resolution is important, but it should not make or break your decision. Next-gen consoles are best suited for 1080p or 4K televisions, while older consoles are more suitable for 720p resolutions.
  • Find a television with a game mode. This will cut down the input lag, make the game play much smoother, and have a better response time.
  • Because games play at a 60 frame per second refresh rate, televisions with higher refresh rates may generate dynamic images and insert them between the images created by the source device. This can create lag, but some gamers prefer the ultra-smooth looking game that this can produce.