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The most avid RPG players have a lot to say when it comes to their best gaming keyboard 2020 selections. Such products are levels more responsive and accurate than ordinary keyboards. Gaming keyboards are able to take multiple keystrokes better than ordinary keyboards and can carry as many as 15 extra keys for the serious gamer to store their macros. I have interviewed many avid gamers and I have described their favorite gaming keyboard choices in the paragraphs below.


How to select the best gaming keyboard – Expert Buyer’s Guide


8Gamers all over the world understand the need for a keyboard that gives you the edge against other gamers. The most popular gaming keyboards offer a plethora of options right at your fingertips. If you are a gamer that is tired of using a regular keyboard and you feel like it has time to get a new keyboard but you do not know where to start, we have you covered. We created this buying guide to help you know what features to look for to make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

A gaming keyboard is not like the traditional QWERTY keyboard that comes with your desktop. The top ten gaming keyboards are designed to help gamers compete better while playing video games. These keyboards have special features that affect the game play and are unavailable on traditional keyboards. One of these features is game mode. Game mode is one of the most popular features because it locks the windows buttons on a keyboard. This will prevent you from accidently exiting the game, entering the desktop, or hitting a wrong button while in an intense gaming session.

Along with game mode, you will want to find a keyboard that uses anti-ghosting. What this feature does is it disables keys that are near command keys. This is extremely helpful if you are an overzealous gamer who is caught up in the moment and tend to button mash and it could lead to disastrous (to your gameplay) results if the wrong buttons are pressed.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product G-Keys Price Game Panel LCD Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Logitech G19

12 $$$ YES 1 year A+ AMAZON

Razer BlackWidow Elite

5 $$$ No 1 year B+ AMAZON

Logitech G510s

18 $$ YES Not included B+ AMAZON

Razer DeathStalker Expert

No $$ No Not included B+ AMAZON

SteelSeries 64049 Merc Stealth

34 $$$$ No Not included B AMAZON


Avid gamers may want to look for reinforced keyboards. By getting a reinforced keyboard, the most used and most reliable keys, typically the W, A, S, D and space bar, have been reinforced with metal or a thicker plastic.

A nice feature to have on a gaming keyboard is a performance indicator panel. This panel will give you information regarding the computer performance during gameplay. This information includes CPU load and how much RAM is available. It also includes game statistics like how much ammunition you have and the character experience level.

Other than these features, you want to find a keyboard that has programmable keys, or G keys. These keys allow you to program special functions and can be helpful for tasks like changing weapons, casting spells, accessing your inventory and other actions you do frequently during the game.

If you like to play in the dark to get the full effect of the game, you can find affordable gaming keyboards that are backlit. These keyboards provide just enough light to help you see your keys but not interfere with the game.

When you are choosing the right keyboard for your gaming needs, you may want to keep these key things in mind.


Things to consider:

  • Look for a keyboard with game mode and anti-ghosting features. These features will prevent you from accidently hitting the wrong button while playing.
  • Avid gamers should look for reinforced keyboards. These keyboards can withstand prolong usage and are made of strong materials such as metal or thicker plastics.
  • Gamers find a performance indicator panels to be useful because they display information for your computer as well as in-game information.



Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard


The color Game Panel LCD display is a unique feature that makes the Logitech G19 gaming keyboard   among the best gaming keyboards 2016. You can easily view your system information, games statistics, video playback, VOIP communication data and image slideshows on the LCD display. Backlighting color is programmable according to user preferences. This lets you customize your keyboard to make it fit better with the rest of your gaming equipment. There are a total of 12 programmable macro keys, with each key providing up to three different macros ranging from simple to complex.



Present in the top ten gaming keyboard charts, the G19 model from Logitech represents a great addition to serious gamers that love to win games, from adventure, mystery, FPS to auto driving

The keyboard incorporates a unique tiltable GamePanel LCD (320x 240 pixel) display that helps gamers to control faster different game moments by showing game stats, video playback and VOIP communication data

This gaming keyboard is fitted with 12 fully programmable G-keys that allows people to program around 36 commands during each game

Features 2 high speed USB 2.0 ports which allows people to add flash drives, MP3 players or other peripherals



Comes with only 1 AC power adapter (spare one sold separately)

Needs Logitech GamePanel software in order to operate


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Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


As one of the best gaming keyboards 2020 prime selections, the Razer BlackWidow Elite packs a great punch. With fully programmable keys for on-the-fly macro recording during your game, you can store as many macros as you want. There are even 5 extra gaming keys designed for that purpose. To make your gaming experience even more enjoyable, the keys have backlighting. Volume control and media playback are convenient functions that you can access via the provided media keys. This keyboard’s keys are made of mechanical key architecture for rapid response and activation.



