Best gaming mice under $50


Cheap gaming mice for sale


Gaming mice are one of the essentials for top-notch gaming now-a-days. FPS, MMORPG all high-end games require a decent gaming mouse to get the real experience. But buying a cheap yet congenial gaming mouse isn’t that easy. Cheap brands offer cheap mice but the quality remains “cheap” as well. For helping all those gamers out there we bring to you the best gaming mice under $50.


Logitech G9X gaming mouse


Best gaming mice under $50This product that can be found in many best Logitech gaming mice reviews is mainly built for the ultimate MW3 experience. With MW3 grips and gaming pad this product has some top notch looks. It provides you a boss 5700 adjustable dpi for full speed USB laser engine. Nine programmable buttons provide you with high-end gaming experience which could make you unbeatable in front of pros. The device allows you to store gaming profiles that allow acquiring your controls easily even when using an alien pc. Interchangeable grips and weight-tuning system gives you the comfort you need in a gaming mouse.

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“ I love my Logitech G9X gaming mouse especially in my gaming activities because I can easily control what I am playing without worrying at all. The product is easy to use because it is soft and manageable to handle compared to other gaming mice that are very strange to use.”  Jim Figueroa


Logitech G500 gaming mouse


Logitech provides you another cheap yet high-end gaming mouse which could improve your gaming experience drastically. The super adjustable dpi is perfect for precision targeting and lightning fast maneuvers. The precision of this product is literally mind-blowing. The onboard memory helps you to take your configuration along with you. The scroll wheel is dual mode, click-to-click or hyper-fast, which lets you choose your perfect gaming environment. With 27 gm extra weight and 10 programmable buttons this product is one of the best of the series.

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“ I already find the gaming mice that let me win whatever game I want to play. The Logitech G500 gaming mouse is very manageable and provides high level of efficiency in terms of precision and speed. The product makes everything perfect and steady so I feel comfortable playing.”  Kelley Megan Hopkins


Anker gaming mouse


This beast is the fastest gaming mouse you can ever get in this price. With 8000 dpi the product gives you lightning in your fingertips. The product contains 9 programmable buttons, 4 dpi profile 8-piece weight-tuning system and 2 gaming profiles. The comfortable non-slip buttons and braided fiber cable, gold plated USB connector provides you ease and durability. The design is top-notch which gives it a Deathadder kind of look. The changeable lighting system provides the device an awesome look.

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“ The awesome and fashionable outlook of the Anker gaming mouse is one thing that I admire the most about it. The product is steady and durable so I can guarantee myself and to anyone that it will never get destroyed even in some hard pressures given by the player during the game.”  Brandi Brandy Mercer


E-3lue EMS140 gaming mouse


This awesome-looking ridiculously cheap gaming mouse surprisingly makes its way to the best gaming mice under $50 list. With adjustable dpi (500/1250/1750/2500), this mouse gives you decent quality. The product contains 6 buttons with scroll-wheel and an Avago 5090 chipset. The switch life is almost 8 million cycles that ensures you durability. The price is the lowest of the list and it definitely lives up to its mark and easily exceeds it time-to-time. If you are looking for a cheap but decent gaming mouse, this product deserves double thumbs up.

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“ I am very happy with the performance and quality of the E-3lue EMS140 gaming mouse. The gaming mouse is very dependable when it comes to gaming because it has the speed and precision that all gamers want. I am also amazed by its quality because it never get destroyed and damaged.”  Eddie Sawyer


Razer Abyssus gaming mouse


Razer, the name says it all. The world-class brand gives us at least one cheap gaming mouse. With high 3500 dpi Razer precision, the accuracy is first-class. The product contains 3 buttons tuned for top-quality feedback and hardware toggles for dpi and polling rate. The features aren’t that attractive or good-looking but in the end of the day, it is a RAZER product. Class, constancy and performance, these are what Razer mice provide you and for this it stepped in our best gaming mice under $50.

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” The Razer Abyssus gaming mouse impressed me a lot in terms of accuracy and efficiency. The product is very recommendable to all gamers out there. I commend the product because it is very useful and helps me to get the best ranking in the game that I am playing.”   Hector Spears Hurst