If you’re in the quest for the best flat iron on this ever-growing market, our guide might be an excellent starting point. The advice and the products we offer made it into the article after we spent plenty of time reading expert reviews that make all the difference. We’ve also considered honest opinions from past buyers, with all the good and the bad they had to say about the products, all so you can rely on these choices to straighten your hair safely. One model that stood out is the Conair Infiniti Pro. It is a model that has pleased many due to its sturdy construction and because it is fast and easy to use. Moreover, it doesn’t burn your hair even if you use it often, and it is energy-friendly so your bills won’t be astronomical. An equally impressive alternative in case this one is out of stock could be the Revlon Straightening.




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 How to Select a New Flat Iron


Whether intended for short hair or long hair, flat irons can make all the difference when it comes to defining your look. These days, it would be a daunting task to choose the right unit without having to spend countless hours on doing your research on the matter. We’ve decided to simplify your decision-making process by putting together a buying guide about flat irons that won’t damage hair.


Temperature control

Many people tend to think that flat irons are bad for your hair. We’re not here to disagree, because the market’s overflowing with alternatives that may fail to impress and what’s more, they may provide to be bad choices, in the end. Even so, the fact is that what matters the most when it comes to getting a new unit is temperature settings. If you’re looking for a model destined for African American hair, you may be interested in getting one with a higher temperature, in general.

Using the same product both for fine hair and for natural hair would be impossible if the end-user didn’t benefit from a lot of freedom when it comes to adjusting the temperature. Curly and frizzy hair requires a higher temperature compared to fragile hair. As such, we recommend considering units thanks to which you have the ability to select just the right heat you want. Maybe your hair looks and feels great today, but who knows if one day, it won’t be damaged and you’ll need a flat iron that works gently on it?

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Plate size

The size of the plates is something to take into account depending on the length of your hair. Normally, it’s far easier to use a wide-plate model on long hair, but the same product would be the worst possible choice for short hair. When looking at the features a model you might be interested in buying, we recommend seeing both the width and the length size. The width is, most of the times, more important, because the wider the plate, the more hair it will straighten. In this case, you might have to understand that, with a narrow plate, you’ll be able to create curls and flips whereas, with a wider one, this wouldn’t be possible.

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Gone are the days of flat irons that featured metallic plates, and for good reason, too. The greatest disadvantage of a plate made of metal is that it heats unevenly and, and therefore, poses a health risk to your locks. Besides, the surface of such a plate is usually abrasive, which is why your hair can become damaged very easily.

Are expensive flat irons worth it? Usually, they are. If you’re wondering why, we’ll tell you. Many of the less affordable alternatives have been designed using cutting-edge technologies that make the plates extremely safe to use on hair, regardless of its type. These days, you might normally have to choose between the following technologies and materials: ceramic, ionic, tourmaline, silver or titanium, infrared, and nanoparticles. All of these are developed with the needs of the user in mind, so you needn’t worry about how safe they are to utilize. Take tourmaline, for example. This unique kind of material is intended for users who would like to improve the quality of their hair. Nano flat irons are capable of straightening hair significantly faster compared to other alternatives, so if you’d like to spend as little time possible perfecting your look, perhaps this option would be the right one for you.

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Unlike hair dryers, flat irons don’t come with a lot of accessories and getting many somewhat defeats the purpose. However, we’ve noticed that several separate items can take using such a device to a whole new level in terms of convenience and efficiency. If your job takes you to different places all the time, what you’d benefit from would be using a heat resistant bag. Gloves and mats of the same kind are also available, but very few units come with these extras, and as such, they have to be bought separately. In the end, they add to the total cost of the product per se, which is why you may want to consider getting a flat iron for sale.

The best flat irons are showcased below. Based on the ratings and reviews we’ve consulted, it appears that these models are among the most critically acclaimed options you might have available today. Some come with curved plates which make getting a sleek and clean look considerably easier. All in all, these products are worth trying if you’re in the market for a dependable, convenient, and safe to use model.



Conair Infiniti Pro


This easy-to-use model is a dream come true for those always on the run. It is also a sturdy piece that features more than 30 temperature settings and also quick heating. The plates of the model are made of tourmaline and ceramic, a combo which offers frizz-less and smooth hair.

