Top Gaming Desktops Reviews


Upgrading your existing desktop or shopping for a brand new gaming system requires a bit of research and reading, and the best gaming desktops reviews are always a great way to get started. With enough information on your hands, choosing from the many brands and models available on the market becomes less challenging and perhaps more enjoyable. After all, with all the product specifications, relentless ad tactics and promos that manufacturers use, it always pays to be a smart buyer.



Serving to hold your processor and video card, the motherboard also hosts all the other components of the desktop PC. The best gaming desktop 2018 has a motherboard that can accommodate the type of memory (RAM) you plan to use, along with the type of expansion slots you plan to utilize. The sound card and the video card will only fit into specific slots so that they can connect to the computer. Keep in mind that all the components you plan to integrate into the gaming desktop should be seamlessly compatible, and that your motherboard can support all of those elements.


Video Card and Processor

The video or graphics card is typically the most important element that can help you achieve the gaming performance you want in any best gaming desktop 2018. That component is also given the lion’s share in the budget to ensure premium gaming experience for the user. When considering this aspect, you need to go beyond the core clock parameter. The memory clock speed, the number of shader units and the GPU memory are essential. In addition you will also have to consider the primary use of your PC, whether it’s for SLI configuration or 3D gaming.

Although having a good processor is only secondary to a good graphics card and a generous memory spread, plenty of modern games do benefit from being supported with hex-core and quad core processors. For future expandability, a quad-core processor, commonly found in many of the best gaming desktops 2018, is worth investing in. Nevertheless, a dual-core unit proves adequate for most gaming purposes.



Although memory is not as essential as an excellent GPU, you wouldn’t want a gaming desktop that has a memory capacity worse than even that of your aging aunt. Just kidding! However, despite today’s video or graphics cards being already engineered with plenty of dedicated graphics memory, it’s still sensible to have at least 2 to 4 GB of memory at your disposal, even if you’re a casual gamer. This ensures capable support of the OS and additional tasks. Intense gamers need the best gaming desktops 2018 with at least 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. More memory also means greater ability to handle memory-intensive tasks.


What Are the Best Gaming Desktops


Having to go over plenty of product literature and reviews can be a huge hassle for most people. If you belong to that majority, preparing a shortlist can be a daunting task indeed. To ease the burden, here are three products definitely worth investing in when you’re in the market for a terrific gaming desktop.


CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D


1.CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D DesktopReceiving raves in some of the top rated gaming desktop reviews, the CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D Desktop is powered by AMD Radeon HD 7480D Graphics. Though not as robust as that of NVIDIA, the AMD control center still makes it easy to overclock the card. This enables you to force out a bit more speed with some decent overclocking. The CybertronPC Patriot engines are also run by its AMD A4-5300 3.40 GHz Dual-Core Processor, which proves ample for most gaming configurations.

There’s 8 GB of DDR3 Memory at your disposal, which offers dependable support for the dual core CPU and the discrete-level AMD Radeon HD 7840D graphics. You can expect no less than exceptional gaming computer performance, unbelievable content, plus crisp and smooth graphics from the CybertronPC Patriot. The unit lets you do more in less time, with its reliable energy efficient processor. Enhancing the solid game experience is the 1 TB hard drive that can accommodate countless games while providing storage space for all the vital elements of your digital existence, from movies, to music and more.

The CybertronPC Patriot is outfitted with a DVDRW optical drive that enables data backups and software installation. Enjoy lightning-speed and consistent network connections by optimizing the wired and wireless networking capabilities of this gaming desktop.

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Acer Predator AG3-605-UR1G


2.Acer Predator AG3-605-UR1G Gaming DesktopGetting high marks in some of the best gaming desktops reviews, the Acer Predator AG3-605-UR1G delivers unbelievable system speed to accommodate your need to do multitasking and to dominate your gaming opponents with ease. The awesome 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor lets you enjoy amazing performance and remarkably vibrant visuals, in addition to built-in security features that enable you to create, play, entertain and inspire. You can easily leap into full HD action due to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 Graphics built with 4 GB of discreet video memory.

The superbly powerful graphics card gives your games the incredible adrenaline shot that results in exceptional game performance plus genuinely futuristic and visually captivating graphics. It’s like experiencing highly cinematic visuals while immersed in your favorite games. This gaming desktop won’t keep you waiting but instead, enables you to beat your opponents in games every time. Moreover, you can transfer photos, videos and data effortlessly from your digital devices at an awesome speed that’s 10 times faster via the USB 3.0 ports. The USB 3.0 optimizes energy efficiency as well, aside from enabling the download of a 25 GB HD movie in only 70 seconds.

Aside from that, you can enjoy a home theater experience on a gigantic screen and delight in remarkable visuals and audio so you can have the ultimate in high-definition entertainment using a single cable connection.

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HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460


3.HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 Gaming DesktopWith the HP ENVY Phoenix 810-460 Gaming Desktop, you can easily step up your game. Designed to empower you to dominate your opponents, the gaming desktop is clad in battle-geared armor so you can bring down your opponents to their knees with performance that is truly out of this world! Engineered with lightning-fast processing, incredible graphics and immersive sound, the PC puts you in the middle of the action and helps you emerge victorious every time. All you need are your quick reflexes and expert game playing.

With extreme processing and graphics at your disposal, the gaming desktop lets you maximize thrilling performance. It even allows you to access the hardware of the computer when you want to do your own upgrades. With the onboard Beats Audio, you can enjoy the most heart pounding sound quality and the richest audio ever to be conceived in a PC. In addition, you can surf the web without those annoying cables, or connect to a wireless printer or another device. With the onboard Bluetooth capability, you can sync mobile devices and do wireless printing.

The integrated HP Simple Pass allows you to access online accounts using a single PIN or password. The gaming desktop can work on more than one monitor at a time with its multi-display capability.

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