Top rated Fountain Pens in 2019


I tend to scrimp and save on many things.But I want to indulge my tastes for the finer things in life and find my kicks at checking out the best fountain pen reviews there are out there. The smoothness of writing with a fountain pen is an enjoyable experience. I usually prefer bold or medium nibs that let me write in large letters, as compared to fine nibs that are made for those who write small. I go for pens of rhodium metal, as gold and silver ones tend to be pricier. I like the following brands for having adaptability with inexpensive refills and giving me a comfortable grip in the hand.


Vanishing Point Pilot Retractable Fountain Pen


Best Fountain Pen ReviewsThe makers of this product found inspiration for it from radar-detection evasive technology that has been in use for top-of-the-line military aircraft. The premium design alone makes this the best fountain pen in 2019. The nib retracts into the body of the pen when it is not in use. It has an 18-karat rhodium-plated gold nib. The pen has medium nib. The barrel is matte black, but it also comes in either solid colors or with subtle patterns. The package comes with a prefilled blue ink cartridge and one converter. The gift case lets the pen lie floating in its frame.

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Metal Falcon 60673 Pilot Fountain Pen


This elevates the task of writing to a whole new level. It is an innovative product that deserves its place in the best fountain pen reviews. The nib is flexible enough to fit any kind of writing stroke and size of letters. It has a 14-karat gold soft nib that is plated with rhodium. The nib design allows you to do your writing in whatever position and style. It has a single-color barrel also outfitted with rhodium accents. The elegant black leather gift box this pen comes in makes it a great gift for any occasion. It releases ink in an even and precise manner so your writing is smooth and flawless.

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Dialog 3 Lamy Palladium Fountain Pen


This pen has a medium point for easy writing. It has both a retractable clip and nib. The two components are practical when the pen is not in use,as the pen doesn’t accidentally leave ugly stains on an immaculately clean shirt. The palladium finish is smooth and clean and can complement a nice suit. It has no cap that can get lost easily. The closing ball valve delivers smooth flow of ink.  Its nib comes in grades B and EFFM. There is a convertor and exclusive ink cartridge included in the fine wooden case package.

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Vanishing Point Matte-Black Namiki Fountain Pen


This has been a top rated fountain pen in 2019 thanks to the exclusive Vanishing Point design that makes the nob retract into the barrel after it has been used. The nib is of 18 karat gold rhodium-plated material for long-term use. The smooth black finish reflects the technology of radar-evasive aircraft in the military. The clip is engineered not to allow unwanted ink stains on your shirt or trousers. It has a retractable push-button mechanism and has really clean and handsome lines. Write as smoothly as if your hand glides on paper with this exclusive Lamy writing product.

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Dialog 3 Fine Palladium Lamy Fountain Pen


This one-of-a-kind fountain pen is completely retractable for easy tucking in your pocket without the worry of ghastly ink stains. It has anodized bi-color for an even classier appeal. This best fountain pen in 2019 comes with durable accessories that can be appreciated with the passage of time. It comes in lovely palladium that lends it a lustrous white metal elegance. The precise closing ball valve and the pen’s retractable clip make it an amazing writing tool that you will cherish for many years to come. This German-made writing wonder is shipped to you in a fine gift case made of wood.

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