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People can’t easily identify the best flat irons and it’s really tough to choose the best hair straightener when it comes to style and matching. It’s quite difficult to find out which ones won’t damage your hair, which ones won’t break itself and which ones will work like a charm. A quality flat iron can give your hair a smooth and shiny finish without damaging your hair and that’s what we’re talking about. Identically, pro straightener can be really expensive, so we’ve researched a few which are available on the market and made a list of five best flat irons under $50.


Farouk CHI Flat Iron


Best flat irons under $50

It’s one of those few hair-straightener which offers hair straightening as well as curling, flipping and making various kinds of styling out of it. It provides versatile and a great “all in one” ergonomic design in just one single product. The product looks pretty beautiful and classy. It also gives you the functionality to flash quick heating and a swivel cord. It can help you to make your hair look shiny almost instantly without any professional straightener. It just weights only 1pound and the dimensions are 10 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches which means pretty small and compact. This amazing product is included on the best flat irons under $50.

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“My new flat iron which is the Farouk CHI Flat Ironis incomparable to the other flat irons I owned before. In terms of price, this one is cheaper yet has a classy outlook that makes my hair straight and shiny without damaging any single strand of it. I love this product than the others.”  Sydney Jeremiah Floyd


Remington S5500 Flat Iron


This is another great product from our best Remington flat irons reviews which features 1-inch long ceramic plates being infused with anti-static technology. It has a digital temperature control platform with a maximum heat up to 410 degrees to help heating up your hair according to your needs. It has floating plates with the capability to heat up itself within 30 seconds and shut it down automatically. It has a salon style swivel cord with a pro outlook. It provides you 2 years of warranty so that if any heat problems occur, you can get it repaired or get a new one under warranty.

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“ Another affordable product I got from Amazon is the Remington S5500 Flat Iron. This flat iron can be easily adjusted so I don’t have to worry on heat that can damage my hair. The heat can be adjusted in a way that it can adapt to my hair’s need when I want to beautify it.”  Therese Randall


Remington S7230 Flat Iron


You can create sleek and straight styles with the help of this styling straightener under quite a few minutes. It heats up within 30 seconds and shut down after 60 minutes. It removes excess water so that you don’t need to blow it dry. It’s a wide and soy-infused plate to make your hair look soft and shiny. It only has a temperature indicator light which can show exactly when the straightener is ready for straightening up your hair.  It can be heated up to 425 F which is quite high heating system as well as provides professional outlook. It also has unique steam vents.

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“ One of the stylish and quality wise flat iron I ever have is the Remington S7230 Flat Iron. The flat iron has a light indicator that tells if the heat is already appropriate for my hair. I don’t have to estimate it because the product can tell me exactly when it is ready to be used or not.”  Merrill Crosby


CHI Deep Brilliance Flat Iron


This is a 1-inch hair straightening flat iron which has titanium that move smoothly through curly hair. It has the titanium plates which provide heating for consistent styling. You can adjust the temperature from settings within a range of 85-210 Celsius or 160-410 Fahrenheit. There’s an option to make a timer for the iron to shut off automatically after using the mode button. You’ll also see another option to change the temperature set from Celsius to Fahrenheit by means of the mode switch. It’s pretty convenient and comes with a hanging loop that allows for simple storage. The swivel cord shifts during styling to avoid tangling up your hair.

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“ I can easily store my flat iron because of the hanging loop the CHI Deep Brilliance Flat Iron has. Aside from that feature, I am also happy with the adjusting mode of the product that helps me in controlling the heat temperature of it without feeling annoyed and stresses. I am satisfied with this.”  Rosalie Nieves


BaByliss PRO Nano Flat Iron


It’s another good-looking product from BaByliss, a product with Nano technology which can create maximum efficiency through the high conductive plates of titanium underneath it. It speeds up its heating procedure up to 430F. It’s 6-inch long cord which is an excellent option for travel and for keeping in your purse. It provides dual voltage system which can be used worldwide. It doesn’t conduct chemical corrosion since it’s highly resistant to it. We think we’ve saved you from hours of researching to give you the list of best flat irons under $50. Let us know which one you like the most.

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“ I found the best flat iron that is compatible to my hair. The BaByliss PRO Nano Flat Iron is what I am talking about. Out of all the flat irons sold in the market, this one is the best that provides me with the satisfaction I am looking for a product. It can straighten my hair without damaging it.”  Lorraine Gibson