How to Buy the Most Comfortable Foot Rest


The way you keep your feet under a desk or a table, be it for work or other reasons, is very important for your posture. If you do not have enough support for your feet, that will show and do not be surprised to notice that you are starting to experience back and leg pains. Basically, your feet and their position when you are sitting down for prolonged periods of time have a serious impact on your productivity and how much time you can really spend behind a desk. Getting the best foot rest 2018 may not seem like an easy task at first glance, but if you take a little time to read the following buying guide, you will become more educated on what aspects are the most important and what models are the best of the best right now.

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People are not created equal and their needs can differ quite seriously from one to another. This simple rule applies to foot rests, as well, so the first thing to look for in a good model is adjustability. What does this mean? First of all, search for models that can have their height adjusted. This is important in case you want to use different heights once in a while, in order to find the most comfortable setup. Also, a tilt angle that can be adjusted is of great help, since it aids with achieving the highest comfort possible.



A good foot rest should be very comfortable, since you will be keeping your feet on it for long hours. Comfort levels can be achieved by multiple features. For instance, a foot rest that is capable of rocking back and forth when manipulated by your feet will help maintain better blood flow in your calves, so you will not feel numb when you will get up from your chair.



It is very important to purchase a foot rest that can accommodate both your feet without any problems. The standard size for foot rests is about 15 inches in width and 11 inches in length, and this is about what most people are comfortable with.


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Reading some of the best foot rest reviews can help you a great deal when you are searching for a great unit. Wanting to help you in this endeavor, we did all the needed research and found three great products that are highly popular at the moment, due to their reliable and useful features.


Safco 92311


1.Safco Foot CushionThere are many different designs for foot rests on the market, and the Safco Foot Cushion has quite a unique one. The cushion looks like a high cylinder and its main advantage is that it allows for multiple foot positions, so you will feel hard pressed not to find a position that is to your liking.

The cushion is made of hypo allergenic foam so the weight of your feet will be distributed evenly. Since you will use this cushion for prolonged periods of time, it is bound to get dirty. Keeping it clean is very easy, as its nylon cover can be removed and washed in your washing machine.

While the cover is made of nylon, you do not need to worry that your feet will slip from its surface. The cover comes with non-slip tread, so maximum comfort is ensured.

You can use this foot cushion all day long, and your feet will feel better than ever. The curve of the foot rest ensures that your feet will achieve a comfortable position as you need. You will not experience the same tension you feel when you keep your feet down on the floor, which is a great plus and contributes greatly to your productivity.

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Kensington SoleSaver K56152US


2.Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic FootrestOne of the models often mentioned by the best foot rest reviews is the Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic Footrest. This model comes with three different height adjustments, so you can find the most comfortable position for your feet with great ease. The tilt angle also has three adjustments available and you will appreciate the non-skid surface that will not allow your feet to slip from it. This way, you will experience far less discomfort when sitting behind the desk for many hours.

When you keep your legs elevated on a foot rest, you enjoy better blood circulation, and your overall posture will benefit from this, as well.

One of the problems often experienced by people when sitting for long hours behind a desk, doing office work or other kinds of tasks, is the development of chronic pains in the lower back.

The position of your feet plays an important role in this common nuisance. If you manage to keep your feet to a comfortable height and angle, you will notice how much your posture will improve.

This foot rest has everything you need in such a product. It offers plenty of adjustment options and it offers stability and comfort.

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Fellowes Standard Foot Rest


3.Fellowes Standard Foot RestAnother model that is often listed among the top rated feet rest 2018, the Fellowes Standard Foot Rest is a great recommendation for anyone who wants to improve their posture and their productivity when they sit at the desk, working or studying.

Enhance your comfort at your work station with this simple to use foot rest. The model comes with two height adjustments, and the free floating platform helps a great deal with improving your posture and your overall comfort. No matter how ergonomic your desk and your chair are, you may still feel like something is amiss, and that something can easily be a reliable foot rest like this one.

The foot rest reviewed here lets you stretch your legs in order to increase the blood flow and benefit from this. Another great thing about this model is that its surface is textured so that it can provide the soles of your feet with an effective massage which greatly contributes to reducing stress.

An aspect that is much to everyone’s liking is the unobtrusive appearance of this model. The graphite like color will blend well with any setup you may have arranged for your work station.

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