If you’re here just to find the best four wheelers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected a lot of information about various products in this category thanks to expert review sites on children’s outdoor play gear as well as the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after all the extensive product research and comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is the best one in this specific category, the Fisher-Price Kawasaki KFX W4716. Suitable for kids 3 years to 7 years, this model lets young ATV riders enjoy the genuine thrill of ATV driving in your backyard. The ATV sport styling is supplemented with a twist grip throttle that propels the machine into high gear. Your kid can safely move forward and reverse with the two forward speeds and reverse mode. The amazing Hot Wheels graphics are a complement to the eye-catching speed-promoting chrome accents so your child gets a true feel of ATV speed without endangerment to life and limb. If the Fisher-Price Kawasaki KFX W4716 runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the MOUNTOPZ 3050C.



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If you’re a family that loves the outdoors and extreme sports, you may enjoy playing with all-terrain vehicles. These vehicles are designed to bring years of excitement riding through trails and even playing in mud. Youth sized ATVs are making a big splash on the ATV circuit. They are basically like an adult version just a little bit smaller, light weight, and less expensive.

Now while you may be interested in getting a four wheeler for your child, there are many different models on the market. It can be a daunting task trying to decide which vehicle you should choose. We cannot tell you which four wheeler is the best, but we can offer you some important information that may help you make the best decision.


The Use

Four wheelers don’t have to be used just as recreational vehicles. In fact, many people choose to use them to help around the yard—especially if they live on a big plot of land. The ATV can be used to plow snow, tow a trailer that is loaded with items, and they can simply be used to round up livestock if you live on a farm.

Four wheelers can also be used for various off-road type sports. These light-weight vehicles are designed to reach high speeds, have suspensions that are capable of long travelling, jumping and catching air. If you are particularly gutsy, a sports quad is definitely a vehicle worth looking into.



Just like your car, you can find ATVs that come loaded with accessories. Some of the basic accessories include rear cargo boxes, gun cases for hunting, extra gas cans, and even passenger seating. Of course, you will want to keep in mind that the more accessories you have on your four wheeler, the heavier it will be. If you plan on using the vehicle to perform tricks, you will want as few bells and whistles as possible.


The Size

If you are looking for a four wheeler that has a lot of pick up and go, you will want to consider an ATV with a large engine. This usually ranges at 500cc and up. You’ll find that the engine will give you more power which is ideal for use around the yard like plowing or towing a trailer. These larger machines will need more upper body strength to steer and maintain control, especially if they are not equipped with power steering.

Smaller four wheelers are ideal for trail riding because they are lightweight and more nimble. Because of their small size, they do not require nearly as much control or upper body strength. As a result, you will be able to ride the vehicle much longer. Just keep in mind the smaller the machine, the less power is produced and making it not ideal for towing or plowing. A four wheeler can be a fantastic recreational vehicle or even a vehicle that young children can play with. Regardless of the intended use, these ATV’s are worth the investment.



Models for specific needs


Best Four Wheelers with Reverse


TaoTao ATV-125DD  Fully Automatic with Reverse


This ATV uses an electric start and features a drive chain transmission. The directions to put the ATV together are straightforward and direct. This affordable ATV is listed as one of the best four wheelers with reverse. The four wheeler features a front hand break and a read drum foot break. The tires measure 16 x 8-7 inches with a 10.8 front suspension and an 11 inch rear suspension. The two wheel drive, midsized ATV is ideal for children. This is a perfect introductory four wheeler and allows for children to get familiar with how to ride quad so that they can use a full sized ATV when they are older.


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Best Four Wheelers with Big Rims


Mountopz 3150DX with Reverse


This particular quad is listed as one of the best four wheelers with big rims. The 23 inch tires prevent slipping, fishtailing or getting stuck in the mud. This affordable ATV also features an adjustable throttle limiter that allows you to set how much power the engine produces. This will limit how fast the quad will go, ultimately protecting your child from going too fast and potentially getting hurt. This will allow your child to slowly build their skill and confidence on the ATV so they can masterfully handle the four wheeler at any speed. The quad features a rear disc brake that is incredibly responsive and can slow the vehicle down to a complete stop within seconds.


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Top rated four wheelers in 2021


ATVs nowadays are becoming more and more popular with people from even a young age starting to ride them. They can be pretty useful for going around ranches or on off road terrains and don’t cost that much either.  Whether you are buying one for yourself or for your son you should read the best four wheelers reviews before making the actual purchase because you don’t want to make the wrong choice which will stop working only after a few days of ridding it.



