Tips for Buying a Top Flushing Toilet


Shopping for a flushing toilet is never easy. Buyers wrongfully assume that the most expensive products are always the best ones. In reality, the best buy is assured when the customer is well informed and knows what to look for. Whether you are just replacing a broken toilet or you are looking to refurbish your entire bathroom, you will need some good advice on what to look when buying a good flushing toilet. This article will help you get informed about the things you must know before making a decision that will save you time and money.


What to look for when buying the best flushing toilet?


Flushing Power

One of the most important qualities of a good flushing toilet is its ability to flush away all the waste from the toilet bowl. This aspect is so important that all toilet manufacturers specify the toilet power on their product specifications. A strong flushing power will not only clean the toilet faster, but it also will make it less prone to clogging. Together with the ability to clean away all the waste, a good flushing power makes the toilet cleaner and less prone to bacteria on the long term. Before looking for other quality traits you must look first at the flushing power in order to make a good decision.


Size and shape

To make the best out of your flushing toilet, you must consider the comfort of the toilet bowl. The size and shape of the toilet may vary, from large wall mounted toilets to small portable ones. The most comfortable toilets have wide elongated toilet bowls making them great for large bathrooms where size of appliances does not count as much. Smaller, compact toilets are good options for small bathrooms and portable toilets are great choices whenever you are camping.


Costs and water savings

Another critical aspect is the overall cost and water saving possibilities. While water savings may not seem so important, on the long run this will save you more money than what you paid for the toilet itself. Usually toilet water usage counts for about 40% of all the water consumption in the house. More modern flushing toilets assure good toilet cleaning with less water and more pressure, without using the entire water tank with each flush.


Top Rated Flushing Toilets in 2021



KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs


Modern, comfortable and stylish this is the best flushing toilet buyers can find on the market today. Its high tech design together with a perfect elegant look makes it the best flushing toilet to look for. Beautiful, with classic design lines this toilet incorporates state of the art technology.

When it comes to the flushing power, a large 31/4″ flush pipe and a wide trapway rank this toilet on the top of the most powerful flushing toilets. This assures a complete cleaning of the entire toilet bowl without any hassle or problems. The flushing system is designed not only to clean the waste but also to do this while saving water. Each time you flush the system stops when it has consumed exactly 1.28 gallons. This is a perfect measurement for everyday use and can actually save over 15.000 gallons of water each year.

Whenever you need more power you can simply keep pressing on the lever and the intelligent system will release more water and pressure making sure all the waste is flushed away with ease. This flushing toilet is the best of the best, a perfect combination of style and functionality. Kohler Memoirs is the best Kohler toilet on the market today and we recommend it without any hesitation.

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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake


Created by Toto, one of the best and most innovative plumbing companies in the world, this Toto Drake model is the perfect combination of esthetics and performance. Known for its quality products, Toto takes great pride in all its products delivering quality systems without sacrificing beauty and style.

From the first moment, the Toto Drake model impressed us with its wide comfortable elongated toilet bowl. This type of seat is the best choice when comfort matters. The best toilet in its class, the Drake is not only comfortable and elegant but it also features a strong flushing power together with a comfortable quiet sound level. The powerful flush makes sure that all the waste is gone at once. The enhanced flushing system and the modern internal valves are designed to keep sound level to a minimum during flushing and toilet tank refill making it one of the most elegant flushing toilets available today.

The Drake is also simple to install and maintain. Without requiring any special tools or skills, this toilet is perfect for home or office use. Renowned for its resilience and reliability, the Drake will not also save you money with its low water consumption. From the moment you install it you will feel the comfort and power of this modern, elegant and quiet flushing toilet.

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Camco 41541


Taking a break from the most powerful and comfortable toilets, we looked at one of the most practical and handy flushing toilets. The Camco 41541 is a portable toilet, perfect for any outdoor activity. From camping to fishing or hunting, this flushing toilet will become the perfect portable toilet system for all your outdoor trips.

Extremely sturdy and well-engineered, this portable flushing toilet can hold up to 5.2 gallons of waste in its own removable storage tank. Two strong lateral clamps secure the toilet and the toilet tank together preventing any problems during movement and transportation. An easy to pull carry handle makes its transportation easy and comfortable. All in all, this toilet is easy to secure and move around, perfectly suited for any outdoor activity where mobility is a must.

Besides its great design and mobility, the Camco comes with a great efficient water consumption technology. This toilet uses as little water as possible. The water tank is separated from the toilet and can be refilled with fresh water whenever needed. This ensures continuous operation without the need to empty and charge the entire toilet.

For a portable flush toilet, the Camco is one of the best out there. Comfortable, efficient and sturdy, it toilet is the best choice whenever you are looking for an outdoor adventure.

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This article provides you with the most important aspects to look from when buying a new flushing toilet. We also recommend you the best flushing toilet models you can purchase at the moment. The best of the best, the KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs and the elegant and comfortable toilet TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake are currently the best choices.