Top rated gaming chairs in 2019


A gaming experience is no longer complete without the use of a proper gaming chair. It drastically increases comfort levels, it enhances audio experiences and it even improves your posture. Choosing the proper gaming chair will be difficult though considering the many options currently available on the market. Our experts have taken the time to test several products but also to read the best gaming chair reviews available both on and offline. They’ve come up with a list of five products each unique in its own way.


X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair


Best gaming chair reviewsCurrently considered the best gaming chair in 2019, the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 is a must for any hardcore gamer. It is not only a piece of furniture tailored for those who love spending hours in front of the monitor but it is also the perfect chair to relax in while reading or studying. It comes with 4 integrates speakers and a subwoofer for a complete experience. It can be connected directly to the vibrations produced by the bass which are then transformed into chair vibrations. It uses a wireless receiver as a main connectivity source and it is extra stable despite its rocking-chair looks.

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair


This is according to most of the best gaming chair reviews, the ultimate gaming chair. Unlike X Rocker’s previous model, this is completely dedicated to gamers. It can be connected to several other similar chairs if you want your teammates to be next to you during training sessions or during important matches. It comes with a set of speakers and a subwoofer destined to make the gaming experience more intense. It connects to other devices via wireless but it can also connect via RCA cables. It has a great design which will keep you comfortable and relaxed for several hours at a time.

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Ace Bayou X-Rocker Vibe Video Game Chair


TheAce Bayou X-Rocker Vibe will offer complete control over one of the most unique experiences you will embark on while using this chair. It comes with separate bass and volume controls and it can play audio from any source that has a Bluetooth connection including Apple products. It has a great design which will keep you relaxed but at the same time will keep your blood flowing so as not to lose feeling in your legs. As far as design goes, this chair has foldable arms and a foldable body for easy storage and easy transportation.

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Ace Bayou X-Rocker Storage Flip Video Game Chair


If you are looking for a piece of furniture which is not only destined for relaxing but also for satisfying your needs as a gamer, you should direct your attention towards one of the top rated gaming chairs in 2019. It looks classy and it can become part of any décor. It is very comfortable which makes it perfect for those long hours spent in front of the monitor. It comes with a very useful storage compartment placed under the seat and it incorporates two separate speakers. It can be connected to device using RCA outputs.

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Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair


You can tell this chair is comfortable just by looking at it. It is currently considered the best gaming chair in 2019 mostly because of the incredible value for money it provides. It has an awesome design which is styled to follow the lines of a luxury sports car. It is covered with a very elegant material and is packed with useful features. It will connect to any wireless media source and it will deliver impeccable sound through its 3-channel audio. It is easy to control and it is very well-built. It offers great back and leg support while still costing under $150.

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