Professional Buying Advice for Gaming Routers


One of the most important pieces of equipment gamers need to consider is their router. The best gaming router in 2018 will smoothly manage all of your data, without frustrating interference or latency. With the helpful tips included in our buying guide, you can easily find a router that will enhance your gaming experience.

A. Gaming Router

Gigabit Ethernet Ports

As stated in the best gaming router reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the presence of gigabit Ethernet ports. These convenient ports might not actually increase your internet connection’s fixed speed, but it will let you access the 1,000 Mbps. When your computer or gaming console is connected to the port you have the advantage of a stable connection, without any interference from wireless devices.


Quality of Service

The best gaming router in 2018 will also include a quality of service engine (QOS) to help organize  the traffic that is streaming over the network. This convenient function will prioritize all of your gaming traffic, and let you assign it the largest amount of available bandwidth. This can help you to avoid latency and interference which can ruin your gaming experience. Most of the routers specifically designed for gaming include a type of QOS engine.


Dual Band

According to the best gaming router reviews you also want to consider the number of devices you need to connect at the same time. Most gaming experts recommend a dual band router, which lets you connect and use multiple devices at one time. The two bands can be used for specific functions to ensure a smooth and fast gaming experience. The 2.4GHz band is ideal for internet browsing, while the larger 5GHz is designed to seamlessly stream all of your gaming content. Dual band gaming routers also have a longer range, and can generally stream and manage data faster than single band models.


Top Rated Gaming Routers in 2018


The best gaming router reviews agree that this important device is necessary for smooth streaming, and the wrong model can ruin your experience. While there are several models to choose from, there are a few that are designed with gamers in mind. These top rated gaming routers of 2018 are designed to stream and manage your data, while providing you with a smooth and interference internet connection.




1. ASUS RT-N66UThe best gaming router reviews state that this device is ideal for coverage in larger areas, and includes three detachable antennas. You also have the advantage of the amplifier which helps to increase the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. This gaming router is extremely easy to set up, and features a “plug and play” design that lets you immediately connect to the internet.

You have the advantage of the dual band widths that let you connect and use multiple devices at one time, without any frustrating latency. Surf the web, send emails, and seamlessly stream all of your games without experiencing any interference or slow lag times. The gigabit Ethernet ports provide you with the speed and stable platform you need to get the most out of your gaming experience, and the two USB plugs let you connect all of your internet capable devices.

Capable of speeds of to 900Mbps you will enjoy a smooth and stable gaming experience, along with even faster download times. This gaming router also includes settings for parental controls, and will let you monitor the strength of your network signal. The router can be access and controlled from your tablet or smart phone, and the USB ports also let you connect a wireless printer. Access data, files, and print documents with the router, and enjoy a fast and stable internet connection with this top rated gaming router.

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Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200


2. Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200You can enjoy a smooth and fast gaming experience with this powerful router. This gaming router features 6 antennas and amplifiers for a strong and stable network connection. The added range is ideal for larger homes, and you will also appreciate its sleek, compact design. The router is designed to fit in with the rest of your components, and you also have the advantage of the included USB port. Connect any of your other internet compatible devices, including your gaming platforms.

With speeds up to 3.2Gps you never have to worry about latency, and the three band widths make it easy to manage all of your devices. Use the faster band for all of your gaming traffic, and avoid frustrating interference and trying to play with slower speeds. There is also a convenient port to connect your USB storage device so you can back up important data, and stream your own games and music.

The parental controls let you block out inappropriate content, along with helping you manage bandwidth usage. There is an innovative application for sharing data and files between your different devices, and the network can also be accessed remotely from a smart phone or tablet. Ideal for gamers who need to connect several devices, this wireless router is also affordably priced.

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D-Link (DIR-868L) Wireless Smartbeam


3. D-Link (DIR-868L) Wireless SmartbeamThis wireless router was designed with gamers in mind. It features everything you need to seamless stream all of your games and graphics, without annoying latency or interruptions. You have the advantage of the dual bandwidths, which make it easy to manage your different devices. Use the faster band for streaming all of your gaming traffic, and the slower one is perfect for browsing through web pages.

The gaming router is incredibly easy for anyone to set up, and it is also compatible with almost all internet devices. The tall, slim gaming router fits in seamlessly with your other components, and its modern design also hides its powerful Wi-Fi amplifier. Not only do you have the advantage of the exceptionally strong network signal, but the gaming router also includes four gigabit Ethernet ports.

Connect several gaming platforms at once for an incredibly smooth and fast playing experience, and you will also appreciate the ability to manage all of your data from the cloud. The top gaming router is also compatible with most mobile devices, which enables you to access and monitor your network from almost any location. Easy to set up and featuring a strong, fast connection speed, it is easy to see why gaming enthusiasts recommend this secure router.

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