Top rated fixed base routers in 2019


When you want to cut something precise and fast you normally turn to a fixed base router which will do the job you want in a jiffy, if the router you have is of high quality. If you don’t have one for your tool shed and you would like to invest in such a device the market can present you with a lot of possibilities. But so many choices are confusing and if you want to narrow them down read the best fixed base routers reviews.


Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Router


Best Fixed Base Routers reviewsHaving an 11 amp motor fixed base router at your disposal is definitely an advantage when it comes to working with wood and this is exactly what you are going to get when you purchase the Porter-Cable 690LR. The motor will be able to work at 1-3/4 HP, having an aluminum motor housing and base so it is well protected. Working at 27,500 RPMs means you can easily go through even the toughest of hardwoods. The best fixed base routers reviews are very pleased with the way this router performs.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK Plunge and Fixed Base Router Kit


A versatile choice for a fixed base router is the Bosch 1617EVSPK which has all the necessary features to ensure your wood working goes according to plan. The key for its excellent operation is the motor which has more than 2 HP and can work at variable speeds according to the type of wood you need to work on. The frame and the motor protective case are mostly made out of aluminum but the handles are made up of wood. There is no surprise why this router is considered one of the best fixed base routers in 2019.

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Bosch PR20EVSPK Fixed and Plunge Base Router Combo Kit


The Bosch PR20EVSPK is a great option for a fixed based router, helping you work with wood in the proper way. Different kinds of jobs need to be done with the motor operating at different speeds and this router provides exactly that. If you want to move its motor to another base then you won’t need to use tools slowing down the process, all thanks to the Quick-Clamp system. The base is made aluminum making it light and durable at the same time.

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Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router


Purchase this fixed base router from Bosch and get a whole lot more with it, allowing you to work wood in a professional manner. Working at various speeds is a definite advantage and the motor of this router can work at speeds of between 15000 and 35000 RPMs. The whole kit consists of a palm router, shaft wrenches, a collet, a fixed base, a carrying case and other accessories.  The top fixed base routers reviews also recommend it for its 1 year warranty.

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DeWalt DW616 Fixed Base Router


The DeWalt DW616 is a very reliable choice for a fixed base router which will definitely enhance your wood working capabilities getting the desired result. Reliability is a major quality of the 11 amp motor never letting you down when it comes to cutting capabilities. Base changes are slow on most fixed based routers but not with this one because it is fitted with a steel motor cam lock. You can’t go wrong when you try to purchase a DeWalt wood working power tool.

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