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Regain trust into your own forces and picture your alter ego in the best gaming monitor 2021. I went through more than 40 reviews and have read in-depth analyses of all features that bring you to your best possible self when gaming. Free your eyes from starring at the game and enhance your mind to see through its resolution. These perfectly designed monitors will bring you the fantastic and utterly creative virtual worlds from your games in front of you.


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Playing video games represents for millions of people around the world a chance to relax and have fun. Some skilled individuals even do it for a living. Still, if you desire to truly embrace the joy of gaming you need a good monitor. According to recent online surveys it seems that a growing number of gamers use HDTVs as thriving gaming monitors. If you are a serious or recreational gamer searching for a new TV, designed mainly for gaming, this is the best time to do it. In order to find a high quality monitor you have to approach the selection process with patience. Set a budget, with minimal variations and consult professional reviews on the most reliable gaming monitors available for purchase. Don’t leave the selection process up to chance and you will find a great TV for gaming.

Since there are so many products available on the market we decided to lend a helping hand. As a result we did a comprehensive research on the subject and gathered helpful tips that you could use. Going through the best rated gaming monitors was a real pleasure for our specialists. Besides displaying movies and games in high definition the monitor needs to be interactive. Gamers are very picky when it comes to control interfaces. This is probably a good thing to remember during the early phase of the research. A high quality gaming HDTV should offer rich and vibrant colours during each scene of the game. Owning a PS3 or PS4 is not enough to ensure an exciting gaming experience. You need to complete the console with a powerful television set. Who makes the best product? This is a hard question to tackle since satisfied customers recommend different types of models.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price Refresh Rate Response Time Our Rating Where to buy

Philips 242G5DJEB

24 inch $$$ 144Hz 1 ms A+ AMAZON

BenQ XL2720Z GTG

27 inch $$$$ 144Hz 1 ms A AMAZON


21.5-27 inch $$$ 76Hz 1 ms A AMAZON

BenQ RL2455HM

24 inch $$ 14Hz 1 ms A AMAZON

ViewSonic VX2452MH

22, 24 inch $$ 120Hz 2 ms B+ AMAZON


The first thing that you have to do is avoid marketing schemes. A HDTV will do great with action packed games and first person shooters. You should also take into account the place where the TV will be set. Each room comes with its light parameters which can affect the visual experience. Light can reflect of the screen and ruin your control over the character during the game. Price is a serious factor to take into account while browsing for a new gaming monitor. For smart purchases we recommend that you follow through on the Black Friday deals on products like gaming TVs. You will probably end up with a great model and still save some money.

Gaming monitors for Christmas day represent great gifts for more enthusiast players. If you have such friends or family members, you can’t struck out with such a present. Just make sure that the model includes HDMI, USB and A/V ports. They are essential for connecting the game console with the TV. For a clear visual experience we recommend that you opt for LED HDTVs. Such models blend perfectly with the graphic engines of consoles like PS3 and PS4.


Things to consider:

–         High refresh rate, which should be more than 60 Hz for a lag free gaming experience

–         High resolution, so you can watch your characters grow in a fantasy world with 1080p video clarity or even more

–         LED technology that offers heightened light and black level control during game development

–         Contrast ration which should be high enough to provide clear and sharp images



Philips 242G5DJEB Professional Gaming Monitor


Keep up the pace while gaming, one of the top gaming monitors 2021 have impressed reviewers for delivering the best possible features in one fully equipped monitor. Smooth and ultra-fast response time will have your attention for long playing hours that will neither get you too sleepy and less comfy. Adjust its height, have comfort in looking at it and set it to your smart image game modes. This monitor will have you re-consider easy to set up connectivity. Nothing will be in your way for having the best game.



What is the best gaming monitor? Most serious gamers underline the efficiency of the 242G5DJEB 24 inch monitor from Philips, which is known to display clear and realistic images

Includes SmartFrame and 144Hz refresh rate which will help gamers see better enemies during key moments of FPS, adventure or mystery games

Features WLED TFT active matrix panel and a smart contrast of 80.000.000:1, which render realistic game backgrounds and character traits in rich colours (16.7 million)

The gaming monitor includes SmartKeypad that offers gamers convenient access to gaming settings, set to personalize the whole experience



This model is not compatible with multi monitor stands

The power cable is pretty short (4 feet) which demands attention when installing


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BenQ XL2720Z GTG Gaming Monitor


It comes with all it takes to staying focused on the game. Eye protection, great details for higher understanding, no blurry images and absolute clarity that will make you get on top of the game. Playing as much as you wish won’t make your eyes get tired too soon. This wide and reliable screen will enhance gaming performance and avoid headaches or fatigue and it won’t have you paying too much money for your guilty pleasure. All your worries will be about wining your game.



