Top rated gaming mice reviews


The gaming industry has grown immensely over the past few years. New software requires new hardware to allow hardcore gamers to fully showcase their skills. Aside from a top end computer, every user will need some proper peripherals to match all those other gaming specifications. Next to the keyboard, the mouse is one of the most important devices to invest in. There are dozens of choices for you to consider with manufacturers trying to come up with more and more ways to make their products more appealing. We’ve selected a few of the best gaming mice 2019, in order to maybe help you narrow things down when making a shopping list.


Razer Naga 2019 MMO Gaming Mouse


Best gaming mice 2019Built to perfectly fit in your hand, the Naga 2019 is one of the most complex gaming mice on the market. It incorporates a unique 12 button thumb grid which can be customized for different games. It also offers something that not many other similar devices provide: tactile and audible feedback. Being so sensitive, this feature will come in really handy each time you make a crucial in-game decision. One other special design feature refers to this mouse’s ability to move its scroll wheel in four different directions. As far as performance goes, the Naga comes with a 4G laser sensor capable of producing 8200dpi which is well above the average gaming mouse.

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Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse


If you know you are not into games which require the use of several macros, we suggest looking into Razer’sDeathAdder. Considered by most shooter enthusiasts as the best gaming mouse 2019, this peripheral is one of the most sought after products of its kind. It uses a similar sensor to that of the item mentioned before with the decrease in DPI. With this particular mouse you only get 6400dpi which is enough even for some professional gamers. As far as design goes, Razer have some of the best mice in the business. The DeathAdder is no different considering it provides excellent grip and a comfortable hand position.

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Redragon Perdition High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC


Redragon’s Perdition Gaming mouse is perceived as the best gaming mouse 2016. It is a fully loaded peripheral which an affordable price tag. It does not get any better than this especially if you are into games that require multiple commands per minute. Aside from the 16400DPI high precision laser sensor, which is not for everyone, this mouse offers 18 programmable buttons and five separate user profiles which can be alternated so as not to lose your preferred settings. In terms of design, it is one of the most durable devices you can get. One last thing worth mentioning about this product is that it has an unexpected price tag which is lower than even experienced gamers might predict.

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Anker Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse


When looking for the best gaming mice 2019, you should keep in mind what type of gamer you really are. Consider if you value comfort over versatility and determine which is most important to you. If you seek a great ergonomic design which will allow you to use the mouse for hours, we suggest investing in Anker’s gaming mouse. This 5000DPI device is one of the well-designed peripherals on the market. It also offers the extended benefit of 11 different buttons each programmable depending on the user. This device comes with a weight turning system which offers more control and stability. It is lightweight and incorporates a gold-plated USB connector destined to never miss a command.

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Dragonwar Phantom Wired USB Laser Professional Gaming mouse


The Phantom by Dragonwar is one impressive device. It has a unique design which you will not come across while browsing through the hundreds of mice available on the market. It provides perfect stability, complete control and impeccable precision. It uses a 5600DPI laser sensor and it incorporates 10 different buttons which can be customized depending on your needs. One important thing that makes this product stand out is its ability to adjust in size and also modify the grip it provides for increased in-game accuracy. It is compatible with both Windows and Apple’s OS.

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