Considered by professional gamers as the best gaming keyboard for the money from Razer, the BlackWidow Ultimate is built with newly developed mechanical switches, needed to take games to the next level

This keyboard is designed with special switches which significantly improve speed and proper responsiveness during games, helping gamers prolong the winning streak

Even though an affordable product this durable keyboard is created with an optimal distance of 1.9mm, for fast reactions during key moments of action games

Approved by pro gamer Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng (CS Champion) this gaming keyboard incorporates backlit keys, making it perfect for night gaming sessions



Some users find frustrating the fact that USV and Audio ports are present on the right side of the keyboard


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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard


Get real-time VOIP Communication data and game stats without having your game interrupted, thanks to the Logitech 920-004967 Gaming Keyboard’s LCD screen that serves as the game panel. You can choose the color of the custom RGB backlighting functionality. With this feature, you can easily find any key even in the dark. To simplify keystrokes and macro storage, there are 18 programmable G-keys that you can use. You can do multiple key presses (up to six) to execute complicated maneuvers without having to tolerate ghosting or interference.



Which product is the best from the many keyboards available on the market? For high gaming performance we recommend the G510s gaming keyboard from Logitech, a model with GamePanel LCD display which delivers important information (real-time stats, player experience, system levels and VOIP communication) during games

The keys are backlighted that can be personalized, helping players get in tune with the whole gaming experience (16 million RGB color possibilities)

Equipped with 18 G-keys this keyboard allows people to select from 3 modes in order to set around 54 gaming functions, for better control over the whole gaming performance

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Vista operating system this keyboard enhances gaming stability and quick reactions during games



Does not come with onboard memory profiles

Not compatible with Linux OS


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Razer DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard


Best Gaming Keyboard 2020Anything less than 1000 hertz polling is below par in the gaming world and the has just that ultra-polling level that makes it the best gaming keyboard 2020 favorite. The Chiclet-style keycaps enable a higher level of tactile feedback, making for rapid response every time. The keys also have green LED backlighting so players can use the keyboard even with poor ambient lighting. In gaming mode, there are 10 key-roll over functions made for storing macros during the game. Those keys carry fully programmable and instantaneous macro-recording ability.



As the most popular gaming keyboard from Razer, the DeathStalker Expert device comes with 2mm Chiclet keycaps that allows players to respond faster to changing conditions during games

Due to the dedicated gaming mode this high quality keyboard comes fitted with fully programmable keys which make macro recording easier than ever

The keyboard features Anti-ghosting function which delivers up to 10 simultaneous presses, needed by skilled gamers to control easier characters

Features Razer Synapse 2.0 intuitive software with helpful functions that automatically syncs the keyboard with the computer and thus helps gamers play every game without problems



Contains some plastic material


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SteelSeries 64049 Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard


Optimizing the SteelSeries Z Engine, this gaming keyboard empowers gamers with programmability of all keys. It has three back illumination options you can choose from: purple, blue, and red. Gamers can press up to seven keys at the same time and still command quick response. The keys are made to deliver immediate tactile feedback. The SteelSeries gaming keyboard has predetermined profiles that you can maximize for up to 150 games. There is a special gaming key area that lets you save as many macros in storage as you want.



As the best rated product from SteelSeries, the Merc Stealth gaming keyboard comes equipped with 34 dedicated terrain keys which permits players to perform key commands like run, walk, crouch and jump

The keyboard incorporates special gaming terrain keys which are ergonomic and comfortable enough to set a long gaming session

Features 3 intuitive illumination colors like purple, blue and red that players can use in 4 special modes like ambient, subtle, off and intense

This high quality gaming keyboard incorporates USB 2.0 ports which can used to install peripherals like mice, headsets or microphones



The keyboard does not include mechanical switches

Does not offer a gaming console option


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