The best part about the flat iron is its price. The auto shut-off and the extra-long plates are high-end features, which shows that the manufacturer is all about offering modern products at an affordable price. It also straightens your hair instantly, and it keeps it like that for 24 hours. The maximum temperature setting is at 445 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Revlon Straightening


The flat iron features a triple ceramic coating and is designed to maintain optimal heat so it will not damage your precious hair. Moreover, it is very light and easy to use, which will enable you to style your hair however you want.

The slim-profile 1-inch flat iron also features extra-long plates for more coverage, and the Advanced Ionic Tourmaline coating helps you finish the job in just a few seconds, a thing that makes it the ideal product for those always on the run. It can go up to 455 F, and it too rocks an auto shut-off mode.


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CHI G2 Ceramic


If you want a product that will last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with this beauty. This is another model that lets you style your hair in many ways, a thing that transforms it into one of the most successful and versatile options out there. It also offers three different temperature settings, and its body is ergonomic and easy to maneuver.

The heat plates are made of ceramic and coated with titanium, so they heat quickly and increase the product’s lifespan. It weighs 1.4 pounds, and the temperature display it features is color-coded so you’ll be warned when the temperature is ideal for your type of hair.


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Remington Anti-Static S5500


The Remington-made product rocks the innovative anti-static technology so it can strengthen your luscious hair without frizz or dryness. The model heats up quick, and it glides along your hair without stopping and makes it shinier without burning it.

The durable ceramic plates are one-inch wide, and it comes with six heat settings for a comfortable experience and personalization. The LCD screen is another nifty addition that will help you protect your hair, and in combination with its ergonomic body and rounded edges, this alternative is ideal for those who want user-friendly products that last a lifetime.


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RUSK Engineering CTC


Reviews say buyers will be impressed with the model’s performance. The professional ceramic hair straightener features a sturdy Ryton housing and titanium-infused ceramic plates with the new Sol-Gel technology, both of which are premium additions that propel it to the top of many “favorites” lists.

It is ideal for professional hair stylists but also for the general public since it leaves the hair smooth and shiny and in optimal condition even after you used it only once. You can choose your preferred temperature, the power cord is long enough that it won’t annoy you, and more importantly, it protects your hair even if you use it daily.


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HSI Professional E038


1.HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline

The E038 is a reasonably priced alternative that you may want to check out if what you’re looking for is avoiding breaking the bank in order to get a new flat iron. The 1-inch plates of the model have been constructed out of ceramic and tourmaline and feature infrared heat technology, which all contribute to the dependability and safety of the product. Plus, the temperature of the plates can be customized depending on your hair type as you have the freedom to pick any of the ones between 240 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Over 20,000 buyers have expressed their complete satisfaction regarding the way this unit manages to straighten, curl, or flip hair.


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Bio Ionic One Pass Nano Flat Iron


This is a larger version of the One Pass mentioned before. With its 1.5 inch bio-ionic plates, this is one of the fastest flat irons on the market. Costing under $100, it is more effective and healthier than many of its more expensive competitors. It has variable temperature settings and it can handle all types of hair. It will leave you with a clean look that makes the hair shine. You will feel it becoming smoother after just a few sessions with the One Pass. It is destined for both professionals and amateurs.  It comes with silicone strips and it can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


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BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron BABP9559


If you are on the market for the best flat iron 2020 you might want to direct your attention towards the Porcelain Plate 1 ½ inch flat iron by BaByliss. It is affordable and highly rated by most of the people whose feedback we’ve analyzed. It can be used to straighten but also to curl hair. It is really lightweight which means it is very comfortable to use. It acts fast and it takes great care of your hair. It provides impeccable results even when used with thick long hair. It is designed with an auto-shutdown mechanism which might come in really handy at times.


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Babyliss Pro One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron – Not available


This is one of the most innovative flat irons on the market. Some women say it is actually the best flat iron 2020It is unique because of the Argan oil infused ceramic plates which offer amazing results. The plates will not only strengthen your hair but will also give it extra shine. This flat iron has many different heat settings and can go up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means you will be able to straighten even curly hair. It heats up instantly thus saving you time and it can be used with all types of hair without ruining it even a little bit.



Izunami Flat Iron Ktx450 – Not available


Best flat irons 2020If you are a professional hairstylist you should definitely try out this flat iron. It is destined for heavy-duty use and can run at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as you need it to. It is perfect for all types of hair, long or short. It is extra wide which makes it really fast and it is very lightweight which makes it easier to handle. The floating plates prevent hair pulling and general hair deterioration. This flat iron comes with a durable 9ft. long power cable and a 360 degree swivel ability so as to offer all the mobility in the world.