Expert Buying Advice for Top Gaming Motherboards under 150


Having a good motherboard in your gaming computer is essential to your getting the best experience. This is because gaming makes more demands on your computer than regular computing tasks. Fortunately, an effective motherboard does not have to be too expensive. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best gaming motherboard under 150.

Best Gaming Motherboard Under 150

CPU compatibility

To determine whether or not it is compatible with your CPU, look at the ‘processor interface’ of your computer’s CPU and check to see if it matches the motherboard you are considering. The majority of CPUs are manufactured by Intel and AMD so finding a motherboard that matches either should be easy. Keep in mind that motherboards designed for AMD will not work with Intel CPUs and vice-versa.



It should support the amount of RAM you need. To get the best gaming experience, you should have at least 4GB and DDR3 RAM. Fortunately, most motherboards already support this amount of RAM so it’s not that much of a consideration.



How many and what kind of ports does the motherboard have? Depending on your requirements, the motherboard should have a Firewire port and sufficient PCI ports and USB memory ports, as well as PCI-Express slots.


What Are the Best Rated Gaming Motherboards under 150?


Now that you know how to find the best gaming motherboards you can log on to Amazon and other online sites and shop with confidence. However, if you still need more help, we have some suggestions for the best gaming motherboard under 150. Hopefully, one of them will meet your requirements.  



MSI 970 Gaming


1.MSI 970 Gaming MotherboardThis motherboard is a great choice for those who want superior performance on a budget. You can run your games at a super-fast 60 fps or even higher.

It features AMD’s flagship Socket AM3+, which supports up to DDR3-1866 dual-channel memory as well as the capability to overclock. This gives you up to 32GB RAM available. The range of the CPU extends from a 4.7 GHz eight-core liquid-cooled model to a four-core model. There are five slots which include x16, x8 and x1 PCI-Express 2.0 slots and two PCI slots. These provide you with the option to install extra video cards or a dedicated sound card. You can greatly improve the performance of your games by running SLI or Crossfire.

The available ports include four of the upgraded USB 3.0 and fourteen of the old USB 2.0 as well as a port for the PS/2 mouse/keyboard combo, an RJ45 LAN port and an optical S/PDIF-Out port as well as audio I/O jacks. There are also six SATA3 ports, which double data transfer rates.

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Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING


2.Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMINGThis is an effective mid-range motherboard that represents a dramatic redesign over the previous Gigabyte G1-Killer release. It uses the Intel Z97 Express chipset, which allows overclocking to increase RAM and supports fourth and fifth generation processors. The motherboard features DDR3 dual-channel memory and provides a maximum 32GB RAM. The integrated slots include two for PCI-Express 3.0 x16 (with one at x8), a slot for PCI-Express 2.0 x16 (that runs at x4), three slots for PCI-Express 2.0 x1 and a slot for PCI. It also has six SATA ports that support data transfer as fast as 10 Gb/s and four USB memory slots.

The onboard audio is a Realtek ALC1150 HD 7.1-channel CODEC that comes with a built-in rear audio amplifier and supports the Sound Blaster MB3 X-Fi audio suite for gaming. This provides outstanding audio quality during gaming sessions with no distortion.

The integrated LAN card is a Qualcomm E2201 Atheros Killer chip with a Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The app center for the Gigabyte includes Cloud Station and EasyTune utilities.

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3.ASUS ATX Z97-K-CSM MotherboardThis mid-range motherboard is the ideal choice for gamers who have a limited budget but are still looking for a board that provides them with the bells and whistles they want for a superior gaming experience. It is easy to install and compatible with over one thousand devices.

To ensure a smooth gaming experience with minimal glitches, the motherboard supports M.2 through a slot that you can plug M.2 SSDs in. This allows the speed of the CPU to be upped to as much as 10 Gb/s, nearly doubling that of the SATA III. It also comes with two PCI slots, allowing you to customize it with additional video cards or an optional dedicated sound card, as well as four available USB memory slots and six SATA ports. The on-board audio is the CrystalSound 2, which provides sharp sound quality.

The exclusive 5x protection system protects your CPU in five distinct ways, including the ASUS DRAM OCP, which prevents short circuits and the ESD guard that protects against electrostatic discharges.

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