Cheap Gaming PC Speakers prices


To enhance your computer gaming experience, it is apparent that there is a need for some peripherals that will make such possible, including the best gaming PC speakers under $25. With the use of such, it will be possible for you to have a more authentic audio experience, which may even help you increase your chances of being victorious.


Logitech Z130 Gaming PC Speakers


Best Gaming PC Speakers under $25

This will prove to be a good choice if you are looking for compact speakers. Its small size will make it a good addition to tight spaces, whether at home or office. In spite of its size, however, you can be assured that the sound performance is powerful. One thing that makes this possible is the 5-watt power that will make you hear sounds sharply. If you want to configure or change the settings of the speakers, such can be easily done as it has on-speaker buttons for controlling the product.

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“For shooters having a great PC is not enough, you also need to have a top gaming mouse and also some excellent speakers. I have the Logitech  Z130 speakers and for me they are ideal for gaming, recreating high quality sound.” Matt Morrison


Logitech S120 Gaming PC Speakers


With the edgy design of this model, you will be able to have a contemporary audio companion for your computer, which can be experienced at its best when it is used for gaming. The rich sounds produced by such will allow you to become more motivated to strategize at your best, and in the end, be the winner in the game. Aside from the excellent sound quality, its solid construction is another thing that is worth highlighting, making it a durable option.

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“The Logitech S120 are the gaming speakers which let me play my best game. They recreate every sound to perfection so I always know from where different noises come from. I have them for one year and had no problem with them, meaning they are so durable.” Andy Stevens


Logitech S150 Gaming PC Speakers


When looking for the best gaming PC speakers under $25, it is apparent that you will be confronted with many choices, including those that are expensive and replete with elaborate features. There are instances at which you do not need too much from gaming speakers, you just want basic functionality. In this case, this specific model will prove to be a good choice. In spite of its basic controls and features, its audio performance is high quality.

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“They are cheap, have a top sound quality and from my point of view are destined for gamers. They are basic speakers which focus on the quality of the sound most of all, letting me know everything that is going on around me when I’m playing shooters.” Dan Sanderson


Logitech LS21 Gaming PC Speakers


The high excursion drivers, among others, make this a good choice. The latter is basically responsible for richer mids and clearer highs, in spite of the fact that you are actually using compact speakers. The wired remote is another thing that makes this a better option than others. With such, it becomes a lot easier for you to control its functionality. Lastly, it has also been lauded for its excellent cable management system that will allow you to prevent clutter and tangling that can potentially damage the performance of the speakers.

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“Logitech have done it again when it comes to gaming, the LS21 gaming speakers, of which I’m a proud owner, come with a subwoofer to make my  gaming experience that more thrilling. And the best thing is that they are very affordable.” Duke West


GOGroove Mama Panda Gaming PC Speakers


From the very look of it, you can easily tell what makes this one of the best gaming PC speakers under $25. It has the visual appeal that will make it a good option for people who know how to have fun. In spite of its black and white color, it does not fail to add an element of fun, making it perfect for people who love pandas. The reclining panda design is good for youthful users or for anyone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind option within the product category.

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“My son likes to play video games and I thought it was fun to  buy him these speakers as a present. He is 8 years old and likes them very much, so he better integrates into the magical world of his games. I recommed these speakers as being a good present for parents to give their children.” Mary Wilkinson