From the top ten gaming monitor models, we recommend the GTG XL2720Z LED monitor from BenQ, as a way to safely enjoy games in a vibrant and realistic manner

With a sleek design this 27 inch LED monitor comes with the exclusive Motion Blue Reduction technology and gaming refresh rate optimization management system which safely renders clear and sharp images

It comes equipped with RevolutionEyes technology that permits gamers to play better games with minimal fatigue to eyes

Features Black eQualizer, ZeroFlicker system, 1 MS GTG response time with impressive 144 refresh rate that guarantees visual fluidity and stability during games



Comes with only 1 DVI setup

Does not come with remote control (this is an accessory sold separately)


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ASUS VS278Q-P Ultrafast LED-Lit Monitor


Reviewers have been placing this model among the top gaming monitors 2016 for its high quality standards and versatility. You can have this monitor for playing your games and the next minute switch to TV watching of films. Extensive connectivity and great stereo, the control function and the Smart Contrast Ratio are all great reasons to believe that you are in the right place for having high scores records and push the limits to gaining a new record. Once you will learn its multiple utility, you will never fear the investment has not been worth it.



Which product is the best? For smooth gaming realism we recommend the VS278Q-P Ultrafast 27 inch LED-lit monitor from Asus, a model designed for serious gamers

Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certified this gaming monitor incorporates Smart Contrast Ratio with 50.000.000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, which ensures clarity while playing games at night or giving presentations

Regarded by professional gamers as the best gaming monitor under $500, this model features 1 MS response time that goes well with motion playbacks

Features Splendid Video Intelligence technology that offers gamers the chance to personalize the gaming interface



Comes with only 1 headphone jack

Does not include a HDMI cable (this is an accessory sold separately)


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BenQ RL2455HM Gaming Monitor


Best Gaming Monitors 2021Perfection is about having all the great advantages in one good reliable product. The best gaming monitor 2021 will have you sliding on from level to level and see how much of a difference just one monitor can bring to your gaming abilities. This model will give you the utterly best: customized preferences, intuitive easy navigation, fast response and the so needed eye protection to avoid tiresome and headaches on late night hours.



The current gaming monitor ratings best to worst underline the smooth functionality of the RL2455HM model from BenQ, a model designed to offer gamers the chance to enjoy realistic details and vibrant colours during games

Comes equipped with the new RTS mode that provides essential visibility during night time gaming sessions (essential for Dota II, Starcraft II or Diablo III)

Features the exclusive RevolutionEyes monitor technology which offers high resolutions, rapid refresh rates and fast response time, helping gamers play longer with reduced strain to the eyes

Even though an affordable product this model includes ZeroFlicker technology, which eliminates flickering at different levels of brightness



Features only 1 D-sub port

The basic package does not come with a HDMI cable (sold separately)


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ViewSonic VX2452MH LED-Lit LCD Monitor


Save yourself some money and trust this reliable monitor that promises to have you enjoying you games and other entertaining related activities. Affordable as it may seem, it sure does not compromise any quality standards and has good features for keeping you up am playing all night. Rely on full HD resolution, 2ms ultra-fast response, ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio to get the best video graphics. As for the game mode, nothing will get you a clearer picture than this monitor.



Regarded as the best product for the money from ViewSonic, the VX2452 LED monitor features ClearMotiv II technology which renders 2 MS response time, needed to eliminate blur during games

This 24” inch Full HD monitor features ultra-high 50:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio that enhances clarity during key moments of games

VESA compatible this gaming monitor offers access to Game Mode that offers heightened detail and visibility when playing in dark scenes

The monitor incorporates 1920 x 1080 resolution, setting the basis for a complete pixel by pixel picture performance, optimal for long gaming sessions



Some people consider the included VGA cable a bit too short for flexible connections


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