Best Fitbit pedometers reviews


Top rated pedometers from Fitbit


For a healthy life, it is essential to keep tracks of the everyday living. Formerly, pedometers were used by athletes only to tracks their physical activities but now it is gaining popularity among the general public due to its health benefits. Pedometer can track steps and tell how much calories you have burned. From our best pedometer reviews you can observe that Fitbit makes many great and reliable pedometers that work very effectively.


Fitbit Zip Pedometer/Activity Tracker


Best Fitbit pedometers reviews

This pedometer can be found in many best Fitbit pedometers reviews because of its efficient working. It can track how many steps are being taken and the amount of calories burned according to that walking. It also keeps track of the distance that is covered while walking. I find this device very helpful because it helps me to set daily working goals that keeps me motivated whole day and I perform that health activity easily. It also gives badges on the working progress that increases the motivation. It has free android and iPhone apps that help to compete and share the whole day activity with the friends. It can transfer data to the computer or Smartphone by synchronizing automatically with these devices. It also has Bluetooth option that makes the data transferring easy. It is very small in size and can easily be set on belt or bra and can be worn all day.

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I use the Fitbit Zip Pedometer/Activity Tracker I may daily undertaking especially when I have to do some exercise and walking. I can easily detect the changes in my body most respectively the calories that were burn when I do this exercise. The product is small so I can handle it easily when I am doing my routine. Aside from that, the product can be connected to the computer for transferring files. Aside from that, it can be also installed in android gadgets for a much better synchronization. ”  Nancy Bolton


Fitbit Ultra Pedometer/Activity and Sleep Tracker


Sound sleep holds the secret to the good health. This device not only tracks steps and distance covered like other devices but also keeps track of the sleep. I have seen this pedometer in many best Fitbit pedometers reviews and bought it for myself. It tracks the heart activity for whole night by just tying it to the wrist. It is available with the wrist band. Its altimeter technology can track heart activity of climbing stairs and walking hills. The data can easily be transfer to the computer or Smartphone and can be shared on for free that allows sharing and comparing the activity graphs with friends and family. It is smaller in size and its size makes it easy to wear it all day long without any trouble. It can be set on pocket, on belt or bra. It keeps the person motivated by giving different badges as a reward on activity completion.

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Using the Fitbit Ultra Pedometer/Activity and Sleep Tracker is very much reliable. I can easily detect my condition most especially my heart rate with this gadget. I can also detect my heart rate when I am asleep at night just by placing it in my wrist. The product is small and fashionable so I can wear it in any occasion. The product can also transfer files in computers or smartphones in just an easy manner. The product is a very innovative tool that can make my day. This pedometer is cheap.”  Scott Joyner


Fitbit One Pedometer/Activity and Sleep Tracker


Fitbit provides the best pedometers. With the advancement of technology, pedometers not only track steps now, they are capable of monitoring sleep as well. This pedometer checks the steps that are taken, the distance that is covered and how much calories are burned. Along with all this, it also monitors the sleep timings and duration of sleep wake cycle. It can easily sync with computer or selected mobile devices that helps to share and compare data. It allows setting goals and helps to view progress through graphs and charts and gives badges on the completed goals. It has a very small size which makes easy to carry it all day. It also has a silent alarm that only wakes up the wearer. It is water proof that makes it safe to wear in rain and heavy sweating. I like all of its features because it has all the things in one place that I was searching in pedometer.

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I am searching for the best pedometer and I already found it. The Fitbit One Pedometer/Activity and Sleep Tracker is a one of a kind tracker that helps me detect my daily routine. The product is very much useful and effective in making my exercises worth it. Owning the product is really an asset. I can be awakened by this product with its alarm without disturbing others. I can also wear it even it is raining. Even I am in full sweat, this product was never ripped off.”  Jessie Kump