Expert Buying Advice on Game Calls


A hunting game call is an indispensable tool for passionate hunters. Using a game call helps getting animals and birds out of hiding, but, even if this may sound easy with the help of a game call, it is actually quite important to learn how to use the device properly, in order to get the desired results. Certain aspects are always kept in mind by hunters, such as when and where to use a game call. If you are looking for a good quality device,  continue reading our guide  and we will tell you everything you need to know about this piece of hunting equipment.

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When you are shopping for hunting equipment, you will find many best game call reviews that will tell you about one model or another. While users and critics’ reviews are a great source of information, you should learn a bit more about what kind of game call you need. For instance, hand calls are quite demanding as far as skill is concerned, because you will have to render the desired sound blowing air through the device. Box calls, on the other hand, are designed to cause friction and sound when used, in order to call game. Electronic calls are the most convenient of all, because they basically just play sounds stored on computer chips.



Different animals respond to different sounds, so it is very important what kind of game you intend to hunt in order to choose the best game call 2022 for your next hunting trip. Deer calls imitate bleating foals, because bucks know higher chances of a doe being around a foal are high. Other calls function differenty. When you want to hunt predatory animals, emitting sounds that belong to a challenging species can be very successful in drawing your game out of their hiding spots.



Animals have very sensitive ears, so the top rated game calls 2022 should sport superior sound quality. Plastic game calls are really cheap, but they do not offer the same accuracy of sound as those made of wood. Actually, the best you can find out there are hand carved and a bit on the expensive side. Don’t forget than an electronic device may solve all these issues.


Top Rated Game Calls in 2022


Even seasoned hunters can have a hard time trying to pick the best equipment for their hunting trips. For this reason, we decided to put together the following list of popular game calls that are used and loved by all hunters around. One of them may be exactly what you are looking for.


Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro


1.Western Rivers GameThe Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro has everything a hunter needs in order to lure game out of hiding. Called by many the best game call 2022, this device is successfully used cross species, because its internal memory holds up to 200 different wildlife sounds.

The electronic game call reviewed here enjoys a lot of positive feedback from users. Even if hunting is still considered a traditional pastime, using technology for yielding better results doesn’t hurt at all. The Stalker comes equipped with remote control that has an outstanding 250 feet range and sports a liquid crystal display. The display is green, so you can spot it in the dark, so the device is ideal for trips to the great outdoors during  the first hours of the morning.

400 pre-loaded game calls are available, and the 1GB of memory serves well. Two horn speakers make this product from Western Rivers ideal for drawing game that is spread over a large area.

Digital game calling is now in, and the Stalker is the ideal piece of equipment for all your hunting needs. With so many of the best game call reviews calling this model the most comprehensive and easy to use on the market, you may want to give it a shot, too.

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Foxpro Wildfire 2


2.FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Game CallA less pretentious model than the one reviewed earlier, the FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Game Call is really handy for casual and more seasoned hunters alike. It has just one horn speaker, but this one is powerful enough to draw the attention of the kind of game you intend to pursue. Its main quality is its compact size and portability, so you will not actually feel encumbered by taking this game call along with you on your hunting trips.

It is very convenient, as well, since there are 35 pre-loaded sounds available and additional space for up to 200, in case you want to expand your territory and go after different types of game. The FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Game Call is included in all the best game call reviews for its ease of use and the great sound accuracy it provides to the user.

The USB port it comes equipped with lets you connect your game call to another device and reprogram the sounds in its memory, depending on your needs. Basically, you no longer need to purchase a different type of game call, depending on the game you want to hunt. This great device can be used cross species with great results.

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ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild


3.ICOtec GC300 - Call of the WildAnother electronic game call you should consider when you go shopping for such a device is the Call of the Wild from ICOtec. The device does not feature the latest design, but it is sturdy and efficient, which is exactly what hunters need from their equipment.

The game call is made of plastic and therefore, it is much cheaper than other models. However, beneath its plastic hood, it has the same mechanisms that make hunting a very enjoyable adventure. A remote control is provided, which you can use to adjust the volume, so the sounds emitted do not come out exactly the same each and every time. Since animals are very susceptible to any abnormal changes in their environment, you need to know that you have a game call to rely on, in order to make the prey get out of hiding.

A lot of the best game call reviews consider the ICOtec GC300 a great choice for hunters who do not want to spend a lot on an electronic device. This one comes with 12 pre-loaded animal sounds created by the Wildlife Technologies.

Durable, compact and efficient, the ICOtec GC300 is your best ally when you embark on a trip to the wild.

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