Best Fragrance for Women Reviews


Top rated Fragrances for Women in 2019


The best fragrance for women reviews have identified some of the best options in the marketplace that can be taken into account by women who would want to smell fresh and pleasant all the time. While there are many choices that are possible, I will mention five in this article, most of which have been given five-star rating in different customer reports.


Lucky You by LB


Best Fragrance for Women Reviews

Being manufactured by Liz Claiborne, this is a common choice for many women who would want to maintain their fresh scent all day. The primary components of Lucky You are light flowers and fresh citrus, which are combined with musk and sandalwood amber. I am specifically recommending this to be worn during daytime. To be assured that the best scent can be smelled, make sure to also keep yourself fresh and free from stress, which, more often than not, will have an impact on the scent.


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The Lucky You by LB is my first choice when it comes to perfumes for women. It is the one I used to buy since then because I feel sexy and cool when I use this when I have to go somewhere. The perfume is really important to me because I feel beautiful when I have it.”  Michelle Thompkins


Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes


Hermes is one of the brands often given high accolades in different best fragrance for women reviews. One that has been commended by many people is the Un Jardin Sur le Nil. It is made from a combination of green mango, calamus, lotus, sycamore, incense, and grapefruit. One thing that you will like about this perfume is that it is not too overpowering. Once it is sprayed, you can smell fresh. Over time, you will notice that it becomes woody and more pleasant.


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The pleasant scent of the Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes is very attractive especially when there are boys. My friends are really envied with my perfume because it is very much pleasing to the smell. It has a very nice price which I afforded. I don’t have to worry on allergies because it has a very nice content.”  Holly Robinson


Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau de Toilette


The bottle of this perfume in itself already makes it one of the most perfect scents for women. It looks very feminine. With regards to its scent, it is the same as well, making it a staple to the closet of many women. For those who are thinking of a gift for women, this is one idea that can be taken into account. Whether it is worn on a business meeting or on a romantic day, or in any other situation that calls for a perfume, one will surely be a head turner.


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I can say that this perfume is a head turner especially for guys. The container of the Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau de Toilette is very attractive which incite me a lot. The product is too much elegant and can be used anywhere. Examples are parties, meetings and other occasions.”  Carl Schaffer

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Giorgio Armani Perfume Spray


The different ingredients that are used in this perfume are sambac jasmine, pear sorbet, vanilla, ginger, precious woods complex, orange blossom, lavender honey, and Seringa flower. The combination of these notes lead into another perfume that has been lauded in many reviews in the past. It has also been considered as one of the sexiest scents that one can currently find in the marketplace, which makes it perfect to be worn on a romantic date.

I am too much happy when I have with me the Giorgio Armani Perfume Spray. This spray is a gift to me by my boyfriend. He really knew my preferences when it comes to perfumes. It is nice to the smell because it has a feminine odor which is nice for me and liked by him.”  David Monroy


Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme

If there is one thing that I like about this flagrance, it would be the fact that it is a combination of being bold and sensual. It has contrasting elements that result into a fragrance that is unmatched by any other perfume. Aside from the contrasting elements, this is also known as a perfume that has the ability to exude mystery. It is made from cedar, coumarin, and cardamom. It is not surprising that more and more people are using this, even if new ones are introduced in the market.

The Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme has a very nice and elegant casing which I can bring it anywhere I want to. The product is very effective in making me feel sensual especially when I have to go to parties or night outs. The product is the one best for me. I recommend this for all.” Luz  McAteer