Fisher-Price Kawasaki KFX W4716


When it comes to quality and reliability few ATVs for children come close to the Fisher Price Kawasaki KFX. For your yard this ATV is perfect, being simple to use for your little one and really looking like a full sized model. Your child can go with it at 2 different speeds, either cruising at 2,5 mph or going full throttle at 5 mph. The 12 volt battery will power it for some time so your child has time to have a lot of fun with it. Parents see it as one of the best four wheelers in 2021.



What is the best product? According to the reviews that we consulted the Power Wheels Hot Wheels from Fisher-Price is a great “ATV” replica, designed to offer the thrill of driving to little boys and girls

Features the exclusive Monster Traction drive system which permits users to get out of the roughest driving conditions from ruts, gravel, wet grass, muddy roads and many others

Comes equipped with durable and big wheels and a user-friendly grip throttle allows drivers to get their bearings faster on the road

Regarded by many as the best product for the money, this model is designed to achieve 2 forward speeds (2.5 and 5 mph) and 1 in reverse (2.5 mph)



The owner’s manual should’ve included more information on safety standards

Not recommended for oversized children


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Mountopz 3050C


2-110cc-four-wheelers-6The best thing about this four wheeler from Mountopz is its reliable motor which has 110cc, 4 strokes and is air cooled, so it has little chance of overheating. The brakes are very precise and the rear one uses a hydraulic disc system. It also has a headlight for when you are going to use it in the evenings or during the night. You can even turn it off via its remote control with just the push of a button. Its excellent durability makes it one of the best four wheelers in 2021.



Even though a relatively cheap product, the Mountopz 110cc Four wheeler represents a great addition to persons that enjoy comfortable rides with minimal problems on the road

Designed with a powerful 4 stroke 110cc motor this ATV comes equipped with double A-arm front suspension for heightened control during rides

Features a drum and disc brake which riders can use in order to safely avoid various obstacles on the road

As the best rated four wheeler from Mountopz, this machine features an electric start, automatic transmission and remote control that make the whole riding experience something special



Some installation is needed but doesn’t take more than 30 minutes

Benefits from only 30 days of warranty on parts


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3-atv-125cc-fully-automatic-with-reverseThe TAO ATA-125D offers hours of fun for your little child. It has fantastic features on top of its kid-friendly fully automatic engine, which should bring endless smiles to your kid’s face.



Outfitted with a fully automatic 125cc utility style engine, this model offers large-sized fun for your pint-sized rider. This mini-ATV has authentically adult ATV-like design that should make your child feel tremendous excitement while riding in the safety of your lawn.

The remote kill switch ensures that you are always in control while your child drives the machine. It allows you to ensure your kid’s riding safety without lessening the fun and excitement. Another safety feature is the dual brakes, which enables your child to engage the rear brake using the right handlebar lever or using the footbrake pedal in the drum rear.

The independent shocks ensure riding comfort for the young driver. The remote start and push button start provide a means to start the engine of this feisty machine.

Switching gears is easy since your child only has to choose from forward, neutral and reverse. Starting is easy thanks to the electric start mechanism. The chain drive transmission ensures efficient communication between the gear elements.

This machine also features a speed limiter so you can set the right speed for your child to operate the ATV. it is a great safety feature that also puts you in control.



You may have to get cotter pins for use on the machine’s bolts since the supplied ones in the package run a bit small according to one customer. Another thing you should regularly do is to tighten the wheel lugs and nuts regularly to ensure consistently safe riding for your child.



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Razor Dirt Quad


Best four wheelers reviewsThis is not a full sized four-wheeler and this is why it will make a perfect gift for your son or daughter, bringing a smile on their faces every time they ride it. The electric motor is extremely reliable and power so they can even climb up normal inclines. The superior power is mainly because of the high-torque gear ratio. The frame is very sturdy as well and it can take a maximum pay load of 120 lbs. This is top rated four wheelers in 2021 material for sure.



