Top rated food slicers in 2019


Every kitchen should come equipped with a professional food slicer, designed to help cooks prepare easier different food ingredients. Now, in order to identify the most efficient product you need to consult the best food slicer reviews. We managed to analyse over 35 top rated slicers brought forth by international chefs. After 90 hours of extensive research and tests, we reduced the initial list down to only five products that demonstrated their capacity to cut through different types of food with ease. A professional slicer needs to offer enhance cutting precision every time you need to prepare dishes for family members and friends.


Chef’s Choice 632W VariTilt Food Slicer


Best food slicer reviewsIf you want to use the best food slicer in 2019, Chef’s Choice can help out with VariTilt Electric food slicer. This professional slicer operates with ease in tilted and upright position, at a gravity field of 30 degree. With this particular option, you will enjoy precise versatility during various slicing operations. You can use the slicer in order to cut meats, vegetables, breads and fruits with no problems whatsoever. The primary parts of the slicer are made out of rugged cast aluminum and stainless steel for added convenience and durability. It is powered by a powerful 100-watt universal motor.

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Chef’s Choice Premium 610WH Electric Food Slicer


Finding a top rated food slicer in 2019 can take some time if you are not properly informed. Now, you have the possibility to use with confidence Chef’s Choice Premium electric food slicer. This kitchen appliance has a versatile and rugged construction. It comes equipped with a multi-purpose 17 cm stainless steel blade which cuts with precision through a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meats and breads. The slicer is powered by a high torque motor that maintains a smooth slicing operation. Furthermore the product offers cutting thickness precision from deli-thin down to 1” thick. It is also very easy to clean when the job’s done.

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Chef’s Choice Premium 610 7 inch food slicer


Most of the present best food slicer reviews underline the efficiency of Chef’s Choice Premium 610 7 inch. This powerful food slicer delivers a smooth slicing operation, on any type of food. It is powered by a high torque electric motor and benefits from durable cast aluminium. In addition to the stainless steel construction, the slicer has a large food carriage ideal to slice large roasts, hams and turkeys. It offers a thickness precision from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick slices. Furthermore the slicer comes with 7 inch multi-purpose stainless steel serrated blade which won’t disappoint during various slicing operations.

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Chef’s Choice 667S Pro Electric Food Slicer Silver


Are you looking for the best food slicer in 2019? If you are then choose without hesitation Chef’s Choice Professional electric food slicer. This powerful electric slicer has a rugged design, made out of die-cast metal. It is the perfect addition to home cooks, caterers, chefs and hunters. The slicer is powered by 1/4 horsepower and has a durable die-cast construction. The device offers you control over the slice thickness from deli-thin down to 1/2 inch. It is powered by a powerful quiet induction motor, designed to handle even the toughest of slicing operations. The slicer has a fine stainless steel blade which can cut through cheese, meat, bread and vegetables.

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Nesco FS-140R Removable Motor Food Slicer


It is important to invest in a high quality food slicer that can make your job a whole lot easier. Now you have the possibility to choose Nesco FS-140R 150 watt motor food slicer. The slicer is powered by a powerful 150-watt that can deliver deli-style slices to meats, vegetables and cheese. It is the ideal slicing instrument to have around your kitchen. In addition to the stainless steel construction, the slicer has an undulated 6 5/8” cutting blade. You have the possibility to adjust the thickness levels ranging from 1/32” to 1 inch. The slicer offers a dependable slicing operation which gives you precise slicing precision during each project.

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