While coffee brewing is considered by some a fine art that’s out of the reach of mere mortals, many others think otherwise, especially when you can buy the best French press for camping and enjoy a fresh cup of java while on the go without spending a lot of money. However, finding a proper press can be tricky, since there are quite a few models that can disappoint. The good news is that we’ve studied and compared some of the most popular products among consumers so we can bring you the very best. When it comes to quality coffee makers, we believe that the Coffee Gator French Press should be your first choice. This coffee maker is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that can keep your coffee hot for long periods of time, it has an advanced filtering system for a pure beverage, and it also comes with a steel canister and an ebook guide for coffee making. In case it is sold out, you should also consider getting the GSI Outdoors JavaPress.



Buying guide


If you’re looking for a quality coffee maker that’s suited to camping trips but have little time to browse through endless portable French press reviews, then you should be glad to see that we’ve compiled a list with the top products. We have also written a short guide so you know what kind of features and specs you should be looking for.

Not all coffee makers are made equal

When it comes to finding a good French press for camping, you should know that not all are created equal. Some models on the market have a flimsy design with cheap plastic that you wouldn’t want to take with you on a long camping trip.

What you should be looking for are quality coffee makers that are made of stainless steel or tough plastics such as EVA or polyethylene that are also BPA-free. If you’re traveling during the cold seasons, you might want to go for a model that features extra insulating layers so that you get to ensure it can keep coffee, tea, or other liquids hot for at least half an hour.


Weight and capacity considerations

There are other things to consider before buying, as the best portable French press will be the one that will suit your specific needs. If you’re usually traveling by car or with a larger party, then a 34-ounce stainless steel press is great, since it will have both the increased durability as well as a higher capacity so that everyone gets to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

For solo trips, you might want to opt for a smaller stainless steel unit, or for a plastic model. A plastic press will weigh less and be easier to carry but may be more susceptible to damage than a metal variant. If you really need something that can withstand tough conditions, either get a steel coffee maker or at least go for the plastic ones that come with extra insulation and protection.


A few extra features to take into account

You should also look at French presses for sale that come with extra accessories such as mugs and coffee containers, removable meshes for better insulation, screwable lids that retain more heat, etc.

The type of plunger is also important, especially if you don’t exactly enjoy muddy coffee with lots of grounds in it. Some plungers have multiple layers for a better filtration, while others have rubber rings that ensure a tight fit on the internal walls so that the resulting coffee is crystal clear.

The type of handle can also make the difference between having a fun time when brewing coffee and getting frustrated by poor design choice; make sure you pick a model that has a sturdy enough grip.



Top Rated Frech presses for camping in 2022


If you want to buy a good French press but don’t have the time to read loads of reviews, we can help you out. We’ve studied and compared some of most appreciated French presses on the market to bring you the best so that you get to choose a quality product for the right price.



Coffee Gator


Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just someone who grows grumpy without the morning cup of java, then the Coffee Gator French Press is for you. This quality coffee maker can ensure that you don’t miss that first-morning coffee and that you can actually drink as many aroma-filled cups as you’d like while also keeping them hot and delicious.

This press is made of high-grade steel that’s also used in the aircraft industry. The walls are thicker than the average coffee maker, while the double walls create a vacuum that will keep the coffee warm for longer than competing brands.

You won’t get any BPA or other harmful chemicals in the coffee, and neither will you have to deal with fragile glass, as this unit is only made of durable steel. You also get a sturdier coffee maker that you can take with you on your outdoor adventures so that you can start each and every morning admiring nature and sipping from a delicious cup of black coffee.

Thanks to the multi-layered filter, you get to benefit from crystal clear coffee every time, without having your drinking experience spoiled by floating coffee grounds. You can brew up to 23 ounces of fresh coffee and also get a coffee canister to enjoy this marvelous drink while on the road. A manual with tips on how to brew perfect coffee is also included.

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GSI Outdoors JavaPress 79416


If you enjoy camping in the great outdoors but couldn’t imagine your mornings without a hot cup of fresh coffee, then you definitely need to give the GSI Outdoors JavaPress a look. This is a quality French press that is lightweight, durable, as well as covered in extra insulation so that it keeps the coffee hot and tasty for a longer period of time.

This coffee press and the included mug are made of resistant polypropylene that’s free of BPA or other nasty materials. This durable plastic is resistant to mechanical shocks and shattering so you can pack it in your bag and go out adventuring without worrying about damaging it while on the road.

These two items are well-insulated with EVA material so that they can keep the coffee hot for longer periods of time, which can come quite in handy when you’re camping outdoors in the cold season. These sleeves can be removed so you can properly clean the press and mug. Both the carafe and the mug come with lids that keep the beverage fresh.

Thanks to the patented plunger mechanism, you get to avoid bitter and muddy coffee and ensure that your drink stays clean and tasty every time.

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GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 65090


Whether you’re a hardcore hiker or a nature lover who enjoys spending time in the wilderness from time to time, the GSI Outdoors Glacier French press is a great addition to your backpack. This product can help you make perfect coffee every time while also maintaining it hot so that you can enjoy every cup of it.

This unit features stainless steel double walls which do a pretty good job at insulating the recipient and keeping the coffee warm even in cold weather. The base is stable and covered with a hard plastic material which ensures better shock absorption and protection for your press.

The patented plunger is made of plastic and rubber, and it perfectly separates the grounds from the coffee, so you get quality java that’s clear and not muddy as is the case with lower-end products. This unit has a total capacity of 34 fluid ounces which should be able to hold enough coffee for more people.

This French press also comes with a locking cap which can prevent spills as well as keep heat inside so that your coffee doesn’t go cold after you finish drinking the first cup.

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