Top rated fitness activity trackers in 2018


To monitor how close you are to reaching your fitness goal, you need to have a precise and accurate tracker with you. If you do not know the specific choice that should be made, the rest of this article will identify some that have been recommended in the best fitness activity tracker reviews.


Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker


Best Fitness Activity Tracker ReviewsThe versatility of this model is one thing that has been given emphasis in the best fitness activity tracker reviews. It can perform a variety of functions, making it an all-around solution to your needs. It has the ability to detect the amounts of calories you burned, steps taken, distance travelled, and even your speed. It can also monitor your pulse and heart rate. Another good feature of this model is the sleep analysis. You simply have to wear it as a wrist band and it will perform analysis in your sleep, including a graphical representation of the things that you need to know.

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Spark Activity Tracker


This is another option that can prove to be promising in terms of multi-functionality as it can monitor a variety of fitness-related figures. Being one of the best fitness activity trackers in 2018, many people were able to find delight with the generous life span of the battery of the unit, which can last for a period of up to 12 months. In addition, the solid built of the unit is another thing that should be highlighted. It has the ability to resist water and made from high quality materials that can help make sure of its ability to remain functional through many years of use.

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Polar Loop Activity Tracker


As this is made by one of the most popular brands within the product category, you have a good reason to believe that this is indeed amongst the best fitness activity trackers in 2018. Aside from a trusted brand name, this model also takes pride in having a stylish appeal. It has a custom fit and it also has the ability to resist water, making it perfect even if you are swimming or running in the rain. This model is known for its smart functionality and accuracy, which will make sure that you are always able to keep track of your health and fitness goals.

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Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep, and Stress


If you are still having a hard time in looking for the top rated fitness trackers in 2018, this is one option that deserves your attention. This is considered to be the most advanced within the product category, which can prove to be convincing enough for you to give it a shot. When it comes to accuracy and precision, you can be assured that this model will never be a disappointment. The reading will be as accurate as possible. It is being powered by the Body IQ technology, which is basically the one that is responsible for showing the right information all the time.

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Misfit Shine Activity Monitor


Those who are still not able to make a decision with regards to the best choice within the product category should also consider this model. Among other things, the simplicity of its operation can be considered as one of its biggest selling points. It is considered as a welcomed alternative in a market that is replete in terms of complicated choices. More so, the style of this model is also one factor that contributes to its popularity. It has an appealing look that is meant to complement any fashion statement. For sure, you will be at the envy of people who will see you wearing such.

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