Things to Consider When Buying a Top Fruit Reamer


The best fruit reamer in 2019 will quickly and easily remove the juice from lemons, limes, oranges, and other type of citrus. Often referred to as a lemon reamer, it can be an invaluable tool in many kitchens. While a citrus reamer may look simple there are a few aspects you want to consider. The right one will make it easy to enjoy the healthy benefits of fresh citrus juice, a reamer constructed from the wrong materials can react with the high acidity and ruin the taste and nutritional value. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the right fruit reamer for your kitchen.

Best fruit reamer


As stated in the best fruit reamer reviews one of the first aspects you’ll want to consider is its construction. Even though it is a simple and inexpensive kitchen tool, it is important that you choose one that is durable and long lasting. The last thing you want to experience is your citrus reamer breaking when you are in the middle of extracting juice for a recipe. Citrus reamers can be constructed from different types of wood, along with metal, glass and plastic. It should be noted that some metal models might react with the acidity in the fruit which can affect the taste of the juice. You also want to consider choosing a citrus reamer that is constructed from dishwasher safe materials for easy cleaning.



Since most citrus reamers are one piece the design is typically the same, but the best fruit reamers reviews do recommend choosing one with a comfortable design. You want the handle to fit comfortable in your hand, and some reamers even feature a non slip grip. This can be extremely useful when your hands are slippery and covered in citrus juice. The colors can also vary between different models, and sometimes it can be fun to find one that is bright and cheerful. The best designed fruit reamer will be one that is comfortable and even fun for you to use.



Generally speaking most citrus reamers are priced to fit almost any budget, but you do want to be careful of some lower quality models that might be easily broken or react with the juice when it is extracted. While you don’t want to spend a lot on this simple kitchen tool, you also don’t want to waste your money on one that won’t last long enough for you to extract enough juice for one recipe. Online reviews and endorsements from well known chefs can help you find a citrus reamer that is inexpensive and designed to last for years of use.


Top Rated Fruit Reamers in 2019


While there are several products for you to choose from it can still be difficult to make the right decision. The following top rated fruit reamers for 2019 are designed to be comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and affordably priced. Maybe one of these small kitchen tools is exactly what you need to extract the juice from your favorite citrus fruits.


OXO Good Grips


1.OXO Good GripsYou will appreciate the large handle that is comfortable to grip, even when you are extracting the juice from several lemons and limes. It is constructed from durable beech wood that won’t react with the high levels of acidity in the juice, which means that the flavor and nutrition won’t be affected. The wide handle is also designed not to slip out of your hands, and the sharp point ensures that you can extract all of the juice. You will also appreciate the angled sides, and this reamer also features a beautiful natural finish.

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HIC B004780HX6


2.HIC Harold Import Co. Heavyweight GlassThere is very little not to like about this convenient glass fruit reamer, including its easy to use design. Instead of holding the fruit in your hand and letting the extracted juice run into a separate bowl, you simply place the cut fruit on the reamer, twist, and let it collect in the attached container. The glass construction won’t react with the acid in the fruit juice, and the petit handle makes it easy to carry over to your mixing bowl. You will also appreciate the convenient pour spout that helps to prevent sticky messes.

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Norpro Bamboo


3.Norpro BambooMeasuring 5.5 inches and constructed from durable bamboo, you will love this convenient and easy to use fruit reamer. It will quickly and efficiently extract all of the juice and nutrients from lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits, and the natural bamboo is also extremely easy to clean. You will appreciate how comfortably the handle fits in your hand, and it is also designed not to react with the fruit juice. This ensures that you will have the fresh flavor your love, and will be able to taste it in all your recipes.

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Naturally Med – Olive Wood Lemon


4.Naturally Med – Olive Wood LemonWhile the style may vary between the different reamers, there is one aspect that each one manufactured from Naturally Med has. Each citrus reamer is designed to be comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and to quickly and efficiently remove all of the juice from your favorite fruit. The sharp tip is perfect for getting the juice out from the bottom, and with a 6 inch length this reamer will comfortably fit small and large hands. Constructed from natural wood that won’t react with the acidic juice, this might be the perfect reamer for your kitchen.

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5.CuisinoxOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is that this citrus reamer is dishwasher safe, which is always an advantage when you are extracting sticky fruit juice. It also features a fun and bright design that will add a bright splash of color when you use it, and the green handle fits comfortable in any size hand. The larger top is perfect for oranges, but it can still be used on smaller limes and lemons. Affordably priced and designed to easily and efficiently extract nutritious fruit juice, it’s easy to see why consumers prefer this durable reamer.

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