What to Consider when Buying a Gaming Motherboard under 200


The heart and the central hub of any gaming computer is the motherboard. The best gaming motherboards offer a genuinely awesome experience for gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. How do you know you’ve got a cutting-age gaming motherboard?


CPU Compatibility

Experts recommend shopping at the same time for the two most vital components in any computer gaming system: the central processing unit and the motherboard. Generally, one can judge compatibility between those two elements by simply checking out the manufacturer of the CPU. The large majority of the CPU market is held by either AMD or Intel. It really wouldn’t matter if you’ve invested in the best CPU from one brand when you’ve made the mistake of getting the best gaming motherboard under 200 from another manufacturer.

The two manufacturers utilize diverse socket standards, so check out whether your CPU choice has AMD compatible or Intel compatible sockets.


RAM Compatibility

Your choice of motherboard determines the type and amount of RAM you can get to expand the PC’s onboard memory. Modern gamers prefer to get the best gaming motherboard under 200 compatible with the latest RAM technology or double data rate type three (DDR3). Get yourself at least 4GB to ensure adequate memory to run the gaming system optimally. As a matter of fact, the highest degrees of performance are delivered when upgrades to 8GB or 16GB RAM are carried out. Your system will not suffer from lag or freeze with higher RAM capacity.


Ports, Slots, and Audio

Extra PCI ports to accommodate other cards may be what the gamer wants, so the motherboard should carry those. Check if the motherboard has the number of ports you need, and this includes PCI-Express slots. A dedicated sound card will require another PCI-Express port.

Most motherboards generally come with built-in audio so you can just obtain a dedicated sound card at your option. Investing in a sound card will prove beneficial for gaming experience, however, especially if you want to optimize high-quality headphones or speakers.


What Are the Best Gaming Motherboard under 200?


If you’re a serious gamer, a lot rides on your choice of motherboard. You will need to do plenty of reading and invest in a little knowledge if you intend to get the best gaming motherboard on the market. The following products are always impressive buys in this computer equipment category.


MSI Z97-G45 Gaming


1.MSI Z97-G45 ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150The MSI Z97-G45 ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard uses the exclusive Killer E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform, which is engineered to deliver outstanding networking performance both for online games and high-quality streaming media. The networking platform boasts the Advanced Stream Detect, through which the system senses and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic. This ensures nothing less than consistently smooth, amazingly stutter-free in-game performance along with the competitive edge. Thanks to the exclusive, automatic traffic prioritization, users enjoy exceptional priority for games and real-time chat over low-level system chatter.

The MSI Z97-G45 provides superior sensory perception quality to your ears. You can enjoy awesomely eardrum-shattering audio thanks to the MSI Audio Boost, the element that delivers excellent sound quality for crystal clear music and sound during games. The onboard headphone amplifier enables the use of studio-grade headgear for the most exceptional sound quality ever from any gaming PC. The MSI Gaming Device Port is engineered to provide the best connectivity for quality mice for full utilization of its speed. Get faster and smoother mouse response while gaming.

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Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING


2.Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3 LGAThe Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING Motherboard is equipped with Gigabyte’s exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology, which delivers the highest level of onboard audio technology and features on the market. You can expect unparalleled ultra-realistic sound effects during games, while giving you the most immersive sound experience when listening to your favorite movies and music. Built into this awesome motherboard is the ALC1150, which is a high-performance multi-channel High Definition Audio Codec that brings users a sensational audio listening experience. The motherboard features an onboard M.2 slot that provides PCI-Express connectivity for SSD devices.

With the ALC1150, you get ten DAC channels that support 7.1-channel sound playback, along with two channels of independent stereo sound output via the front panel stereo outputs. The Gigabyte motherboard employs a high-capacity amplifier that can drive 600-ohm loads to deliver a robust range of dynamic sound with lower distortion levels plus better details especially when using premium quality professional headphones. The motherboard comes with Qualcomm Atheros’ Killer™ E2200, the high-performance, versatile gigabit Ethernet controller that provides awesome gaming and online media performance.

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Asus Crossblade Ranger


3.ASUS CROSSBLADE RANGER ATX DDR3The Crossblade Ranger is the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand’s flagship AMD FM2+ ATX gaming motherboard that boosts your game levels higher with exceptional audio and networking performance. The Crossblade Ranger is geared with cutting-edge Intel Gigabit Ethernet, which is engineered to deliver better throughput on lower processing power to give gamers superior speed and increased efficiency. The networking capabilities of this motherboard stems from the ROG-exclusive Game First III technology that ensures zero-delay gameplay. The onboard advanced network-optimization software designates top priority for game-data packets, ensuring allocation of more bandwidth to them.

The Crossblade Ranger ensures the best online-gaming experience and clear, stutter-free online team-chat ever, which are all controlled with ROG’s usual talent for intuitiveness. It even features the reinvented RJ45 socket with LANGuard technology, in which quality surface-mounted capacitors work with the advanced signal-coupling technology to improve throughput. The electrostatically-guarded ESD Guards are also surge protected against lightning strikes and discharges of static electricity. The Supreme FX 2014 onboard ensures state-of-the-art isolation technologies that reduce electromagnetic interference, resulting to awesome audio experience.

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