As one of the top ten four wheeler models in 2021, the Razor Dirt Quad impresses every time it is set loose on the streets with its stylish appearance and amazing riding force

This miniature electric quad easily supports up to 120 pounds and it is powered by 250 watt electric motor for additional “fury” on the road

Designed for trail riding and with great climbing capacity, this model incorporates shatter resistant plastic and a tubular steel frame which ensure additional resistance on various terrains

Features 13 inch pneumatic tires and adjustable riser handlebars that allow drivers to easily control every moment of the ride



The brake lever is on the left side of the quad

Not recommend for children under the age of 8


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Buyers ATVS100


The Buyers TVS100 is considered by the best four wheelers reviews to be a very good choice especially for agriculture work. Seeding and fertilizing over a large area is much easier if you use this special ATV, which is pretty affordable as well. It is fitted with a manual feed gate regulator which will aid you in whichever task you are performing and it comes with a rain cover too, so it will protect the whole ATV when it is not in use.



Who makes the best product? Most of the current customer feedback points to Buyers models, which impressed in the last 5 years. This is why we recommend the ATVS100 electric ATV that handles very well on various types of terrains

Designed with a rustproof poly hopper and solid big wheels this riding machine is very easy to manoeuvre during farming, landscaping, hunting or simple ground maintenance

With a capacity of 100 pounds this unit is powered by a heavy-duty 12 V motor which gives riders the power they need to reach various destinations faster

Features comfortable handlebars which are fairly easy to grip during long riding sessions



Some assembly is needed but the instruction manual offers helpful information


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Coolster 125cc


The Coolster 125cc Sports ATV can prove to be an excellent choice which will power you to speeds up to 45 mph. It can perform at such high levels because it is fitted with a 125cc engine which has one cylinder and 4 strokes. The ATV has also an electric start system which won’t give you any trouble and the whole thing is powered by a 12 volt battery. The 280 lbs max load is another impressive feature for an ATV of this size. Also it has front and rear wheel suspension which will let you tackle off roads easily.



One of the highest rated four wheeler from Coolster is the 125cc Sports ATV, a model that impresses with its riding force and capacity to overcome any obstacle found on the road

Powered by 125cc 4-stroke engine this ATV can reach maximum speeds of 70 km/h which is quite impressive for a machine of its size

This powerful four wheeler includes front mono shock brakes and rear disc brakes which allow users to properly stop in the event of an obstacle

With a weight limit of 280 lbs this machine offers fast electric start for a quick connection to the wonderful world of trail riding



Some installation is needed


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Four Wheelers – What to look for:


A powerful four wheeler can offer a lot of fun. Driving an ATV on different types of terrains is an experience without comparison. Real riders know full well this particular reality. Still, for people new to ATVs choosing the right model requires patience. There are a lot of models available on the market, each one incorporating exclusive features. It is important to invest in a product that matches your riding style. Furthermore, you must think of the type of terrain the machine will most likely ride on. At the end of this article we are not going to tell you which product is the best. No. We are going to display the primary features that make an ATV great for use. There are a couple of basic things to take into account before you decide upon a product.

We managed to read professional reviews on the most reliable four wheeler models available for purchase. In our quest for information, we came across a couple of tips which can help anyone locate faster a reliable model. First of all, you have to buy a machine that has enough power to cover all your needs. Furthermore it needs to incorporate a reliable suspension system which smooths down the interaction with the ground. If you like to ride fast irrespective of the terrain then the suspension system needs to keep up. There are currently new products packed with a lot of features that promise the thrill of a lifetime. Such models are designed by manufacturers for young riders who sometimes lose their interest for the implications of “follow the rules”. The current offer on four wheelers is divided into the following categories: mini ATV, entry-level or recreational trail class, utility quads, sport quads, high performance ATVs and sport utility ATVs.

For most users price is a serious issue. Everyone wants to get the right machine for their riding needs but at a good price. With attention you can find a good four wheeler under $1000 but not one that can take you over the edge. As it goes with most purchases, there are some tricks of the trade which can accomplish your dreams of owning a powerful model. One secret is shared among ATV enthusiasts. Wait for the four wheeler Black Friday deals and see whether or not if you can find something close to your needs. Thousands of Americans prefer to purchase ATVs during Black Friday because they end up with a great model and still save some money.

Irrespective of the plans you have for the ATV, one thing is certain, they are going to be fun. A good four wheeler can turn a frown upside down from the from speed shift. Designed for fun and excitement such products represent great additions for an exclusive type of individual. You can consider such products for Christmas, as a great gift for an adventurous person.


Things to consider:

–         Full suspension system, so you won’t have to worry about losing control of the machine as you ride over accidental terrain

–         Powerful engine (varies from model to model), which reflects your riding needs and expectations

–         Solid tires that can accommodate fast to different types of terrains

–         Automatic transmission system for a comfortable and hassle-free rid